How To Get Dark Mode On Snapchat Without App Appearance?

You may have heard of the dark mode function on smartphones if you are a devoted social media user or even if you frequently use your smartphone. The amount of time individuals spend in front of devices has increased. Children aged 8 to 18 are predicted to spend 7.5 hours per day using screens for enjoyment without counting time spent on school or other educational objectives. Adults may spend more time staring at screens if no one can help them limit their device use. However, a number of tools can assist everyone in forming better screen time habits. Dark mode is a tool that you can adjust depending on the device or app. It is a screen setting.

The dark mode is a unique screen option created to maximize dim lighting conditions, especially at night. Instead of dark text and graphics against a white background, as is typical for most apps, dark mode shows grayish or light text on a black background. The purpose of the dark mode is to lessen the bright white light that could be distracting at night. Even so, it might be less taxing on your eyes than a standard screen setting. Depending on your phone or app, dark mode may also be called “dark theme” or “night mode.” 

What is App Appearance?

The remarkable new app appearance feature can make it easier for consumers to use their phones without getting frustrated. Numerous social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok, have dark mode available. Snapchat is the only app that does not have the dark mode feature yet. 

Snap Inc. developed the multi-media instant messaging service and software in the United States, known as Snapchat. Images and messages on Snapchat are typically only accessible briefly before they are no longer visible to their recipients, which is one of its key features. It is popular among users between the ages of 13 and 25 and is used all over the world to share images and videos, chat with friends, and try out various Snapchat lenses and filters.

On Snapchat, this function has only been made available to iOS users; it has yet to be released for Android users. For Android users, the fact that they can’t have dark mode on their app and must rely on third parties is aggravating. 

App Appearance is directly related to the ability to enable dark mode. It is essential to understand why everyone cannot access the App Appearance feature after downloading Snapchat on their smartphone.

Dark mode has grown in popularity recently, and several well-known apps have been updated with the capability. In reality, mobile operating systems now frequently include a more system-wide option to darken the theme and take advantage of the available energy and health benefits. However, this experience will be more refined if a user can enable dark mode within the app; this also applies to Snapchat.

Even while the Snapchat settings menu makes locating the App Appearance section relatively simple, not everyone can access it. Snapchat limits the number of users accessing the feature because it has only been made available in testing. For instance, iPhone users and those based in the United States and Australia have received preference. The user is only currently qualified to access dark mode if App Appearance is listed under the My Account part of the settings.

App updates are one thing to be mindful of. Like any other app, Snapchat releases updates regularly that bring new features and address bugs. It’s crucial to ensure the software is up to date so that a device can receive dark mode when it becomes available. By searching for Snapchat in their app store, users may see whether there are any pending upgrades. However, if you use an Android device, you can only edit this on your smartphone. If not, try one of the other apps we will discuss at the end of this guide.

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How can I get dark mode on Snapchat without app appearance?

Here is a guide on enabling dark mode on Android devices, such as those made by Samsung, Huawei, and Tecno. If you lack the resources to create dark mode using the suggested ways, we will explore a few tools to help you do so.

Go to your Android smartphone’s settings (If you’re having trouble finding it, try using your phone’s search bar.)

Scroll down to till you see Display

Switch to dark mode

Activate the Manual setting.

Select the Manage Apps in Dark Mode option

To access Snapchat, scroll down.

Activate the toggle for Snapchat.

You can now access Snapchat and see that the dark mode is enabled there.

How can I enable Snapchat’s dark mode on an iPhone?

Fortunately, enabling dark mode for iOS users only requires going to their app to activate the feature. The steps are shown here:

Open Snapchat on your smartphone.

On the screen’s upper left corner, tap your profile photo.

Access settings (Tap the gear icon on the top right)

To find App Appearance, scroll down.

Mark the Always Dark box.

You may now see that the screen dims and goes black.


This blog post covered the definition of dark mode, app appearance, the limitations of app appearance for iOS users, and how to enable dark mode without using app appearance.

Using a mobile phone in dark mode is undoubtedly quite helpful. You might be asking why nobody uses dark mode, given how simple it is to enable it on practically any device. It all depends on what you like. Although some users prefer black backgrounds, they still require light settings in order to see their screens in dimly lit areas. You can choose a different setting depending on how your eyes feel while staring at your screen. Using the dark mode tools won’t harm you if you have dry eyes or are concerned about your eyes’ health. Therefore, switching to dark mode might be a good idea if you have been using light mode up until now. It will make internet browsing more comfortable.

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