How to Become a Real Estate Investor 2024: Unlocking Property Potential

Investing in real estate could be just what you are looking for to help make your money work harder for you!

At first, I was skeptical. I mean, investment properties and REITs, don’t those that take a lot of money to invest in?

But the more I learned about it, the more I realized that real estate investing isn’t just for rich people. I got into Fundrise, started investing for $10, and slowly built up a strong portfolio.

Let me tell you about investment platforms like Fundrise and other real estate investments so you can kickstart your profitable journey!

Key Takeaways 

Education is important. Learn about different investment options, such as REITs, and create an investment strategy based on your financial goals and risk tolerance.
Pick your investment platform based on your real estate investment strategies.
Here’s a short rundown on some platforms: Fundrise for new investors with less money to invest, Roofstock for single-family rentals, and Yieldstreet for alternative investments.
Start small, think big. Begin with smaller investments like a real estate investment trust (REIT), but diversify smartly by understanding the market and managing risks effectively.

How To Become A Real Estate Investor

Whether you’re interested in single-family homes or commercial buildings, there’s something for everyone.  

With the right knowledge, you’ll learn how to balance risks and rewards, spot great opportunities, and make smart moves with your own money. 

1. Learn About Real Estate Investing

Before you start investing in real estate, it’s important to learn the basics, from understanding real estate terminology to different types of investment properties to learning about financing.   

One of the best ways to understand what real estate investing is all about is to hit the books! Aka, I mean the internet, like reading this blog!

You’ll want to explore the real estate investment options available, such as REITs, buying and renting properties, and others that you may want to consider.

Join real estate investment groups that provide a supportive environment where you can ask questions, share experiences, and learn from others who are already active in the market.

But really, sometimes, the best way to learn is by doing. Start small by investing in a single property or joining real estate investment trusts (REITs). 

I say starting small with investing platforms is the way to go; you could earn money now and turn that into a buying and flipping business, buying a vacation rental property, or investing in other pricey properties.

2. Develop Investment Strategies

Why develop an investment strategy? Simple—it helps you figure out what you want, how much risk you’re comfortable with, and where you’re headed with your investments. 

Start by figuring out your why. Decide what you want to achieve, whether it’s generating passive income, building long-term wealth, or funding a specific financial goal like retirement or education.

Next, you want to decide your risk tolerance. You can understand your risk tolerance by examining how much volatility and uncertainty you’re comfortable with regarding your investments.  

If you need help with what to do, you should ask financial advisors, your real estate agent, or other investment experts for advice.

For example, you may need to start with online investments and work your way up to an investment property if you only have so much money to invest. 

3. Pick A Platform That Fits Your Plans

There are different platforms or places where you can invest, and each one has its own rules and advantages.

Take the time to review the real estate investment platforms, checking out their features, investment options, fees, and track records.

I like to use Fundrise, Roofstock, and Yieldstreet for different reasons, and I’ll discuss each of them in depth below (and why Fundrise is my favorite).

Each investment platform has different fees and features based on your investment criteria. Look at things like the minimum investment requirements, property types offered, and risk profiles.

Remember to pay attention to the fee structures associated with each platform. Are there management fees, performance fees, and any other charges?

Let me get into those so you cna see where you can start investing today!

3 Top Real Estate Investing Platforms


Fundrise is my favorite platform to invest in real estate investment trusts (REITs), which are the best option for beginners without needing a lot of money. 

Instead of buying a whole building by yourself, you can invest as little as $10 and become a part-owner of commercial real estate like apartment complexes, offices, or even shopping centers.  

You can also invest in single-family rental properties and earn some rental income without buying and managing the property yourself.

Fundrise takes care of all the hard stuff for you. They choose which properties to buy, handle all property management, and collect rent from the people who live/work there. 

And guess what? You get a share of the profits! It’s like getting paid to be a real estate investor without having to deal with the headaches of being a landlord.

Even though Fundrise has some fees, like an asset management fee of 0.85% and an advisory fee of 0.15%, it’s fairly inexpensive compared to other platforms.

See why I and other investors like using it in my honest Fundrise Review!


When you invest using Roofstock, you can buy houses that already have tenants living in them, so you don’t have to worry about finding people to rent to or fixing up the place before getting tenants.

You’ll need more funds to invest in rental properties, but Roofstock helps make sure that you get a property that’s already paying out.

You can browse through dozens of single-family rental properties online, check out pictures and property details, and even see how much rent they’re already bringing in. 

Once you find a house you like, you can buy it right from the comfort of your own home – no need to travel or deal with a real estate agent!

And here’s the best part: Roofstock guarantees that the tenants in the house will keep paying rent after you buy it, so you start to generate rental income right away. 

And they also offer the services of a property manager if you don’t want to handle the property yourself. 

Does that sound like a decent way to become a landlord? Read my in-depth Roofstock Review to learn more about it!


Yieldstreet is a big investment platform for investors with more cash on hand. You can put your money into big projects, like building apartments or hotels.

Or maybe you’re into art – you can invest in pieces from famous artists and earn a share of the profits when they sell.

Many investors are attracted to its focus on alternative assets that don’t move in sync with the stock market because they can spread out their investments and reduce risk.

Yieldstreet caters to both accredited and nonaccredited investors, with a higher minimum investment threshold of $10,000.

Now, I know that’s a bit more than the average new investor, but you could work your way up and diversify your portfolio as funds come in.

To learn more about how Yieldstreet works, here’s my full Yieldstreet Review, which explains why people think the site is worth the price tag.


Unlock the potential of private markets. Invest in curated private market alternatives from top-tier managers. All on one easy-to-use platform.

Start Investing Now


Is it hard to be a real estate investor?

Being a real estate investor can have its challenges, but it’s not necessarily hard if you’re prepared and willing to put in the effort.

Like any investment, it requires research, planning, and some level of risk-taking.

One challenge is finding the right properties to invest in. This involves understanding the local market, evaluating property values, and identifying opportunities for growth. 

If you work with one of the platforms I shared, like Fundrise, they do extensive research and include detailed information about properties so you know exactly what you’re getting into when you invest.

They take a lot of guesswork out of real estate investing and make it easier for new investors to put their money into something worthwhile.

Are there ways to invest in real estate without buying physical property?

Yes! You can invest in real estate without buying physical property by using options like REITs, crowdfunding platforms, and real estate mutual funds. 

These alternative investment methods can provide exposure to the real estate market without the need to purchase property directly.

You essentially become a part-owner or “digital” owner of the property, while the platform you invested with handles managing the property and tenants and collects and distributes rent and other profits.

How do real investors make money?

Real estate investors have multiple ways to make money, each with its own set of benefits and challenges. Some of these avenues include:

Rental Income: One of the most traditional ways investors make money in real estate is through rental income. Investors purchase properties and then rent them out to tenants.  
Property Flipping: Some investors specialize in buying properties, renovating them, and selling them for a quick profit (appreciation).  
Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): Investors can also make money by investing in REITs. REITs distribute a portion of their rental income to shareholders in dividends.
Real Estate Notes: Investing in real estate notes involves purchasing debt secured by real estate properties, such as mortgages or promissory notes.  

What’s the minimum amount needed to become a real estate investor?

The minimum amount needed to become a real estate investor can vary depending on the investment strategy and the type of properties you’re interested in.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs): Many publicly traded REITs allow investors to buy shares for as little as the price of a single share.  
Real Estate Crowdfunding: Some real estate crowdfunding platforms allow investors to participate in real estate projects with relatively low minimum investment amounts, as little as $10.
Real Estate Notes: Some platforms may offer opportunities to invest in real estate notes with minimums ranging from just a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.
Real Estate Partnerships: Depending on the partnership structure and investment opportunity, minimum investment requirements can run in the tens of thousands of dollars.

How much money do real estate investors make?

The amount of money real estate investors make varies depending on investment strategy, property type, market conditions, and individual circumstances.

ZipRecruiter says that real estate investors in the U.S. can earn quite a range of salaries. Some earn as low as $36,000 a year, while others earn as much as $119,000. 

How long do I need to hold onto real estate investments?

The length of time you hold onto real estate investments can vary depending on your investment goals, market conditions, and personal preferences.

Your real estate investment strategy plays a role in deciding how long you hold onto real estate investments.

Suppose you’re a long-term investor; in that case, you may hold onto investments for many years to benefit from rental property income or property appreciation.  

On average, investors may hold onto real estate properties for 10+ years to get the most out of the property and go through volatile times or get a certain profit margin back on the property.

Final Thoughts

Real estate investing has its challenges, but with some planning, research, and a proactive attitude, you can navigate them and become a successful real estate investor. 

One thing I’ve learned about how to start investing in real estate is to keep in mind the essentials for success: cash flow, smart property management, and seizing real estate opportunities.  

As you set off on your real estate investment journey, take the time to find real estate investment opportunities that match your cash flow goals and risk tolerance. 

Whether you’re eyeing rentals, fixer-uppers, or other opportunities, there are plenty of suitable property platforms for your investment portfolio.

Ready to get out there and get into real estate investing? Join Fundrise and put your money to work, making those dividends!

Freecash Review 2024: Earn Easy Money Online

Freecash might just be the solution if you are looking for a little extra money.

It offers a variety of tasks that anyone can do online, from taking surveys to testing new apps, all of which can add up to some extra money.

Plus, it’s flexible—you decide when you answer surveys or play games and how much effort to put in, making it an easy side hustle.

Let’s get into my Freecash Review with some practical tips to get you started on earning quickly and efficiently. 

Key Takeaways

Freecash is a user-friendly online platform that allows users to earn money by completing tasks like surveys, games, and app testing.
While Freecash offers instant payouts, a variety of tasks, and a high Trustpilot rating, it may require more time than some other money-making apps.
There are many ways to earn on Freecash, including bonuses and referrals. 
Different cash-out options, such as PayPal and Bitcoin, make it accessible and convenient for users to receive their earnings.

Freecash Review

Freecash is a handy online “Get-Paid-To” for simple tasks like completing surveys, playing mobile games, and trying out apps. 

Once you’ve completed a task, you earn points, which are virtual currency referred to as “Freecash coins.” 

These coins can then be exchanged for cash via PayPal, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, or even gift cards from popular stores and services. 

Key Features

Freecash is a user-friendly platform that offers a simple and convenient way to earn extra money online. Here are some key features I like about Freecash.  

Easy Sign-up and Use: Freecash offers a hassle-free sign-up process and intuitive platform navigation.
Multiple Earning Options: Users can earn money through completing surveys, testing apps, watching videos, and playing online games, catering to different interests and schedules.
No Money Needed: The best part? No significant investment is needed- you get a free Freecash account, so you can start making money without dipping into your wallet.
Get Your Cash Fast: Need some extra cash in a pinch? Freecash lets you cash out your Freecash coins super quickly, so you can get your hands on that dough whenever you need it.
Help When You Need It: If you ever get stuck or have a question, don’t worry! Freecash has a friendly community and support team ready to help you out whenever you need it.
Stay Safe and Secure: And don’t worry about your privacy – Freecash takes security seriously. You can trust that your info is safe and sound while you’re earning money on the platform.

Ways To Earn Cash

Freecash offers simple and fun ways to boost your income without any hassle:

Surveys: Share your opinions and get Freecash coins! Freecash offers various surveys on a wide range of topics.

Whether it’s about products, brands, or current events, your feedback helps companies improve their offerings. Plus, surveys are a great way to earn some extra cash during your downtime.

Playing Online Games: Who says you can’t have fun while making money? With Freecash, you can earn cash by playing online games.

Whether you’re into puzzles, card games, or strategy games, there’s a game for everyone.  

Referral Program: Spread the word about Freecash and earn even more! With the referral program, you can earn a commission for every friend you refer to the platform.  

Daily Tasks: Keep the cash flowing by completing daily tasks on Freecash. These tasks are simple and easy to complete, like visiting a website or downloading an app. 

Testing Apps and Websites: Help improve user experience by testing websites and apps on Freecash. You’ll get paid to provide feedback on usability, functionality, and overall user experience.  


Whether you’re new to Freecash or a daily user, there are plenty of opportunities to earn coins through sign-up bonuses, daily rewards, referral perks, and special events:

Sign-Up Bonus: New users who join Freecash are given a sign-up bonus, randomly selected from the “free case” on the website.

Daily Bonuses: Freecash gives daily bonuses for regularly using Freecash. These can include logging in every day, completing a set number of tasks within a day, or participating in special daily challenges.  

Referral Bonus: If you enjoy Freecash, you can invite friends and family to join using a referral code. Each time someone signs up with your code and starts earning, you typically receive a bonus.  

Special Promotions and Events: Occasionally, Freecash runs special promotions and events that offer higher-than-usual bonuses for completing specific tasks or during certain times.

I like all the bonus cash you can get, especially just for using the app and inviting others to join.

Cash Out Options

Cashing out on Freecash is easy. You earn Freecash coins when you finish different tasks on Freecash. 

The coins add up, where every 1,000 coins equals $1. When you’re ready, you can turn the coins you earn into cash. 

Freecash offers several options to redeem your coins:  

PayPal: Once you have at least $5, you can transfer your money to your PayPal account in cash.
Cash: Once you have at least $5, you can also deposit your earnings directly into your bank account.
Gift Cards: Gift cards for Amazon, Visa, Google Play, and Apple start at $5.
Cryptocurrency: If you’re into crypto, you can cash out with 250 coins for Stake withdrawals.
Skins: If you’re a gamer, you can earn coins to get skins for games like Fortnite, Roblox, and League of Legends.

As a savvy guy, I usually get gift cards so I can use them for fun stuff or groceries at Target, but I love that it has more options than some other GPT sites I’ve used.

Signing Up With Freecash

Signing up with Freecash is easy and you can get started on earning rewards in just a few minutes.

First, you need to go to the Freecash website or download their app if you prefer using your mobile device. Both platforms are user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Once you’re on the website or in the app, look for the sign-up option. You’ll need to provide some basic information, like your email address. 

Some people also sign up using your Google or Steam account, which makes the process even quicker.

When you set up and verify your account, you can immediately start earning coins by completing available tasks, participating in surveys, or engaging in daily activities offered by Freecash.

Other Freecash Reviews

Freecash has a pretty impressive track record on Trustpilot, with 4.5 out of 5 stars based on over 80K reviews. That tells you a lot of people have tried it and really liked it!

Many users love how easy and fun it is to earn coins on Freecash. It’s a “Great app, with multi-earning opportunities…”

They enjoy doing different things like filling out surveys and even playing mobile games to earn rewards. 

They also talk about how simple it is to withdraw money from the app, whether through PayPal or a cryptocurrency. The low minimum for cashing out is a big plus for many.

However, not everything is perfect. Some folks have mentioned that they’ve had problems with the rewards when they earn Freecash coins:

“At first, I loved the app, then it got to the point where they stopped rewarding me for the majority of tasks that I’ve completed (I’ve submitted tickets).” 

I didn’t see many problem reviews that stayed that way- most said they got help getting things fixed, which I think is even more impressive to hear than just some nice things.

I pay more attention to people who had issues that were cleared up. Good customer service is very important to me when I use apps.

There’s no point in joining an app that I do a bunch of tasks for, but then I don’t get paid in the end. So, Freecash making sure people’s payments go through is a big deal.

Other Survey & Get-Paid-To Sites

While Freecash is an excellent platform for earning additional income, it’s among several others.

Let’s compare it with other popular survey and get-paid-to (GPT) apps:


One of the other “Get-Paid-To” sites I love is Swagbucks. Swagbucks has been around for a while and is a well-established player in the world of online rewards.  

I’ve been on it since the beginning, earning points through surveys, mobile games, online shopping, special offers, and using the Swagbucks search engine. 

I can usually make 1k+ points over two weeks, and I swap these points for gift cards from my favorite stores (Amazon and Target) or deposit them into my PayPal account.

If you’re looking for simple, everyday ways to earn a little more, Swagbucks could be a good fit. Read more about it in my in-depth Swagbucks Review.

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Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a popular online platform for those looking to earn extra cash by sharing their opinions.

I’ve used it for years, answering 5+ surveys per week for fast money. I answered some initial questions to set up my profile, and then they sent me surveys.

Your profile is important because it helps Survey Junkie match you with surveys that are relevant to your interests and background. 

Each survey you complete earns you points, which can then be redeemed for cash via PayPal or as e-gift cards to popular retailers.

Check out my honest Survey Junkie Review and see why I’m still using it after all these years.

Survey Junkie

Want to make money from your couch? Survey Junkie pays out over $40,000 daily to its members for taking paid online surveys. Get your share today!

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KashKick is another “Get Paid To” site where you can earn extra cash by performing simple online tasks. 

I recently started using KashKick, and I’m happy I jumped on the bandwagon! It’s easy and offers plenty of tasks to get paid for.

Once you sign up, you’ll find all sorts of things to do like taking surveys or even trying out new products and services. The amount you earn depends on what you choose to do. 

But what stood out to me is that KashKick tells you upfront how much they pay you in real dollars, not points. So, it’s pretty straightforward—do a task and get paid in cash. It’s as simple as that!

Read about my experience with the app in my full KashKick Review.


InboxDollars is another one of my favorite sites that pays you cash for engaging in various online activities. 

It’s a great way to make a little extra money on the side, especially if you’re into a mix of tasks like taking surveys, reading emails, playing games, and shopping online.

When you sign up with InboxDollars, you’ll start by completing a few basic profile tasks to help match you with suitable activities. From there, you can dive into whatever catches your fancy.

The platform is known for its straightforward approach—you see in dollars how much each task pays, which makes it easy to decide what’s worth your time.

Read my InboxDollars Review to get my full thoughts on how good the site is.


Is Freecash a legit site that pays for surveys?

Yes! Freecash is a legit place where you can earn extra cash in your spare time by performing straightforward online tasks. 

Freecash lets you rack up “coins” by completing simple online tasks, which you can then cash out through several nifty options like PayPal, various cryptocurrencies, or gift cards. 

It’s flexible in terms of earning and cashing out, and it has a high rating on Trustpilot so you know me and others all think it’s worth using.

The good rating means it has a substantial user base that has had positive experiences with the site and finds it a reliable spot to earn some extra dough.  

What activities can I get paid for on Freecash?

When you join Freecash, you can earn extra income in your spare time through a variety of activities that suit different interests and skills. The main ways you can start stacking up coins on the platform are:

Completing Surveys: Share your opinions on various topics by answering survey questions. These are typically the most common tasks and can vary in length and payout.
Playing Games: Earn coins by downloading and playing games in your spare time on your mobile device or computer. Sometimes, you might need to reach a certain level in the game to get paid.
Trying New Apps: Similar to games, you can download and use new apps. Often, you’ll need to use the app for a certain period or complete tasks within the app to earn your rewards.
Watching Videos: Some tasks may involve watching promotional or educational videos.
Signing Up for Offers: This can include signing up for trials, services, or newsletters. Be sure to read the terms, as some offers might require you to enter payment information for a trial that you’ll need to cancel later if you don’t wish to continue the service.
Referral Program: You can also earn coins by referring friends to Freecash. When your referrals earn, you get a bonus, too.

How much money could I make on Freecash?

The amount you can make on Freecash can vary quite a bit because each task pays out a different number of coins. Remember, every 1,000 coins you earn is equivalent to $1.   

For example, if you take online surveys, you might earn between a few hundred and a few thousand coins per survey, depending on how long and detailed they are.  

Does Freecash charge any fees?

No, Freecash does not charge any fees to use its platform or to cash out your earnings.

This means you can keep everything you earn from completing tasks without worrying about deductions for service fees or transaction charges.

However, it’s always good to check if your chosen payment method charges for receiving money, especially when dealing with cryptocurrencies or certain financial services.

How can I cash out my earnings? 

Cashing out your earnings on Freecash is pretty simple, and you have several options. 

The cashout options available are PayPal, Visa, bank transfer, cryptocurrency, and Gift cards like Google Play.

If you like to play games, you can even use your earnings to snag some gaming cosmetic items, which can be a fun way to use what you’ve earned.

Are there other survey apps that are better than Freecash?

While Freecash is a strong contender in GPT platforms, some users may find leading GPT platforms like Swagbucks or Survey Junkie to have more earning opportunities.

Ultimately, the “best” platform depends on your personal preferences and needs to make extra income.

Final Thoughts

Is Freecash legit? In my opinion, it’s totally legit. It has a great rating on Trustpilot, which shows that it has a legit following that loves the platform. 

It offers a bunch of cool ways for you to pocket some extra dough, like completing surveys, testing apps, or playing games; Freecash has a little something for everyone.

Plus, they throw in some pretty sweet bonuses that can boost your earnings.

While it won’t fund your dream home, Freecash is a fantastic way to make easy money in your spare time. 

If you want to earn more money, use it with other money-making apps to rack up those dollars!

So, why not check it out? You could discover a fun and rewarding new side hustle.

Best Place to Sell Clothes Online in 2024

Your closet is packed, but your wallet isn’t, and I can tell you that some of those clothes could be worth some money reselling!

I’ve found the best places to sell clothes online can help get rid of unwanted garments and declutter your space. 

I think the best place to sell clothes, especially handmade clothes, is Shopify, but eBay is a close second because you can sell so much used stuff there!

But let’s see all 11 options for where you can sell clothing to make extra cash.

Key Takeaways

To sell stuff online, we’ve got choices like Shopify, eBay, Mercari, and Facebook Marketplace.
Want your clothes to fly off the virtual shelf? Snap some great photos, write honest descriptions, and set your listing price.  
Whether you’re selling those jeans you never wore or the jacket your kid outgrew, sites like ThredUP, The RealReal, and Kidizen are perfect for serious sellers.  

11 Best Places To Sell Clothes

1. Shopify

Best for – Sellers who want to open an online store for selling used clothes and possibly new, handmade clothes as well
Fees – $1 for the first month, then $29/mo

Shopify is an all-in-one e-commerce platform that lets you create an online store with ease. 

I’ve used Shopify for years to sell printables, but the sky is the limit to what products you can sell using Shopify.

What I love about Shopify is it is super user-friendly and lets you customize your shop’s look and feel with intuitive design tools — no coding required. 

Shopify also offers different sales features like discount codes, gift cards, and seamless payment processing. 

Features I like: 

Quick setup to launch your store in a few steps.
You can set up email marketing campaigns, sell across social media channels, and optimize your store for SEO.
It even has handy analytics to track your performance. 

2. eBay

Best for – Dedicated sellers looking to reach a wide audience with both everyday and unique clothing items
Fees: eBay store comes with 250 free listings per month; $0.35 per additional listing; 15% selling fee on sales up to $2,000 per item; 9% for sales over $2,000 per item

One of the original online marketplaces is eBay. On eBay, anyone can sell just about anything, including a wide range of clothing, from vintage to brand new. 

Whether you’re looking to auction off a rare designer piece or set a fixed price for your gently used jeans, eBay offers multiple selling formats that cater to different styles and strategies.

The platform is user-friendly, allowing eBay sellers to create listings that showcase their items with detailed descriptions and photos. 

Features I Like: 

eBay’s huge global reach means your clothes can be seen by millions of buyers all over the world—talk about exposure!
Whether you prefer auction-style listings to stir up some bidding wars or fixed-price listings for a quick sale, eBay lets you choose your selling style.

3. Mercari

Best for – Occasional sellers to more serious sellers with a wardrobe surplus
Fees – Selling fee – 10% of the item price when a sale is completed; other fees (payment processing fee) may apply

Mercari is like your online yard sale buddy when it comes to selling clothes.

You know those outfits hiding in your closet that you haven’t worn in ages? Well, Mercari gives them a new lease on life. 

It’s super easy: you snap a few pics of the clothes you want to sell, write a quick description (nothing fancy, just enough to let folks know what they’re getting), set a price, and bam! You’re ready to roll.

Features I Like: 

Whether you’re selling clothes online, sports equipment, gadgets, or homey treasures, Mercari’s got a category for everything.
Sellers can choose to ship items and add in shipping costs or use Mercari’s prepaid shipping label for added convenience. 
Mercari sellers can receive their money through instant pay or direct deposit to their bank account.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Best for – Anyone looking to quickly and easily sell items locally
Fees – None

Selling clothes on Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell clothes. Why’s it so great? Well, almost everyone’s on Facebook, right, and it has a built-in huge audience!

Your clothes can quickly catch the eye of tons of people right in the place where they’re already scrolling and hanging out.

Snap some photos, write up a quick description, and slap on a price, and you’re good to go. 

Features I Like: 

Post items just as you would a Facebook status, with minimal hassle and no marketplace fee.
Use other Facebook groups for selling clothes online and save money on shipping for sold items. 

5. Poshmark

Best for – Fashionistas looking to buy and sell designer and boutique clothing
Fees – Sales under $15, $2.95 flat fee; $15 or more, 20% selling fee

Are you thinking about selling clothes online? Poshmark might just be the perfect spot for your designer brands! 

It’s a bustling marketplace tailor-made for those who love sustainable fashion.

Whether you’re cleaning out your closet or have a stash of boutique gems, Poshmark creates a fun, engaging space where fashion isn’t just bought and sold—it’s celebrated.

Features I Like: 

Poshmark handles the hassle by sending you a pre-paid, pre-addressed USPS shipping label.
Poshmark will authenticate high-value designer clothes and accessories for free.

6. Kidizen

Best for – Parents looking to buy and sell gently used children’s clothing, toys, and accessories
Fees – Listing is free; 12% (+ $.50) selling fee

When it comes to selling clothing online, Kidizen is the go-to spot. It is a marketplace tailored especially for parents and those who adore kids’ fashion.

Just snap a pic, jot down a quick description, and you’re good to go.

Plus, they handle all the technical stuff like payments and shipping logistics, leaving you free to focus on finding new homes for those gently loved garments. 

Features I Like: 

Kidizen is tailored just for buying and selling children’s clothes, toys, and accessories.  
Connect with other parents in a warm community environment, where you can swap stories, tips, and parenting advice.

7. Etsy

Best for – Unique, handcrafted, and vintage items
Fees – One-time setup fee of $15; $0.20 listing fee per item; 6.5% transaction fee

Etsy is the perfect platform for showcasing your handmade and vintage clothing.

Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just enjoy hunting for treasures in thrift stores, Etsy offers a stage to share your style with a worldwide audience.

You list your handmade and vintage items, set your selling price, and handle the shipping and shipping label yourself when the item sells. 

Features I Like: 

Etsy has a huge market for your items.
Tools to help you manage your shop, track sales, and optimize listings to reach more customers.

8. THREDup

Best for – People looking to buy or sell everyday clothing and accessories at affordable prices
Fees – $2.99 Clean Out Kit fee; Service fees: $14.99 for standard processing or $25.98 for expedited two-week processing.

THREDUP is an online consignment and thrift store where you can sell your clothes with minimal fuss. 

Here’s the scoop: THREDUP does most of the heavy lifting for you. You simply order a Clean Out Kit, fill it with the clothes you want to sell, and then send it back. 

They take care of photographing, listing, and selling your items, making the whole process incredibly easy.

Features I Like: 

ThredUp makes it as easy as pie to sell your clothes. Just order a Clean Out Kit, fill it up, and send it off. They handle the rest, from photography to listing.
It’s perfect if you’re busy but still want to declutter and sell your used clothes. Plus, you’ll earn some money or store credit to put towards your next great find.

9. The RealReal

Best for – Sellers with high-end designer clothing and accessories
Fees – Varies

The RealReal is an online marketplace where you can sell high-end consignment items, offering a seamless and trustworthy way to sell designer apparel, accessories, and more. 

They have an expert authentication process so that sellers and buyers are covered, and prices are fair.

A team of experts meticulously checks every item you send in to ensure authenticity and quality, boosting buyers’ confidence and your listings.  

Features I Like: 

Just send in your items, and The RealReal will do the rest—from photography to pricing to handling all the buyer interactions so they can sell your luxury fashion items.
Each item goes through an authentication process by experts, ensuring credibility and trust with your buyers.


Best for – People looking to buy or sell high-quality, authentic designer fashion
Fees – Items priced under $100 have a $12 fee; those between $100 and $16,500 incur a 12% selling fee.

Ready to give your designer digs a new home? Tradesy (now VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE) is one of the best places to sell clothes. 

You can list your items directly from your phone or computer—just snap some of your own photos, jot down a description, set your price, and voila, you’re in business! 

Features I Like: 

Tradesy offers seller protection policies, giving you peace of mind throughout the selling process.
Get paid quickly and easily once your item sells, making it a seamless experience from listing to cash in hand.


Best for – Gently used clothing and accessories
Fees – Unknown is an online consignment store that is run on the Shopify platform. It makes it super easy to sell your clothes, especially if you’re all about simplicity. 

You can gather your gently used clothes and send them off, and will take care of the rest—from snapping photos and listing your items to dealing with buyers.  

Features I Like: 

Each item undergoes strict quality control checks, so buyers know they’re getting top-notch clothing.

Tips for Successful Online Clothing Sales

High-Quality Photos

When you’re browsing online, what catches your eye first? Yep, you guessed it – those crisp, clear, high-quality photos that practically jump off the screen!

So, when you’re snapping pics of your fabulous clothes to sell, aim for the stars.

Natural light is your best friend here; it’ll give your photos that extra pop and make your clothes look their best. 

And don’t be afraid to get creative with your angles – show off those details, from the delicate lace trim to the funky pattern on those vintage jeans.

Honest Descriptions

When you’re writing up descriptions for your fabulous clothes, keep it real. Be honest about the condition (newer or old clothes), size, and any quirks your item might have.

Describe how the fabric feels and the fit, and maybe even share a styling tip or two.

After all, you want your potential buyers to feel like they’re getting the full scoop about secondhand clothing.

Competitive Pricing

When it comes to pricing your own pieces, think like a savvy shopper. Do a little research to see what similar items are going for, and then set your prices accordingly. 

Oh, and here’s a little insider tip: don’t be afraid to get creative with your pricing strategy.

Maybe offer a bundle deal for multiple items, or throw in free shipping to sweeten the deal and get your items sold. 


Can I sell used clothes online rather than make new clothes to sell?

Absolutely! Selling used clothes online can be a fantastic way to earn extra money while decluttering your closet.

Think of it as giving your pre-loved pieces a second chance to shine in someone else’s wardrobe.

What clothes sell the best online?

When it comes to selling clothing online, certain items tend to fly off the online consignment store shelves faster than others:

Popular Brands, from Gucci and Louis Vuitton to everyday favorites like Nike and Zara, are always in demand among online shoppers.
Vintage items, from old clothes to retro women’s clothing to classic denim jackets, add a touch of nostalgia to any wardrobe and are highly sought after.

Can I sell my clothes and my kids’ clothes?

Selling both your own everyday clothing and your kids’ clothes is a fantastic way to declutter your closets and earn extra cash.  

Platforms like Kidizen are designed specifically for kids’ clothing, while Poshmark and others welcome a diverse range of clothing for all ages.  

What’s the best place to sell used clothes?

The best place to sell used clothes depends on your preferences, the types of items you’re selling, and your target audience.

Also, you should know if you’re going to sell shoes and accessories for extra cash, and where they may sell for more cash.

The best places to sell clothes online are online marketplacesonline consignment storesand local buy/sell groups on Facebook.  

What’s the best site for selling new clothes?

When it comes to selling new clothes, here are some platforms to consider:

Shopify: stands out for those looking to build a brand from the ground up, offering unparalleled customization and control.
eBay: a versatile platform where new clothes can find their perfect match among a vast audience of potential buyers looking for fresh additions to their wardrobe.
Etsy: the go-to for handmade and one-of-a-kind pieces, resonating with shoppers seeking something out of the ordinary.

How should I prep my clothes for selling?

Start by cleaning your clothes thoroughly and inspecting them for any flaws.

Once cleaned and inspected, steam or iron out wrinkles and creases, then take clear, well-lit photos from multiple angles. 

Also, provide detailed descriptions, including brand, size, fabric, and measurements, and price your items competitively.  

Final Thoughts

Whether you aim for a hands-on approach or prefer to let others do the heavy lifting, there’s a digital marketplace tailored to your needs when you sell clothes online. 

Now it’s your move. With the right platform and a dash of savvy, your fashion finds can turn from idle wardrobe inhabitants to items sold. 

Take your old clothes or go flea market flipping for vintage finds, and get that extra cash!

27 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners (2024)

Affiliate marketing isn’t just about picking any program; it’s about building an affiliate network that fits your audience’s needs and interests.

Picking the best affiliate marketing programs means not just making more money but also building trust with your audience with the right products in your niche.

Let me share with you some programs I’ve worked with and learned about in various affiliate marketing niches.

Legendary Marketer

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Key Takeaways

An affiliate site can be a low-cost way to make money online by promoting products and services in your niche.
Many affiliate programs are great for new affiliate marketers, covering everything from digital marketing to e-commerce.
Doing well in affiliate marketing depends a lot on drawing people in, writing content they love, and using tools to share links and track performance.
I’ve partnered with Legendary Marketer, Shopify, Rakuten, and more!

27 Best Affiliate Programs For Beginners

1. Legendary Marketer

Affiliate Program Name:  Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: 90 days
Commission Rate: 30% to 60%
Payment Terms: $20; net 2 weeks
Payment Methods: Electronic Funds Transfer or ACH

Legendary Marketer offers an affiliate program that is designed to help you make money from promoting their digital marketing courses.

I’ve used The Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program and can tell you it is one of the best affiliate programs I’ve used.

One thing that really stands out? The eWallet Program is the best way to get my earnings through this system is quick, easy, and super secure.

It feels good knowing that my finances are handled so smoothly, making the whole experience feel more professional.

And let’s talk about that dashboard for a second. Being able to see my earnings and how I’m doing in real time? It helps me tweak my strategies and really understand what’s clicking with my audience.

Legendary Marketer

Join The 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge!

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2. Shopify

Affiliate Program Name: Shopify Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Commission Rate: Up to 20%
Payment Terms: $10; bi-weekly
Payment Methods: Direct deposit to your bank account or PayPal

The Shopify affiliate program is a great affiliate program for beginners just starting in affiliate marketing.

Whether you run a blog, a YouTube channel, or even have a strong social media following, you can leverage your audience to promote Shopify.

Since Shopify is such a widely recognized and trusted platform for e-commerce, promoting it can be quite straightforward.

People already know and trust the brand, which means that credibility is already built in.

You don’t need to be a Shopify merchant to be an affiliate, which opens the door to just about anyone who’s interested and has a decent online presence.

But I have a shop with Shopiofy and can tell you, it gives you an insider POV that helps your followers learn more about it from a real user- so I do recommend trying it if you’re selling online.

3. Bluehost

Affiliate Program Name: Bluehost Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: 90-Day  
Commission Rate: $65 for each qualified customer who purchases 12 or 36-month hosting packages
Payment Terms: 45 days after the end of the month
Payment Methods: PayPal or Check

Bluehost is a well-known name in the web hosting space, which makes it easier to promote because many people already recognize and trust the web hosting services.

It can be a big advantage when you’re starting out because it helps convert your audience into potential buyers.

Bluehost offers attractive commission rates, which is a big draw.

They provide a flat rate for every new customer who signs up through your affiliate link, and these commissions are quite competitive compared to other affiliate programs.

They have a simple sign-up process, and once you’re in, they provide you with all the promotional materials you might need, like banners and links.

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4. Rakuten

Affiliate Program Name: Rakuten Advertising
Cookie Duration: Varies
Commission Rate: Varies
Payment Terms: Varies
Payment Methods: PayPal, direct deposit (ACH), or check

Rakuten is one of the oldest affiliate networks and one of the top cashback programs I recommend on my blog.

One of the things I like about Rakuten is that it can be a solid option for affiliate marketing beginners in more than just the money niches.

It offers a wide range of products and merchants, giving you plenty of options to choose from when deciding what to promote to your audience.

Plus, Rakuten provides user-friendly tools and resources to help you get started and track the performance of your affiliate programs.


Score Cash Back at thousands of stores and save on the brands you love. That’s a whole lot of cha-ching!

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5. Fiverr

Affiliate Program Name: Fiverr Affiliates
Cookie Duration: 30 days for first-time buyers; 7 days for returning buyers on Fiverr
Commission Rate: 25% to 100% of the customer’s first order, 10% revenue share from orders in the first 12 months
Payment Terms: 30 days after the end of the month
Payment Methods: PayPal, Payoneer, or bank account

Fiverr‘s affiliate program is another great choice for beginner affiliate marketers.

They’re a great program to recommend to an audience getting into freelancing or hiring freelancers because the gig economy is booming, baby!

Don’t worry if you are a beginner affiliate marketer. Fiverr offers professional support, instructive tutorials, and dedicated account managers to guide you every step of the way.

They have a library of creative assets and interactive web widgets to supercharge your campaigns and drive more conversions.

Are you excited to get started? You can access all these amazing benefits through the in-house affiliate program or the CJ affiliate network.


Find the perfect freelance services to start, grow, and scale your online business!

Get Started Now

6. Amazon

Affiliate Program Name: Amazon Associates Program
Cookie Duration: 24 hours
Commission Rate: Up to 20%
Payment Terms: $10 payout; net 60 days
Payment Methods: Direct deposit, Check, Gift card

Let’s talk about a well-established affiliate network that most people think of – Amazon Associates.

Now, I have to be honest with you: it’s not exactly my top pick as one of the best affiliate marketing programs because of its low commission rates.

But there are still some pretty solid reasons why Amazon Associates is a good affiliate marketing program for beginner affiliates.

First, Amazon is a big name in online shopping. Everyone knows about it, and chances are, your audience shops there, too.

So, you’ve already got a built-in pool of potential customers right at your fingertips for the Amazon Associates Program.

Not only that, the amount of products to recommend is infinite, and no matter what your niche is, Amazon probably has something that works for an affiliate link.

7. ClickBank

Affiliate Program Name: ClickBank Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: 60 days
Commission Rate: $15 – $50 per sale
Payment Terms: On Friday, two days after the end of the pay period
Payment Methods: Direct Deposit, Check, Wire Transfer, or Payoneer

ClickBank offers a wide range of digital products across various niches, so beginner affiliate marketers have many options when picking what to promote.

And the platform is pretty user-friendly, making it easy for beginners to jump right in and start earning some cash.

Being a ClickBank affiliate can still be a valuable learning experience for newbie affiliates.

It’s a chance to test out different products and marketing strategies, learn what works (and what doesn’t), and gain some real-world experience in the wild world of affiliate marketing.

You might have to sift through many products to find those that really resonate with your audience, but it has more options.

8. Etsy

Affiliate Program Name: Etsy Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Commission Rate: 4% commission
Payment Terms: 30 days on the website, 7 days on the app
Payment Methods: Bank account or paper checks

Many people already love Etsy for its one-of-a-kind handmade, unique, and vintage items, so recommending products from Etsy can feel natural and authentic.

It offers products across various categories, from jewelry and clothing to home decor and art.

This variety gives you plenty of options to find products that resonate with your audience’s interests, making it easier to create content with links that convert.

To join the Etsy affiliate program, you’ll need to sign up for an account with Awin (it manages the Etsy affiliate program).

9. Anyword

Affiliate Program Name: Anyword Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: 90 days
Commission Rate: 40% recurring or up to $399 CPA
Payment Terms: Net 30 (monthly)
Payment Methods: PayPal

Anyword is an AI writing platform that helps businesses create compelling, high-converting content in no time.

They also offer one of the best affiliate marketing programs for marketers in a niche that could use AI to create content.

With Anyword’s affiliate program, you’ve got two awesome plans to choose from, making it a win-win for you and your audience.

Under the Revenue Share plan, you’ll earn a recurring 40% fee every time your referral renews their subscription, whether monthly or annually.

But wait, there’s more! With the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) plan, you’ll get a one-time payment for each referral who purchases a paid subscription.

10. Impact

Affiliate Program Name:
Cookie Duration: Varies
Commission Rate: Varies
Payment Terms: Varies
Payment Methods: Bank account or PayPal

Impact is a great affiliate network for beginners to dive into the world of affiliate marketing.

It’s a platform that really simplifies the process of connecting with brands and managing your affiliate programs.

What’s cool about Impact is its flexibility and range of options. Whether you blog about fashion, tech, or anything in between, you’ll likely find brands that align with your content.

It makes it easier to promote products or services that you truly believe in, which is super important. After all, your readers trust your recommendations!

Using Impact is also pretty straightforward. They have tools that help you track the affiliate programs’ performance, see what’s working, and identify areas for improvement.

11. FlexOffers

Affiliate Program Name: FlexOffers Affiliate Network
Cookie Duration: Varies
Commission Rate: Varies
Payment Terms: Every month on net 60 terms
Payment Methods: Bank transfer, check, PayPal, and ACH

FlexOffers is another great affiliate network for those just getting started in affiliate marketing. It offers thousands of affiliate programs from various brands and companies under one roof.

This variety means you are likely to find something that complements your blog’s theme and your audience’s interests.

One of FlexOffers’ standout features is its user-friendly design. It is super easy to navigate the platform, find programs, and start promoting products.

FlexOffers also offers quick payments, which is great when you’re starting to build your income streams.

12. CJ Affiliate

Affiliate Program Name: CJ Affiliate Network
Cookie Duration: 45 days
Commission Rate: Varies
Payment Terms: 20th of each month with a minimum threshold of $50
Payment Methods: direct deposit, check, or Payoneer

CJ Affiliate, formerly Commission Junction, is one of the oldest affiliate networks, with years of experience.

With a wide range of products, handy support tools, and clear metrics to track your success, CJ Affiliate has everything a beginner affiliate needs to kickstart your affiliate journey.

With CJ, you have your dedicated affiliate manager and services designed to help you build strong, long-lasting partnerships with brands.

From startups to big-name brands, this platform offers something for everyone to promote.

13. LinkConnector

Affiliate Program Name: LinkConnector Affiliate Network
Cookie Duration:  N/A
Commission Rate:  N/A
Payment Terms: Minimum Payout $100
Payment Methods: ACH, PayPal, Checks

Link Connector is another affiliate network that has been around for a while – since 2004.

You might not have heard much about them, but trust me, they’re a big deal among super affiliates.

Why? Because they’ve got a massive lineup of merchants to choose from, including some heavy hitters in the brand world – like, Adobe,, Vecteezy, etc.

Now, let’s talk about the not-so-great part: the Link Connector interface is a bit outdated, to put it kindly.

Don’t let that deter you! Behind the not-so-pretty visuals, Link Connector has a ton to offer both newbies and seasoned pros in the affiliate marketing game.

14. Proton

Affiliate Program Name: Proton Partners Program
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Commission Rate: 30% to 100%
Payment Terms: 30th of the next calendar month if the amount is greater than $100
Payment Methods: Direct bank transfer

The Proton affiliate program is a great pick if you’re into promoting products that prioritize privacy and security.

Proton, the company behind well-known services like ProtonMail and ProtonVPN, is all about keeping things secure and private.

This can work in a of niches because it’s super relevant in today’s world where everyone’s worried about their digital footprints and privacy.

Joining the Proton affiliate program means you get to spread the word about some of the best tools for protecting online activities.

The affiliate setup is pretty user-friendly. You earn decent commissions for every new subscriber you bring in, and these commissions continue as long as your referrals stay with Proton.

15. eBay

Affiliate Program Name: eBay Partner Network
Cookie Duration: 24-hour
Commission Rate: 4% of the item sales price
Payment Terms: On or around the 10th business day of each month
Payment Methods: Electronic funds transfer or PayPal

eBay is huge, right? It has millions of items up for grabs, from quirky vintage finds to the hottest tech gadgets.

The eBay Partner Network gives you a ton of options for things to promote, no matter what kind of content you create or who your audience is.

What’s really cool about eBay’s program is how it fits into just about any platform.

Whether you’re blogging, running a niche website, or chatting away on social media, you can seamlessly link to products on eBay that your followers might love.

The pay structure is also pretty sweet. You earn a percentage of eBay’s profit from purchases made through your links.

16. GetResponse

Affiliate Program Name: GetResponse Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: 120-day cookie
Commission Rate: Affiliate Recurring Program – 33% per sale; Affiliate Bounty Programs – $100 per sale
Payment Terms: Minimum $50 threshold; Recurring program – around the 20th of the month for verified sales from the previous month; Bounty program – within 30 days after 60-day sales verification
Payment Methods: PayPal account, USD check, ACH, Eurotransfer, or via other payment method if agreed individually with GetResponse

GetResponse isn’t just any tool—it’s packed with features like automated campaigns, landing pages, and even webinars, making it super handy for businesses big and small.

It’s a great gig because you’re promoting something every digital marketer needs: a reliable way to manage their email marketing.

And since email marketing is such a big part of doing business online, it’s a product that sells itself.

They offer a one-time bounty per sale, which is pretty generous, or you can opt for a recurring commission model.

If you choose the recurring option, you get a slice of the subscription fee every month for as long as your referrals stay with GetResponse.

This can really add up and turn into a nice passive income stream.

17. ShareASale

Affiliate Program Name: ShareASale Affiliate Program 
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Commission Rate: Varies
Payment Terms: Net 30; minimum payment threshold of $50
Payment Methods: ACH direct deposit or wire transfer on the 20th of every month

The ShareASale Affiliate marketing network can be a great starting point for beginners to get started with affiliate marketing.

It’s known for its user-friendly interface and straightforward approach, making it accessible even if you’re just starting affiliate marketing efforts.

One of the reasons it’s popular among beginners is its wide range of merchants across various niches, giving you plenty of options to find products that align with your audience and interests.

ShareASale’s reporting and tracking tools help you monitor your performance, understand what’s working well, and identify areas for improvement.

18. EngageBay

Affiliate Program Name: EngageBay Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: 120 days
Commission Rate: 30% recurring commission each month as long as the subscriber keeps a paid subscription
Payment Terms: Affiliate payments are approved before the third of each month.
Payment Methods: Direct Deposit

EngageBay’s affiliate program is a pretty sweet deal if you’re interested in promoting tools that help businesses streamline their operations and boost growth.

It’s especially perfect for small—to medium-sized businesses, so if your audience includes entrepreneurs or startups, they’ll want to hear about this.

Signing up to be an affiliate with EngageBay is a breeze. Once you’re in, they set you up with all sorts of promotional stuff to help you spread the word.

19. Awin

Affiliate Program Name: Awin Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Commission Rate: varies
Payment Terms: 1st and 15th of every month
Payment Methods: BACS, international wire transfer, or ACH

Awin’s affiliate program is a major hub in the affiliate marketing world, connecting bloggers and influencers with top brands from almost every industry.

If you’re into fashion, tech, travel, or pretty much anything else, Awin has partnerships with brands that are probably right up your alley.

It’s super versatile, making it a great choice for affiliates who have a mix of interests and cater to different audiences.

Getting started with Awin is pretty easy, though there’s a little twist: you need to make a small deposit ($1) when you apply. Don’t worry—this will be refunded with your first payout.

Once you’re all set up, you’ll have access to thousands of advertiser programs, giving you a wide range of products and services to promote.

20. MaxBounty

Affiliate Program Name: MaxBounty Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: 24 hours
Commission Rate: Varies
Payment Terms: Monthly; net 15; $100 USD threshold in commissions
Payment Methods: Check, eCheck, direct deposit, wire transfer, and Payoneer

MaxBounty, a Canadian network that specializes in CPA offers, offers around 2,000 campaigns under one roof.

This platform is tailored for affiliates seeking to promote across various verticals. It’s bolstered by a continuously evolving technology platform.

With weekly payments and dedicated affiliate managers at your service, MaxBounty is a network that supports you with the resources necessary for a prosperous affiliate marketing journey.

21. NordVPN

Affiliate Program Name: NordVPN Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: 30 days
Commission Rate: up to 40%
Payment Terms: Once a month
Payment Methods: Cryptocurrency, Wire Transfer, PayPal

When you join the NordVPN affiliate program, you partner with a highly recognized and trusted brand in the VPN market.

NordVPN is a big name in the VPN world, known for its strong security, speedy connections, and a huge network of servers all over the globe.

With more and more people looking to boost their online privacy, NordVPN pretty much sells itself.

22. Kinsta

Affiliate Program Name: Kinsta Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration:  60 days
Commission Rate: 5% to 10%
Payment Terms: Lifetime monthly commissions for every referral of Kinsta’s hosting services
Payment Methods: PayPal

Kinsta turns WordPress hosting into an art form with its state-of-the-art solutions, and its affiliate program is equally impressive, offering lifetime recurring monthly commissions.

Ideal for developers, agencies, and tech enthusiasts, Kinsta’s program provides high conversion and retention rates thanks to its industry-leading infrastructure and round-the-clock support team.

With Kinsta’s affiliate program, you get access to:

A custom-built dashboard for tracking your affiliate performance
A range of marketing materials to help you promote Kinsta’s services
The potential for considerable rewards through affiliate commissions

23. SocialPilot

Affiliate Program Name: SocialPilot Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: 90 day
Commission Rate: 20% recurring for each customer referred
Payment Terms: Recurring commission for 1 year
Payment Methods: PayPal

The SocialPilot affiliate program is definitely worth checking out if you’re into promoting tools that help streamline social media management.

SocialPilot is all about making life easier for small businesses, agencies, and social media pros with its slick scheduling features, detailed analytics, and teamwork capabilities.

They offer pretty generous commissions, too. Every sale you bring in through your promotions gets you a nice cut, and because SocialPilot is such a handy tool, it’s not a hard sell.

24. PepperJam

Affiliate Program Name: Partnerize
Cookie Duration: 7 days
Commission Rate: Varies
Payment Terms: Varies
Payment Methods: Electronic funds transfer or PayPal

PepperJam is now part of Partnerize, creating a dynamic duo in the affiliate marketing industry.

This partnership offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing affiliate and partnership marketing initiatives with a personal touch.

With large and niche brands, PepperJam makes affiliate marketing accessible to both new and experienced marketers.

The platform’s customizable options and various pricing structures cater to individual needs, making sure that each affiliate finds the perfect fit for their marketing strategy.

25. Booking

Affiliate Program Name: Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: N/A
Commission Rate: 25%
Payment Terms: First week of the month, if you have earned stayed reservations two months prior
Payment Methods: Direct bank transfer, PayPal transfer

If you love sharing travel tips and helping people find great deals on adventures, the affiliate program is a great choice for you.

It’s especially appealing because is a well-known name in the travel industry, which means many of your readers are likely already familiar with it.

26. SiteGround

Affiliate Program Name: Siteground Affiliate Program
Cookie Duration: 60 days
Commission Rate: $50 to $100 per sale
Payment Terms: First Wednesday, 30 days after the sale
Payment Methods: PayPal

The SiteGround Affiliate Program is one of the best affiliate programs you could use for web hosting besides Bluehost.

SiteGround is a web hosting company that offers a range of hosting services, including shared hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers.

Affiliates sign up for this affiliate marketing platform, receive unique affiliate links, and promote SiteGround through various channels like their website, blog, or social media.

When someone purchases through their affiliate link, the affiliate earns a commission. SiteGround provides tracking tools, reporting, and timely payouts to affiliates.

27. Avangate Network

Affiliate Program Name: Avangate Affiliate Network
Cookie Duration: 30 to 180 days
Commission Rate: 5% to 85%
Payment Terms: Monthly; 20 days after the end of the month when the sale occurred
Payment Methods: Wire transfer, check, PayPal

Avangate Network, also known as 2Checkout, is a global affiliate network and digital commerce platform that specializes in helping businesses sell digital products and services online.

Affiliates who join the Avangate network have access to a diverse marketplace of digital products and services to promote to their audience.

You can earn commissions for driving sales and referrals, with commission rates varying depending on the products and merchants you promote.


Can I become an affiliate marketer with no experience?

Yes, you can become an affiliate marketer even if you’re starting from scratch!

Affiliate marketing is one of those fields where you can learn as you go, and your success isn’t necessarily tied to years of prior experience.

As you gain experience, you’ll learn what works best for your audience and change your strategies to match.

How much does it cost to become an affiliate marketer?

Becoming an affiliate marketer doesn’t have to cost much, especially compared to starting other types of businesses.

In fact, you can get started with little to no upfront investment because you don’t pay to join programs.

You may pay for a website or blog, domain name, web hosting, content creation, marketing, promotion, and education.

How can I learn about affiliate marketing?

To learn more about making money with affiliate marketing programs, I recommend taking any of Legendary Marketer’s courses.

Legendary Marketer offers a comprehensive platform for learning affiliate marketing and working with affiliate networks.

Their training courses, live webinars, and coaching programs provide practical insights and personalized guidance.

You’ll also access tools, resources, and a supportive community to help you succeed and make affiliate income.

What are the best affiliate programs for beginners?

For beginners, the best affiliate networks are:

Legendary Marketer

Each of these profitable affiliate programs has been selected for its beginner-friendly nature and potential to help you grow your affiliate marketing business.

What are the best platforms to promote affiliate marketing programs?

When it comes to promoting affiliate networks, the best platforms to use depend on your niche, audience demographics, and personal preferences.

Here are some of the high-ticket affiliate marketing programs:

Social Media
Email Marketing

What affiliate programs pay the best?

While the highest-paying affiliate programs for you depend on your niche and audience, some popular choices known for their generous commissions include:

CJ Affiliate

Final Thoughts

So are you sold on getting into affiliate marketing? I certainly think affiliate marketing is worth it!

Successful affiliate marketers are particular about what affiliate programs they partner with and how they promote them.

You want ones that pay well, but you also need to pick affiliates that make sense with your niche and will benefit your followers in some way.

Everyone starts somewhere, and with a little patience and practice, you’ll get the hang of it and start making passive income.

Check out the online courses from Legendary Marketer and get started on your path to successful affiliate marketing.

Legendary Marketer

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9 Best Micro Investing Apps to Grow Your Spare Change

I’m happy to tell you, without a doubt, that you don’t need a mountain of cash to start investing!

Many people want to invest but feel shut out by high minimums, trading fees, and complex platforms.

But with micro-investment apps, anyone can now start investing with just a few bucks.

So, if you’re ready to kickstart your investing journey without breaking the bank, keep reading to learn more about the best investing apps I could find.

Key Takeaways

With micro-investing apps, you can begin investing with just the change in your pocket.
Set up your micro-investment app account with a linked bank account to automatically stash away a little money regularly.
Micro investing apps aren’t just about saving money; they also have easy-to-digest financial advice, tips, videos, and articles.
Robinhood is my top pick- great for newbies and easy day trading without commission fees.

Best Micro Investing Apps

These micro-investing apps keep things simple. They offer a selection of easy-to-understand investment portfolios based on your risk tolerance.

Micro-investing apps are perfect if you’re looking to start investing without needing large amounts of money.

So here are my top picks for the best micro-investing apps.

1. Robinhood

Cost: Free
Ratings: 4.1 stars – Google Play; 4.2 stars – Apple Store
Minimum Deposit: None
Investment Options: U.S. exchange-listed stocks, 650 global stocks through American Depositary Receipts (ADRs), ETFs, and Options

Robinhood is a popular micro-investing app for an accessible way to start investing in active trading.

What’s super cool about Robinhood is that it lets you open an investment account with no minimum balance—that’s right, you can start with just a few dollars!

One of my favorite features of Robinhood is the ability to buy fractional shares. This is perfect for me because it means I don’t need to commit to buying a whole share if it’s out of my budget.

Newbie traders can also get in on the action, and I like that it encourages taking the initiative as long as you’re comfortable with the risks involved.

Plus, you get a free stock when you sign up!

I started using Robinhood years ago- for more of my thoughts on the app, check out my in-depth Robinhood Review.


Commission-Free Trades
Free stock
User-Friendly Interface
No Minimum Account Balance


Limited Research Tools
Primarily app-based support

2. Betterment

Cost: Basic account – $4 monthly fee or .25% annual fee; fees change for higher investment amounts
Ratings: 4.7 stars on Google Play; 4.7 stars on Apple Store
Minimum Deposit: $0 (investments); $10 (high-yield savings)
Investment Options: Stocks, bonds, ETFs, High-Yield Cash Accounts, IRAs, and 401(k) rollovers

Betterment is the best micro-investing app for anyone looking to start investing without needing to become a stock market expert.

Wall Street Journal recognized it as the “Best Overall Robo Advisor for 2024;” Betterment could be great for you if you want a hands-off investment experience.

With either investing account (Digital or Premium), you can set your targets, and Betterment handles the rest, from selecting investments to automatically rebalancing your portfolio.

Betterment also uses strategies like tax loss harvesting to help you legally reduce your tax bill and maximize the growth of your investments.

Check out my full Betterment Review to see why people think it’s the best Roboadvisor you can use!


Automated Portfolio Management
Can buy fractional shares with ETFs
Goal-Based Investing
Offers Retirement accounts
Tax Efficiency


Limited Customization
No Direct Stock Trading


Investing made better! Meet the app that gives you the tools, inspiration, and support you need to become a better investor.

Invest Better Today

3. Acorns

Cost: Acorns Personal- $3/mo, Acorns Personal Plus- $5/mo, Acorns Premium – $9/mo
Ratings: 4.6 stars on Google Play; 4.7 stars on Apple Store
Minimum Deposit: None
Investment Options: Stocks and ETFs, bonds, Children’s Investment accounts, and IRAs

Acorns is a user-friendly micro-investing app that’s designed to help you effortlessly grow your savings through small, automatic investments.

Their signature feature is “Round-Ups.” It rounds up your everyday purchase amounts to the nearest dollar and invests the spare change.

For example, if you buy a coffee for $3.75, Acorns will round it up to $4.00 and invest the extra 25 cents into your portfolio.

With an Acorns Invest account, you can boost your investment efforts by setting up recurring contributions—daily, weekly, or monthly.

Read my honest Acorns Review to check out more of its unique features.


Automated Investing through Round-Ups
Simple Portfolio Options
Recurring Investments
Retirement and Family Accounts


Potentially slow growth with smaller investments


In under 3 minutes, start investing spare change, saving for retirement, earning more, spending smarter, and more.

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4. Webull

Cost: No commissions
Ratings: 4.3 stars on Google Play; 4.7 stars on Apple Store
Minimum Deposit: $0
Investment Options: Individual Stocks, Options, Futures, ETFs, OTC, Margin, and Fractional Shares

Webull is a commission-free trading platform that has become popular among investors seeking accessible and user-friendly options for buying and selling financial assets.

One of the standout features of a brokerage account with Webull is its intuitive and streamlined interface.

It provides users with real-time market data, customizable charts, technical indicators, and advanced trading tools to make informed portfolio decisions.

Webull also offers educational resources to help users deepen their understanding of investing, which is great for new investors.


Commission-Free Trading
Advanced Trading Tools
Wide Range of Assets for a diversified portfolio
User-Friendly Interface


Limited Customer Support
Limited educational resources
Some account fees apply


Get smart tools for smart investing to earn more for your future.

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5. Charles Schwab

Cost: $0
Ratings: 2.3 stars on Google Play; 4.8 stars on Apple Store
Minimum Deposit: None
Investment Options: IRAs, ETFs, 3 Investment Strategies, 6 Risk Profiles

Charles Schwab, primarily known as a full-service brokerage firm, also offers micro-investing options through its Schwab Intelligent Portfolios service.

This service allows users to invest in a diversified portfolio of ETFs with no advisory fees, account service fees, or commissions.

One of the key features of Schwab Intelligent Portfolios is its automated investment approach.

Users answer a series of questions about their goals, risk tolerance, and investment timeline, and the platform uses this information to create and manage a personalized portfolio.

The platform automatically rebalances the portfolio as needed to maintain the desired asset allocation.


Automated Investing
No Advisory Fees or Commissions
Diverse Range of ETFs
Customizable Portfolios


High Minimum Investment

6. Fidelity

Cost: $0; .35% per year for $25,000+
Ratings: 4.4 stars on Google Play; 4.8 stars on Apple Store
Minimum Deposit: $0
Investment Options: 14 portfolios- seven taxable and seven retirement portfolios

Fidelity is a well-known financial services company that offers micro-investing options through its Fidelity Go® platform.

Fidelity Go® provides users with a straightforward and automated approach to investing, making it easy for beginners to get started in the market.

It creates a customized portfolio comprised of a mix of Fidelity Flex mutual funds, which includes stocks, bonds, and cash equivalents, allowing for diversification within the portfolio.

Fidelity also offers the “Stocks by the Slice” feature, an innovative way for investors to buy fractional shares of individual stocks.

With Stocks by the Slice, investors can choose from a selection of popular stocks listed on major exchanges and purchase a fraction of a share with as little as $1.


No management fees for accounts under $25,000
Human management of portfolios
Integrates with other Fidelity accounts


Limited Investment Option
It does not offer tax-loss harvesting

7. SoFi Active Investing

Cost: $0
Ratings: 3.9 on Google Play; 4.8 on Apple Store
Minimum Deposit: No minimum deposit
Investment Options: Stocks, ETFs, upcoming IPOs, fractional shares, IRAs

SoFi has been helping folks refinance their student loans for years, but now they offer a whole bunch of other stuff, too!

Their SoFi Invest platform lets you buy and sell stocks, ETFs, and even cryptocurrencies—all without paying any pesky commissions.

What’s neat about SoFi is that they’re all about community and perks.

So-Fi members get access to exclusive benefits like career coaching, networking events, and financial planning resources.


Access to IPO offerings
No account minimums
Fractional shares are available
Commission free trading


Limited portfolio
It does not offer tax-loss harvesting

8. J.P. Morgan

Cost: $0
Ratings: 3.9 stars on Google Play; 4.7 on Apple Store
Minimum Deposit: $1
Investment Options: stocks, bonds, IRAs, mutual funds, and ETFs

J.P. Morgan is like having a trusted financial advisor in your pocket!

With J.P. Morgan’s platform, you get access to a bunch of investment options, personalized advice, and the backing of one of the biggest names in finance.

They offer all sorts of tools and resources to help you stay on top of your investments and make informed choices.

After using their resources to create your investing game plan, you can build your own investment portfolio that suits your goals and risk tolerance.


Access to Professional Advice
Diverse Investment Options
Research and Analysis Tools
Brand Reputation


Higher Fees
Limited Accessibility for new investors

9. Public

Cost: $0
Ratings: 4.1 on Google Play; 4.7 on Apple Store
Minimum Deposit: $0
Investment Options: Stocks, Options, Bonds, High-Yield Cash Account, Crypto, ETFs, Treasuries, Investment Plans, Royalties

Public is a platform where you can buy and sell stocks, ETFs, and even cryptocurrencies while connecting with other investors.

What’s cool about Public is that it’s not just about trading stocks—it’s also about building a community.

You can follow other investors, see what they’re investing in, and share your own insights and strategies.

Plus, Public gives you access to real-time market data and educational material to help you learn more about investing and make smarter decisions.


Social Investing Community
Commission-Free Trading
User-Friendly Interface
Fractional Investing


Limited Investment Offerings

Pros & Cons Of Micro-Investing


Low-to-no minimum investment amounts
Diverse Investment Options
Easy to use
Helpful resources to teach users
Simplified Investing on most micro-investing accounts


Limited Investment Options
Lower Potential Returns
Lack of Personalized Advice


What is micro-investing?

Micro-investing is a great way to start investing without investing big bucks. It lets you start investing with tiny amounts of money, even just the spare change from your daily purchases.

And even though you’re starting small, you still get to play in the big leagues with a mix of investments in stocks, bonds, and ETFs.

Is micro-investing worth it?

It can be, especially for beginners or those with a tight budget.

Micro-investing platforms can be a stepping stone for beginner investors to learn about the stock market without having to commit large amounts of money.

But, to see large returns quickly, larger investments are usually required to make micro-investing apps worth it.

Which app is best for micro-investing?

Choosing the best micro-investing app really depends on your personal financial goals, your preferred level of involvement in managing your investments, and the features you value most.

Here are a few popular options that I have used and like. Each has its own strengths:

Acorns: Best for those who want to invest without thinking about it. Acorns rounds up your everyday purchases to the nearest dollar and invests the difference.
Robinhood: It’s best suited for those with a bit more experience who want to build and manage their investment portfolio actively. Plus, they give you free stock when you open an account.
Betterment: Perfect for users who prefer a hands-off approach but want a bit more sophistication than Acorns offers.

What should I look for in an investing app?

When choosing an investing app, there are a few things to look for with investing apps to make sure you choose an app that fits your requirements when you open an account:

User Experience: The app should be easy to use and navigate, especially if you’re a beginner. Read reviews to know how well micro-investing apps have worked for people.
Fees and Costs: Know the fees with your brokerage account, including account fees, trading fees, and any other management fees that might impact your take-home cash.  
Investment Options: Look for an app that offers the types of investments you want, such as individual stocks and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), mutual funds, or cryptocurrencies.
Account Types: Depending on your financial goals, you might need different accounts- an individual taxable account, a Roth IRA, a 529 plan, etc.
Security: Make sure that the investing apps have strong security measures – encryption, secure login processes, and, ideally, two-factor authentication.
Reviews and Reputation: Check user reviews and research the app’s reputation to see how satisfied other users are with the service. 

How do investment apps work?

Investment apps make investing easy with their smart and user-friendly setups, so even if you’re new to investing, you won’t feel lost.

Basically, they use some pretty advanced software to handle all the buying and selling of stocks or managing your portfolio in real-time.

These apps also have some clever automated features, like robo-advisors, that can manage your investments based on your personal goals and how much risk you’re comfortable taking.

Micro investing apps connect seamlessly with your bank account and financial markets, which means all your transactions are smooth and quick.

Do I need a lot of money to start investing?

Not at all! One of the great things about modern investing, especially with the rise of micro-investing apps, is that you can start with very little money.

Many apps allow you to begin investing with just a few dollars, and some can even work with your spare change from everyday purchases.

Acorns rounds up the price to the nearest dollar and invests the difference, so you can slowly increase your investments.

How much will I pay to invest?

When it comes to micro-investing apps, the costs can vary depending on which app you use and what features you choose. Make sure to review the fee structure before you start investing.

Here’s the lowdown on typical fees:

Monthly Fees: Many of these apps charge a monthly fee or trading fees, which can range from $1 to $5.
Investment Fees: Even though trading stocks and ETFs are often free (no commissions), keep an eye out for fees hidden in other products like mutual funds.
Withdrawal Fees: It’s not too common, but some apps might charge a fee to withdraw money.
Extra Services: If you decide you want some premium features, like chatting with a financial advisor or getting into more sophisticated investment strategies, there could be extra charges.

Am I less likely to lose money with micro-investing?

Micro-investing doesn’t necessarily reduce your risk of losing money compared to other forms of investing.

While investing smaller amounts with a micro-investment app can limit initial losses, you’re still subject to the same market risks as any investment.

The key benefit is that it allows you to start small and get used to investing without risking a large sum upfront.

Final Thoughts

Micro-investing apps have made investing more accessible and affordable, particularly for beginners who have less money to invest right out of the gate.

While each app has its unique features, all aim to help users grow their investments over time.

Consider you’re financial goals and risk tolerance to pick the one that works best for you and has the investment options you want.

I’ve really enjoyed using Robinhood to invest when I’ve got the money available, so I highly recommend it for new investors.

9 Simple Steps For How to Become a Freelance Content Creator

As a content creator, there’s a market out there just waiting for your unique voice and creativity. You can share stunning photos on Instagram and create hilarious TikTok or YouTube videos.

As a digital content creator myself, I can tell you there are ups and downs, but I wouldn’t trade this job for my old 9 to 5 whatsoever!

I’ve used this blog to share my interests and the ways I’ve made money over time, and I started doing that on YouTube a little, too.

It’s made enough money that my wife and I could do it full-time, and with good content and effort, you could do it, too!

So, let’s talk about how to become a freelance content creator in this huge digital age:

Legendary Marketer

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Key Takeaways

Content creators include bloggers, bloggers, Twitch streamers, YouTubers, TikTok influencers, and more- so you can create media from multiple streams!
Starting your content creation journey requires minimal investment outside of time, making it an inexpensive small business idea.
Pick your content streams and what niche you could talk about a lot and resonates with a lot of people.
Making money from your creations is doable through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, advertising revenue, and product sales.
Standing out in freelance content creation involves developing a unique brand, producing engaging content in your niche, and utilizing tools and platforms to grow your following.

How To Become A Freelance Content Creator

Content creators come in all shapes and sizes, from bloggers and vloggers to podcasters and Instagram influencers.

What sets them apart online is their ability to connect with their audience through their work. Any one of them is a successful content creator because of how they relate to others.

They might share their expertise, entertain with humor, inspire with creativity, or educate with valuable information that keeps followers coming back.

Let’s talk about how you can get started in content creation and grow your following:

1. Flex Your Skills & Pick A Niche

Flexing your skills and finding a niche to become a content creator is all about finding your talents and interests.

Start by taking stock of your strengths and interests. What are you naturally good at? Are you a fantastic writer, a whiz with graphic design, or a captivating storyteller?

Next, consider your passions and what topics you’re most enthusiastic about. Is there a particular hobby, industry, or area of expertise that you find yourself constantly drawn to?

Maybe it’s sustainable living, DIY projects, or mindfulness practices.

By staying true to yourself and providing value to your audience, you’ll be able to find inspiration for new and entertaining content in your niche.

2. Decide On Your Content/Interests

Once you’ve narrowed down your niche, it’s time to decide on your specific content creation and interests within that niche.

Start by brainstorming topics that align with your chosen niche. Think about the aspects of your niche that excite you the most and that you feel confident discussing.

When I started as a content creator, I decided the more niche I went, the easier it was to stand out and connect with readers who needed help with money.

Instead of just “making money” as a huge topic, I focused on key things people struggle with: “side hustles for stay-at-home parents” or “investment strategies for beginners.”

Ultimately, the goal is to choose content that not only aligns with your interests and expertise but also provides value to your audience.

3. Learn About Affiliate Marketing

Learning about affiliate marketing can be a game-changer for freelance content creators looking to monetize their skills and expertise.

It’s a powerful strategy that allows you to earn commissions by promoting products or services through your digital content.

Start by learning the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and how it fits into your overall digital marketing strategy and freelance content creation.

Understanding concepts like commission structures, tracking links, and conversion rates will give you a solid foundation for your affiliate marketing strategy.

Investing in online courses like the Legendary Marketer course will help you deepen your knowledge and skills in affiliate marketing.

I took the free workshop and was mindblown about some of the ways I could work with brands and be honest about side hustle apps.

Legendary Marketer

Join The 15-Day Online Business Builder Challenge!

For Anyone Who Wants To Start A Profitable Online Business But Doesn’t Know Where To Begin.


4. Get Good Equipment

As a freelance content creator, I know how important investing in good equipment is for creating high-quality work for multiple projects in the digital world.

Whether I’m making YouTube videos, writing articles, or editing content, having the right tools has made a significant difference in the quality of my work.

Here are some essential tools to use in content creation:

A reliable computer for editing
A high-quality camera for video content
Software and services like Grammarly for proofreading and editing
Social media management platforms to streamline your workflow
A ring light or a softbox lighting kit can transform the visual appeal of your content
A flexible tripod or a portable charger for videos on the go

5. Join Social Media Platforms

As a digital marketer, you need to get on platforms to reach your target audience and promote your new personal brand.

Some popular social media apps to consider are:


Using multiple digital platforms can increase your reach and engagement to drive more traffic to your content across the board.

6. Create Content

Whether it’s content writing, video content, or graphic design, our ability to produce high-quality content sets us apart from other freelance content creators.

Once you’ve figured out your content topics, it’s time to dive in and start creating content. Don’t let perfectionism hold you back—just start putting your ideas into action.

You’ll need some writing skills to script some content; you want to eliminate dead space and plan a little structure for sharing your ideas and interests.

When you create content, think of your potential clients and audience first. Tailor your content to address their needs, pain points, and interests.

By providing valuable solutions and insights, you can establish yourself as a trusted resource and attract new clients and followers.

7. Attract Followers

It takes time to build a following- no social media content creators had thousands in a week or a month after starting! You need to focus on growing your content offerings and seeing how people react.

Attracting followers is about building a strong own brand to deliver value to your audience, giving them information, details, and laughs.

There are several strategies you can use to grow your audience and gain more exposure:

Create valuable content that resonates with your audience consistently.
Engage with your followers personally to foster connections and strengthen your brand.
Collaborate with other creators or brands in your niche by co-hosting a webinar, guest posting on a popular blog, or participating in a joint social media campaign.
Ask for feedback or followers to comment on what they like/think/do related to a topic.
If you’re doing videos, do a mix of short and long content

If what you’re creating isn’t landing, that’s the main sign to go back to the drawing board. Dive into what similar creators are doing, and do your own spin-off that relates to your niche.

8. Engage With Comments

Whether you’re a content writer or involved in digital marketing, responding to comments can provide valuable feedback and help you improve your communication skills.

End your videos or articles with a Call To Action (CTA)- a question or comment that gets people thinking and encourages them to respond.

Then, answer comments promptly and thoughtfully. Acknowledge and appreciate the feedback, whether it’s praise, questions, or constructive criticism.

Showing that you value your audience’s input fosters a sense of community and encourages further engagement.

Use the feedback to help make future decisions about content creation and identify topics or formats that resonate with your audience.

9. Optimize Your Content

Successful content creators have learned how to create entertaining and helpful content and have mastered SEO for some content.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it isn’t just for blogs – though it’s very important in my case!

My blog relies on SEO to make sure my content appears on Google when you want to know stuff like this.

But video creators and YouTubers can use SEO in ways to get there content where it should be.

To optimize your content effectively, start by doing thorough keyword research to find relevant keywords and information that your target audience is likely looking for.

Once you’ve identified your target keywords and topics, strategically use them in your content. This includes your headlines, titles, descriptions, and body content.


What is a content creator?

A content creator creates and shares content on various online platforms, including social media apps, blogs, and other websites.

We produce high-quality content that resonates with readers, listeners, and viewers, whether it’s through articles, videos, photos, or other forms of media.

The role of a content creator job is to engage with people on a wife variety of topics, creating content that informs, entertains, and connects with users.

How much money do content creators make?

Industry leaders like ZipRecruiter estimate that content creators are earning an average of $116,615 a year.

The income varies widely depending on factors such as audience size, content niche, monetization strategies, and level of engagement.

Does it take money to start working as a content creator?

Starting as a content creator typically doesn’t require a significant financial investment, especially if you’re leveraging platforms like social media, YouTube, or a blog.

Many content creators begin with just a smartphone or a computer and access to the Internet. 

While it’s possible to start with minimal expenses, investing in equipment such as cameras, microphones, and editing software can improve the quality of your content and help you stand out.

Additionally, some creators may choose to invest in courses, workshops, or tools to improve their skills or streamline their workflow.

What sort of content can I create?

You can create content depending on your interests, skills, and the preferences of your audience. The possibilities are virtually endless!

If your niche is gardening, you can take videos of your process and the fruits of your labor and write about how people can create their own gardens.

If you like fashion and sewing, you can start a podcast about red-carpet outfits or record yourself making show-stopping outfits.

I love gaming, and Twitch streamers often have fun speed runs to watch or can show me a game I’ve been thinking about buying and want to get a feel for before dropping the money.

You need to target your main interests and decide what you want to share with the world and how you can tell people about it.

What types of content are most in demand?

The demand for content varies depending on factors such as audience preferences, current trends, and industry needs.

However, some types of content tend to be consistently popular and in demand across different platforms. Here are a few examples:

Blog Posts: Share your thoughts, experiences, and expertise on a specific niche through content creation on a blog hosted on a platform like Bluehost (free domain name!).
Videos: Create engaging videos on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram, covering topics such as tutorials, vlogs, product reviews, or entertainment.
Podcasts: Host and produce audio content on subjects you’re passionate about, interviewing guests, sharing stories, or discussing current events.
Social Media Posts: To engage with your audience, share photos, captions, stories, and live streams on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
Ebooks or Guides: Compile your knowledge into comprehensive guides or ebooks that provide value to your audience and can be distributed or sold. 

How can I grow my audience as a new content creator?

As a new content creator, focus on consistently producing high-quality articles or videos that resonate with your target audience.

Respond to comments and messages from your audience, and use social media to boost your content and encourage sharing.

Collaborate with other creators, optimize your content for search engines, cross-promote across different channels, and always prioritize offering value to your audience.

Would I earn more money blogging or from social media videos?

The potential earnings from blogging versus social media videos can vary depending on factors such as your audience size, engagement rate, content niche, and monetization strategies.

Blogging has made me six figures, and both Brittany and I could quit our jobs. Our YouTube channel is slow going, but we enjoy making videos!

But so far, the blog brings in more money for us.

How do I monetize my content?

Monetizing your content involves generating revenue from the content you create. Here are some common ways to monetize your content:

Advertising: Display ads on your website, blog, or YouTube videos through ad networks like Google AdSense to earn money based on the number of ad impressions or clicks.
Sponsorships: Partner with brands or companies to promote their products or services in your content.
Affiliate Marketing: Promote products or services through affiliate links in your content. You earn a commission for each sale or action generated through your referral.
Paid Subscriptions or Memberships: Offer premium content or exclusive access to your audience for a subscription fee.
Merchandise Sales: Create and sell branded merchandise such as clothing, accessories, or digital products like ebooks or online courses.

How can I become a content creator with no experience?

The path to becoming a content creator with no experience may seem impossible, but it is doable.

Find Your Passion: Choose a niche you’re passionate about or knowledgeable in.
Know Your Audience: Understand who your target audience is and what they’re interested in.
Start Creating: Begin making content in your chosen format using free tools and resources.
Learn and Improve: Continuously educate yourself and experiment with new techniques.
Engage with Your Audience: Interact with your audience to build relationships and grow your following.
Be Consistent: Stick to a regular posting schedule to keep your audience engaged.
Network and Collaborate: Connect with other creators in your niche for support and opportunities.

Final Thoughts

When becoming a content creator, remember that success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time, dedication, and a willingness to learn and adapt.

Whether you’re passionate about writing, creating videos, or engaging on social media, I have found the key is to stay true to yourself and your interests while giving value to your audience.

By following the tips and strategies I’ve given in my post, you’ll be well-equipped to start creating content for your audience and build your brand as a content creator.

Legendary Marketer

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13+ Easy Ways To Get Paid To Read Email Today

I’ve been getting paid to read emails for years, and while it doesn’t bring in a full-time income, it gives me a little extra spending money each month. 

All it takes is a few minutes each day to check your inbox for paid survey opportunities from the best survey sites, cashback offers, and more.

I’d love to share with you legitimate sites where you can get paid to read emails and my tips to start making money too!

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Key Takeaways

Before we get into the sites and jobs that pay you to read emails, here are my top picks for the best side hustle apps and side hustles:

Best Overall App – Swagbucks
Best Side Hustle – Proofreading
Easiest Payouts – Survey Junkie

15+ Easy Ways To Get Paid To Read Email Today

You may be interested in paid-to-read email programs if you’re looking for ways to make a little extra money online.

Some survey sites pay cash instantly for reading emails from various companies, which are also included on our list.

Here are some of the best paid-to-read email programs currently available.

1. Swagbucks

Many people think of Swagbucks as a site that only pays you to answer surveys but you can get paid to read email too!

I’ve used Swabugcks since the beginning and have a full Swagbucks Review you can check out, but let me give you a quick rundown of what you can get paid for:

Taking surveys (of course!)
Shopping online
Play games
Searching the internet
Refer friends
Reading email

On Swagbucks, you have a Swagbucks inbox where you can receive messages. The inbox is where you go to get your emails.

Right now, Swagbucks is giving a signup bonus, so head on and get your FREE $10 and also start getting paid to read email!

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2. InboxDollars

Another favorite Get Paid To (GPT) site is InboxDollars! The great thing about InboxDollars is that they don’t just have one way to make money.

You can do more than answer surveys on InboxDollars. You can also get paid to read emails! That’s right. They will pay you for reading emails (sent through your PayPal account).

Other ways you can earn real cash on InboxDollars are:

Completing surveys
Playing games
Shopping online
Save money with coupons
Refer friends
Play games

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3. MyPoints

With BonusMails from MyPoints, users can earn points and rewards simply by reading promotional emails.

Users can also earn extra money online by completing surveys, playing games, watching videos, and when you refer friends on the MyPoints website.

In addition, bonus points can be earned by completing transactions or online shopping through linked offers in these messages!

With options like PayPal, gift cards, travel miles, and more, there’s sure to be a redemption method that works for everyone.

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MyPoints Surveys

Get Paid for Giving your Opinion! Get free gift cards for taking polls, answering surveys and so much more!

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4. Paid To Read Email

Start earning cash just by reading emails with Paid to Read Email! Sign-up is free, and you’ll get a $3 bonus to join Paid to Read Email.

You can expect to receive a few emails daily, and you must confirm that you’ve read them. It’s an easy way to earn extra cash, especially since they have a low cash-out limit of just $15.

You get paid to complete surveys, and you can earn money by referring friends to the site and inviting them to join to earn Guaranteed Paid Emails points.

5. InboxPays

InboxPays is one of the legitimate sites if you are looking for a way to get paid to read emails. You’ll receive an email from them daily, containing offers and opportunities to earn cash.

And with their high payout rate of $0.25 per email, you can quickly rack up earnings.

Plus, you can earn even more to complete surveys and invite friends!

Once you’ve earned $25 on the site, you can withdraw your earnings via your PayPal account.

6. InboxPounds

InboxPounds is the UK’s InboxDollars, and it’s just as good! It is an online platform that allows users to get paid to read emails, take surveys, shop online, and complete other tasks.

The site is available to users in the United Kingdom. It is a great way to earn a few extra dollars without much effort.

The site is easy to use, and users can cash out their earnings via a PayPal account or Gift Card.

7. Cash4Offers

With Cash4Offers, you can earn money simply by reading emails. All you have to do is read paid emails in your spare time, and you’ll start earning cash!

What’s excellent about Cash4Offers is that it’s completely free to join. The company will even give you a $5 signup bonus for joining!

And best of all, the program is non-invasive. You won’t get flooded with hundreds of emails – typically, you’ll only receive one or two daily.

8. QuickRewards

Quick Rewards is the website that pays you for doing easy tasks! With Quick Rewards, you can earn money by reading emails and completing simple tasks.

The emails you receive will have instructions on what you need to do to get paid. Quick Rewards is the perfect way to make money!

9. Rupee Inbox

Rupee Inbox is one of the many websites that allow you to make money through paid emails. This website is specifically geared towards those in India.

The more you use Rupee Inbox, the more money you can make. This is because the program tracks your behavior and compensates those more active on the site.

This is a great way to make some money with minimal effort. By signing up for Rupee Inbox, you can easily earn extra cash.

10. CashCrate

CashCrate used to offer paid emails, but they discontinued this program. They have become a site that is more of a catalog of the other sites that offer making money reading emails.

You don’t sign up directly with CashCrate, but you will click the links on the site, go to each site, and sign up from there.

You will also find other opportunities on CashCrate to make money, such as through taking surveys or watching videos.

So, it is still a great site to join even though they no longer offer paid emails or other tasks directly on their site.

11. Quick Pay Surveys

Quick Pay Surveys are a great way to make money in your spare time. You can get paid with online surveys or by reading and confirming paid emails.

The payout limit is only $15, so you can easily reach it within a few weeks or even days if you take advantage of all the opportunities they offer.

12. Unique Rewards

With Unique Rewards, you can earn rewards by reading emails and completing surveys, and you can redeem your earnings by check or PayPal.

Plus, when you sign up with Unique Rewards, you’ll get $5, and you can earn $5 for each friend who signs up through your referral link!

13. FusionCash

Another website that will pay you for reading emails is FusionCash. You can sign up for FusionCash if you’re at least 13 years old, making it an excellent option for teens and adults. 

In addition to reading emails, you can also make money by playing games, completing surveys, and more. And unlike some other sites, FusionCash is very upfront about what’s required to get paid.

The signup bonus helps you get close to the $25 minimum payout threshold.

Jobs That Pay You To Read & Answer Emails

Some of the best side hustles that pay you to read and answer emails don’t involve survey sites but are online jobs. Here are four of the best side hustles:

1. Virtual Assistant (Administrator)

As a VA, one of your many responsibilities may be to read and answer emails. This may include sorting and prioritizing emails, responding to customer inquiries, or handling other email-related tasks.

Companies pay virtual assistants to read emails and free up their employees’ time so they can focus on more important tasks. 

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2. Chat Assistant

As a chat assistant, you can get paid to read email and also get paid to respond to customer inquiries. This is an excellent opportunity for those who want to make money online.

Many apps pay chat assistants to read emails and respond to customer inquiries. One top-rated app is ChatWork.

ChatWork is a chat app that allows businesses to communicate with their customers. You would be responsible for reading and responding to customer inquiries as a chat assistant.

3. Website Tester

As a website tester, you can get paid to read emails. This is a great way to make money and test different websites.

When you become a website tester, you will usually be given a list of websites to test. You will then need to visit the websites and check for errors.

You may also be asked to test the website’s speed or perform other tasks. Testers are usually paid per task, so it is essential to be careful when checking for errors.

4. Email Processor

There are a few different ways to become an email processor. You can sign up with a company that hires processors or become a processor for Google.

When you become an email processor, you will usually be given a list of emails to process. You will then need to open the emails and extract the required information.

You may also be asked to sort the emails into different folders. Processors are usually paid per task, so it is essential to be careful when extracting information from emails.

Tips For Reading Emails For Cash

Using paid email sites is a great way to make some money. You can get paid for reading promotional emails, reviewing products, referral bonuses, or even taking surveys.

Here are five tips for getting paid to read emails.

Check Reviews Before Signing Up For Apps

It’s always a good idea to check reviews before signing up for any app, but this is especially important for apps that pay you to read email.

You want to ensure you’re not getting scammed – after all, you’re working for that money, and not all sites are legit websites!

When reading the reviews, look to ensure they pay out, have a low minimum payout amount, and don’t have too many complaints about customer service.

It’s also a good idea to look at when the app was last updated – you want to be sure they’re still active and working on improving the experience for their users.

Make A New Email Account

You’ll need to create a new, separate email address when you sign up for apps to get paid to read emails.

You don’t want to use your personal email address for this, as you’ll be getting a lot of paid opportunities for quick cash(and they may not all be the ones you want in your primary inbox!).

Plus, when you use a separate email address, it’s easier to track which emails are coming from which app, and they don’t get in the way of work emails or anything else.

There are a few different ways that you can go about setting up a new email address. One option is to create a new account with a free email service such as Gmail or Yahoo.

Set Up Email Notifications

By setting up email notifications, you can be alerted as soon as an email comes in, no matter where you are. This way, you’ll never miss an opportunity to be paid to read emails again!

To set up, you must go into your email account settings and look for the option to add a new notification. Once you’ve found it, add your desired email address and select the frequency with which you’d like to be notified.

You can choose from a few different notifications, but we recommend opting for instant notification. That way, you’ll be sure to catch any new paid emails when they come in!

Check Email A Few Times Per Day

You’ll need to check your email a few times daily to make money from reading emails. The emails will need to be checked for new offers, and you’ll need to click on the links in the emails.

It’s important to stay on schedule with checking your email, as you don’t want to miss any opportunities to be paid to read emails.

One way is to set up calendar reminders or to set aside specific times of day to check your email for new offers.

Free Money From Other Survey Sites

We have plenty of other sites that can pay you for stuff besides reading emails. You can get paid to take surveys, watch videos, and even play games. Be sure to check them out!

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular survey sites. They partner with brands to conduct market research by offering paid surveys. You can sign up for free and start earning money by taking online surveys.

Learn more about taking surveys with them in our Survey Junkie Review.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is one of the oldest and most popular survey panels.

You can earn cash and rewards for taking surveys and giving your opinion on various brands and products. You can also sign up for product testing opportunities, which pay even more.

You can cash out your earnings through PayPal or redeem them for gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks.

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a trusted market research company that pays you to take surveys and also evaluates products.

They’re looking for people who can give their opinion on various issues, whether it’s about a new product, service, or advertisement.

You can sign up with Pinecone Research if you’re at least 18 years old and reside in the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom.


PrizeRebel is one of the most popular GPT sites. You can earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, and completing various other tasks.

One great way to earn points is by reading emails. You can receive anywhere from 1-5 points for each email you read. While the payout per email isn’t huge, it can add up over time.

Branded Surveys

With Branded Surveys, you can take surveys to get paid for your opinion. You can also get paid to complete other tasks like reading emails.

This company partners with some of the biggest brands in the world, so you’ll have a chance to influence the products and services you use daily.

Final Thoughts

Getting paid to read email is a side hustle idea many people did not even know was possible. However, a few companies will pay you to read emails.

While the payouts are not huge, it is a great way to earn a little money in your spare time.

Check out Swagbucks to start making easy money by reading emails and more today. Also, be sure to tell your friends and family about these companies so you can start earning even more money.

Most of these sites also offer other ways to make money with them besides reading emails. For example, they pay members real cash to do nothing except answer surveys, watch videos, and even play games. 

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Betterment Vs. Wealthfront: Better Robo-Advisor in 2024

Looking to start investing with robo-advisors but not sure where to start? Say hello to Betterment and Wealthfront.

In this post, I’m looking at what sets these platforms apart, from the personal touch of human advisors to innovative strategies like automated investing and tax-loss harvesting.

I’ll also explore how they compare in terms of socially responsible investing and other perks offered by each robo-advisor.

Get ready to find out which platform is the perfect fit for your investing and wealth management needs!


Investing made better! Meet the app that gives you the tools, inspiration, and support you need to become a better investor.

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Key Takeaways

Investing involves risk, but robo-advisors try to take some of the guesswork out of investing by doing the work for you.
Betterment and Wealthfront are the main robo-advisors that people are using today!
Betterment and Wealthfront cater to different needs: Betterment offers diverse portfolios and chats with financial planners; Wealthfront focuses on digital perks and direct indexing for larger accounts.
Betterment is user-friendly, with low fees starting at 0.25%, various investment options including eco-friendly and crypto, and access to financial planners in premium plans.
Wealthfront stands out with Self-Driving Money™, the free Path planning tool, and tax-efficient investing, though it requires a higher initial investment and lacks human advisors.

Final Verdict: Betterment Vs. Wealthfront

Picking between Betterment and Wealthfront is a little tough. But after a lot of thinking, I’m leaning towards Betterment, and here’s why:

With Betterment, you can start investing for just $10. That’s more accessible for everyone to use whatever money they have to grow their wealth.

Betterment’s platform is easy to navigate, so you’ll feel like a pro in no time. And with fees that start really low (only 0.25%!), you can start investing without emptying your wallet.

Plus, the investment choices are pretty sweet – from doing good with socially responsible investments to getting in on the crypto trend, Betterment’s got options that fit what you care about.

I also love the Premium account- it’s only .40%, and you get access to human advisors and planners, which Wealthfront doesn’t offer with any account!

While Wealthfront has its perks for those, who love a full-on digital experience and have a bit more cash to start with, Betterment’s wallet-friendly investments and personal touches make it my favorite pick.


Since its launch in 2008, Betterment has been one of the go-to robo advisors for new and experienced investors seeking automated investing.

With a whopping $45 billion managed for over 850,000+ as of February 29, 2024, it’s clear they’re doing something right.

What’s really great about Betterment is that they’ve got something for everyone. Whether you’re risky or want consistent dividends, Betterment can create a portfolio to your liking.

But what makes me like them so much is how you don’t need a treasure chest of cash to get started and put your money to work.

And if you’re worried about navigating their platform, don’t be. Their app is as friendly as it gets, making the whole investing thing a piece of cake.

Want the full scoop on Betterment? Check out my complete Betterment Review to get the lowdown.

Key Features

When you’re looking into Betterment, you’re checking out one of the top dogs in the robo-advisor show. Here’s what makes them stand out:

Different Types of Investments: Betterment has got you covered with investment strategies that range from super safe to let’s go-for-it aggressive portfolios.
Start Small, Dream Big: There’s no minimum balance, and the minimum investment is only $10, so even if you’re just dipping your toes in or your budget’s tight, you don’t need thousands to start.
Smart and Automatic: Betterment uses an algorithm to manage your investments, keeping everything in line with what you want out of your money without you having to fuss over it.
Goals Front and Center: Betterment helps you set financial goals and then tailors your investments to chase them down for you.
Keep It Tax-Smart: They’ve got tricks like Tax-Loss Harvesting to keep taxes from nibbling too much on your investment gains- more money in your pocket, less for the taxman.
Cash Reserve Program: Imagine a savings account, but way better. Betterment’s cash reserve offers a sweet interest rate, making your money work harder for you.
Set It and Forget It: With automatic deposits, you can keep your investments growing steadily in a hands-off way. 

Investment Options

Betterment manages your investments using smart algorithms, so you don’t have to worry about the details after deciding your investment strategy.

Betterment’s got a whole buffet of investment options that are pretty much designed to suit whatever financial goals you’ve got or how daring you feel about your money.

Here are the investment options you’ll have to pick from:

Retirement Accounts Galore: Thinking about the golden years? Betterment’s got your back with IRAs and 401(k) rollovers.
Different Portfolio Options:  Betterment uses ETFs from 13 asset classes, with other options, including Goldman Sachs Smart Beta, Blackrock Target Income, and a Flexible Portfolio.
Investing with a Conscience: If you’re all about making the world a better place, Betterment offers three socially responsible portfolios – Broad Impact, Climate Impact, and Social Impact.
Crypto Curiosity: Betterment offers four cryptocurrency portfolios: Universe, Sustainable, Metaverse, and Decentralized Finance.

Portfolio Management

Betterment’s portfolio management is all about keeping your investments tailored to you and your end goals.

They use this approach called modern portfolio theory, which means they spread your investments across different types of assets.

Betterment doesn’t just set up your investing account and call it a day.

They have an automatic system that checks in on your portfolio, making sure it stays in line with how much risk you’re comfortable taking.

It also helps you maximize tax efficiency with your tax-deferred and taxable accounts, so you ultimately lose less to the taxman.

Just remember, investing comes with its ups and downs. There’s always a bit of uncertainty, and the returns you’re hoping for might not always pan out.

But that’s the nature of investing, whether you choose Betterment like me or another platform.

With Betterment, you’ll have support to help with investing, making it as smooth as possible and helping you develop better strategies to prevent and recover from losses.

Pricing & Fees

Now that I’ve shared all the good stuff that Betterment does right let me tell you about their pricing and fees:

Investing: $4 per month or 0.25% annual fee (if investing over $20K or depositing/transferring $250+ per month)
Premium Plan: 0.40% annual fee ($100,000 to join)
Crypto Account Fees: 1% + .15% per trade; 1.15% for Premium accounts
Moving Your Money Out: $75 transfer fee
Got More Than $2 Million? Betterment offers a deal if your balance is that big. The fee drops to 0.15% for Digital plans and 0.30% for Premium.

Overall, it’s not too bad—at exactly $20K, you’re only paying $4.17 per month!

But if you’re thinking of investing over $20K and you’re worried about fees, visit the pricing link above and use their price calculator to get an estimate.

Premium Account

If you’re looking to elevate your investment game and invest $100K per year, Betterment Premium might just be your golden ticket without super high costs.

This tier of service is where Betterment truly shines, offering personalized advice from certified financial planners who are just a phone call away.

For only .40% (15% extra compared to the regular account), you can get expert advice tailored to your unique financial situation anytime you need it.

Betterment Premium also opens the door to crypto investing. With access to specialized cryptocurrency portfolios, you can diversify your investments even further and stay ahead of the tech curve.

Customer Service

Betterment is all about making sure you can get the help you need when you need it. They’ve got real folks ready to chat on the phone from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time.

I’m more of a chat person when I need help, and it’s perfect for those times when you’ve got something you want an answer for quickly.

And if you’re not in a rush or you’re more of an email person, they’ve got you covered with email support, too. It’s handy for those less pressing questions about your account.

Now, if you’d like personalized advice from human financial advisors, the Premium account offers that perk.

So, if that’s something you’re into, going Premium is the way to go.

Betterment Pros & Cons


Low management fees
No required minimum balance
Wide selection of investments
Interest-bearing cash reserve
Effective tax-loss harvesting for taxable accounts
Automatic rebalancing for all accounts


Portfolio choices may have higher expense ratios.
1% management fee for crypto investing plus .15% trading fees
No custodial accounts are offered
Personalized advice is only available with a Pro account


Investing made better! Meet the app that gives you the tools, inspiration, and support you need to become a better investor.

Invest Better Today


Wealthfront is another option if you want a robo-advisor. It uses advanced algorithms to provide investment management and financial planning.

Wealthfront Advisers LLC indeed got its start in 2008. Back then, it was setting the stage for what would become a big shift in how people manage their money.

The real shift in popularity came in 2011 when Wealthfront launched its automated investing services.

Here’s how it works: you sign up and answer some questions about your financial goals and how much risk you’re willing to take.

Wealthfront then builds a diversified investment portfolio for your first investment account.

They manage your brokerage accounts automatically, making adjustments based on your goals and market conditions.

You can read my in-depth Wealthfront Review for all the nitty gritty, but let’s get into how it overlaps with Betterment and what sets them apart:

Key Features

A Wealthfront Automated Investing Account figures out a mix of investments for you based on how risky or safe you want to play it and what you’re aiming for financially.

Wealthfront comes with some pretty neat features that can help make your investing journey a breeze.

Let’s break them down:

Tax-Loss Harvesting: Wealthfront does this for all taxable accounts to ensure that you pay less taxes on your investments than you need to.
Direct-Indexing: Wealthfront uses direct indexing to create a personalized index that mirrors the performance of a broad market index, allowing you to own individual stocks directly.
Portfolio Line of Credit: If your investment account reaches over $25,000, Wealthfront lets you borrow money at very competitive rates to continue investing.
Wealthfront Cash Account: Their cash accounts offer high interest and zero fees, and you can move money in and out as much as you like. Plus, it’s insured by the FDIC.
Joint Accounts: You can combine accounts under one log in if you decide to merge finances with a partner.
Financial Planning Tools: Wealthfront’s Path tool helps you plan for the big stuff – like buying a house, dreaming of a big trip, or figuring out when you can retire.
529 College Savings Plan: 529 College Savings Plans are special investment accounts in which money can grow tax-free and later be used for school costs.

Investment Options

Wealthfront offers a variety of investment options to cater to different investor needs.

Cash Cash Account: Get a cash management account with a 5% APY and earn passive income as your savings grow.
Bonds: Start investing in bonds with an automated, diverse portfolio that’s all set up for you. There is no need to stress about picking and choosing.
Automated Investing: Choose from cool options like socially responsible investing accounts, retirement accounts, or saving up for your kid’s college (529 plans).
Stocks: Fancy yourself a bit of a stock picker? Go ahead and invest in individual stocks. Build your own custom portfolio that’s totally you.

Portfolio Management

With Wealthfront’s portfolio management, investing becomes a breeze. They do all the heavy lifting, leaving you free to focus on what matters most to you.

Here’s what they bring to the table:

Tailor-Made Portfolios: Think of Wealthfront uses modern portfolio theory and fancy algorithms to create a portfolio that’s just right for you.
Smart Tax Moves: Have you heard of Stock-level Tax-Loss Harvesting? Wealthfront strategically sells off underperforming assets to lower your tax bill, leaving more money in your pocket.
Hands-Free Portfolio Care: Wealthfront’s clever software keeps an eye on your portfolio and automatically tweaks things as needed to keep investments on point.

Pricing & Fees

The fees depend on which accounts and features you use.

Annual advisory fee: 0.25% (all account types)
529 account fee: 0.42% to 0.46% per year
Minimum investment amount: $500

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Wealthfront takes the usual approach.

If you have some quick questions you want answered, head over to Wealthfront’s Help Center, where you can search for answers to all your burning queries.

Need to chat with a real person? You can reach out to Wealthfront support by calling (844) 995-8437 or emailing

If you shoot them an email, Wealthfront aims to get back to you within 24 business hours. Some issues might take a bit longer to resolve, but they’re on it.

Wealthfront Pros & Cons


Tax-efficient investing
Tax-loss harvesting for taxable accounts
Automated financial management
Access to a portfolio line of credit
Free financial planning with the Path tool
High-yield cash account
Account fee only .25%


Higher initial contribution ($500)
No human financial advisor
Complex features- can be complicated for beginners
Lack of fractional share trading with automated investing


What does a Robo-advisor do?

A robo-advisor is an automated online platform that provides algorithm-driven financial planning services with little to no human help.

Here are the main features of robo-advisors (and benefits!):

Automated Investing: They use fancy algorithms to build and manage your investment portfolio based on your goals and how much risk you’re cool with.

Portfolio Rebalancing: If your investment portfolios get a little out of whack, they’ll shuffle things around to keep them on track with what you’re aiming for.

Taxable Investment Account: Think of them as your tax-saving buddy. They’ll try to minimize how much you owe Uncle Sam by smartly buying and selling investments in your taxable investment accounts.

Low Fees: Unlike traditional advisors, who might charge a premium, robo-advisors usually have reasonable fees, which is good for your wallet.

User-Friendly Interface: They’ve got slick websites and handy apps that make checking on your investments as easy as scrolling through social media.

Financial Planning Tools: Some robo-advisors offer extra tools to help you plan for big things like retirement or saving up for that dream vacation.

Is Betterment the best Robo-advisor to use for investing?

When it comes down to it, the “best” robo-advisor really depends on what you’re after. But in my experience, Betterment is an affordable option for beginners.

Betterment is definitely a solid choice for a robo-advisor, especially if you’re into user-friendly interfaces and goal-based investing.

You also can start investing with $10, no minimum balance, and work your way up to invest more and grow wealth.

Is Wealthfront worth the cost?

Wealthfront does have a .25% management fee, but many folks find it worth the cost of what you get.

They’ve got cool features like tax-loss harvesting and high-yield cash accounts, plus their free financial planning tool called Path is pretty handy.

So, is it worth the money? Well, if you’re all about hands-off investing and like the perks they offer, then yeah, it could be worth the cost.

But hey, it really comes down to what you are looking for in a robo-advisor and how much you value Wealthfront’s extra goodies.

If you don’t have $500 to invest, Betterment may be the better platform to start investing.

Is Betterment better to use than Wealthfront?

Choosing between Betterment and Wealthfront really depends on what you’re looking for in an investing service. Both Wealthfront and Betterment offer an investing account with different asset classes.

Betterment is known for its easy-to-navigate interface and focus on helping you reach your financial goals.

At the same time, Wealthfront investment accounts offer some cool perks like tax-efficient investing and high-yield cash accounts.

So, is a Betterment account the winner over a Wealthfront account? Well, it’s not really about who’s better but more about what suits your investment objectives.

Consider what features matter most to you and which platform aligns best with your investing style.

What investment platforms can I use that aren’t Robo-advisors?

If you’re looking for alternatives to robo-advisors, there are plenty of options:

Robo-Advisor Alternatives: Want a mix of automation and DIY? Check out M1 Finance for customizable portfolios or Acorns for investing spare change from your everyday purchases.
Individual Stocks, ETFs, and Bonds: Feeling confident in your stock-picking skills? Platforms like Robinhood and E*TRADE let you trade stocks, EFTs, options, and bonds commission-free.
Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms: Fancy dipping your toes into real estate without buying a whole property? Platforms like Fundrise and RealtyMogul let you invest in property projects online, often with lower minimum investments than traditional real estate deals.
Online Brokerages: Think Fidelity, Charles Schwab, and TD Ameritrade. They’re like the one-stop shops for all your investment needs, from stocks and bonds to mutual funds and ETFs.
Direct Mutual Fund Companies: Companies like Vanguard and Fidelity let you buy mutual funds straight from the source, no middleman required.

Final Thoughts

If you’re trying to earn passive income by investing, it’s important to remember that it involves risk.

But robo-advisors like Betterment and Wealthfront are here to help navigate investing based on your risk tolerance.

Betterment is better for hands-off investors who want automatic rebalancing for their portfolios and for investors with fewer funds to invest.

It’s my top pick compared to Wealthfront, though it does have some great features you may want.

Wealthfront offers a mix of DIY and automated investment portfolios, but the $500 minimum investment is what keeps me from suggesting it for beginners.

But the bigger drawback for me is the lack of human advisors- no matter what accounts you’re investing in, you don’t have any options to talk to advisors about your money.

Betterment offers it with their Premium plan, which I recommend for full access to all their features (and it’s only .15% more than the regular plan!).

So, I recommend trying out Betterment for a better-automated investment experience so you can grow wealth without putting in the daily grind.


Investing made better! Meet the app that gives you the tools, inspiration, and support you need to become a better investor.

Invest Better Today

19 Top Strategies on How to Make Money in an Hour

If you’ve ever found yourself in a pinch, needing a little extra cash in your pocket ASAP, then you’re in the right place.

We’ve all had those moments, right? Out of the blue, a credit card bill lands in our lap, or we’re hit with a cost we didn’t see coming.

Or, maybe it’s just one of those days when you want to treat yourself to something special, something unplanned.

Whatever the reason, wouldn’t it be awesome to know a few tricks to make some quick cash in just an hour?

I’m not talking about some get-rich-quick scheme that sounds too good to be true. I’m talking about practical, legitimate ways to earn money fast.

I’ve got tons of strategies for how to make money in an hour and bulk up your bank account whenever you need the money!


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Key Takeaways

Quickest Cash W/Out A Job – Online Surveys
Weirdest Money-Maker – Selling Feet Pics
Best Paid Side Hustles – Proofreading
Find Paying Gigs – FlexJobs

19 Top Strategies on How To Make Money In An Hour

1. Online Surveys

An easy way to earn money quickly is by answering surveys! You’ve probably seen those ads pop up online or heard people talking about them, right?

Well, answering surveys is not just a gimmick- it’s a legit way to earn extra money in your free time.

There are websites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and InboxDollars where you can sign up and start taking surveys.

It’s an easy way to make money in just one hour from the comfort of your own home while you watch TV!

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2. Sell Feet Pics

Now, I know what you’re thinking- feet pics? It’s one of the weirdest ways to make money, but hear me out!

There’s a whole market for foot pictures, whether for people with foot fetishes or just folks who appreciate a nice pair of feet.

You can upload feet pics and set your prices, ranging anywhere from $10 to $30 per collection, depending on how in-demand your tootsies are and the quality of your pics. 

FeetFinder is where it’s at- you can sign up anonymously, connect with buyers, chat a bit, and make money passively off your feet pictures every day.

So, if you’re comfortable with it, why not give it a shot? It could be a quick and easy way to earn some extra cash in just one hour.

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3. Proofreading

One of the freelance gigs I’ve worked as an independent contractor to make money in one hour is proofreading!

If you have a knack for catching pesky typos and grammatical errors, proofreading could be a way to earn some quick cash.

Businesses and individuals are waiting for someone like you to help them polish up their documents.

Think students rushing to correct their grammar and punctuation on essays, small businesses wanting to impress with flawless marketing materials, and bloggers looking for help with their writing.

You’re not tied down to a traditional 9-to-5 job. You can choose your own hours and workload and make money on your terms.

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4. Mobile Games

A fun way to make some extra cash in about an hour is by playing mobile games!

Now, I know what you might be thinking- playing games and making money sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, think again! Apps like Mistplay and Blackout Bingo actually pay you to play mobile games.

You can play games and earn extra money while waiting for an appointment or winding down after a long day at work.

The amount of money you might make may vary depending on how well you play and how much time you spend gaming.

So why not give it a try? Check out my full Mistplay Review to see what games could be making you money today!


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5. Freelance Writing

Do you have a knack for stringing words together? If so, freelance writing could be a lucrative way to make money in an hour.

Whether you’re crafting blog posts, diving deep into technical writing, or sharing wisdom as a personal finance writer, there’s something for everyone.

Depending on your experience and the type of writing you do, you could charge $20 to $40 per hour.

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6. Deliver Food

If you’re looking for a way to make money in your spare time, delivering food might just be the perfect gig for you.

Food delivery jobs allow you to make money in one hour or less, depending on the order and your speed.

With apps like DoorDashUber Eats, or Postmates, you have the freedom to work when it suits you best and possibly make $20 per hour or even more.

And guess what? You can keep all the tips you earn. That’s right, 100% of them.

Just check how much you’ll make and how far you’ll be going- not all orders are worth running around!

7. Deliver Groceries

Just like driving around town dropping off dinner, delivering groceries is another fab way to make money in one hour.

Instead of restaurant takeouts, you’re whisking groceries from grocery stores straight to folks’ doorsteps.

With online platforms like Instacart, entering the gig economy is easy.

You get to set your own schedule (hello, flexibility!), and yes, every tip you earn is 100% yours to keep.

8. Chauffer People

Do you love driving around and meeting new faces? Well, sliding into the driver’s seat for rideshare gigs with companies like Uber might be the way for you to earn money quickly!

It’s a cool way to make money in an hour, all while cruising through the streets of your city.

You’re the boss of your own time; Drive when you want, how you want.

Depending on where you are and how busy it gets, you could pocket around $20 an hour or even more.

So, if you’ve got a car and a knack for good conversation, why not give it a whirl? It’s a fun, flexible way to earn on the side while soaking up the sights and sounds of your hometown.

9. Virtual Assistant

If you’re organized, enjoy ticking off items on a to-do list, and communicate and organize well, becoming a virtual assistant might be a great move for you.

It opens up opportunities in the gig economy, allowing you to make money in one hour or over a few hours, depending on the tasks at hand and your availability.

As a VA, you can perform various tasks, from writing engaging content and editing to answering emails and posting awesome social media posts.

You get to lean into what you’re good at and enjoy, which not only makes the work more enjoyable but also shines through in the quality of your work.

FlexJobs is a great place to find remote jobs from home. It is an incredible platform that connects talented individuals like yourself with businesses that need virtual assistance.

10. Data Entry

Data entry might just be the easiest way to start making some money from home. It’s a no-fuss job that fits perfectly into the gig economy.

Businesses and people out there need someone to help them organize their info into spreadsheets or databases. But they don’t necessarily need someone to come into the office to do it.

The best part? You can pick whatever data entry jobs suit your fancy and apply for as many jobs as you want to make money at any hour of the day.

But if you’re speedy and like the idea of finishing projects and moving on to the next, charging per project could be your ticket to earning a lot of money.

11. Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

Have you ever thought about turning your passion for dogs into a way to make money in one hour?

Well, dog walking gigs and pet sitting might just be your ticket to earning some money fast.

With apps like Rover, it’s super easy to get started. It connects pet owners with people like you who are trustworthy and ready to lend a helping hand (or leash!) to walk dogs.

And if you’re up for house-sitting or staying overnight with a pet, you could pocket some pretty good money for each stay.

But it’s not just about the cash. Walking dogs and pet sitting offer something truly special – the chance to spend time with some of the most lovable pets out there.

12. Babysitting

Babysitting is a great way to chill with some cool kids, maybe playing board games, watching their favorite cartoons, or creating the world’s most epic indoor fort.

Parents get a breather, you get to unleash your inner child, and your wallet ends up a bit thicker.

We’re talking $15 and up per hour, and most of the time get paid instantly and walk out the door with cash in hand.

Finding gigs can be as easy as letting your neighbors know you’re available to watch their munchkins or giving a quick shout-out on your social media.

And hey, if you want more options, jumping on sites like can hook you up with families in need of a babysitter for the night.

13. Mystery Shopping

Becoming a mystery shopper could be your ticket to not only enjoying some retail therapy but also earning a little cash on the side.

You will get paid to browse your favorite stores and help businesses improve their services.

As a mystery shopper, you get to go on secret shopping trips where you’ll check out shopping from a customer’s perspective.

You might be looking at how clean the store is, how friendly the staff is, or how the staff tells customers about the store’s return policy.

After your undercover work is done, you’ll report back on what you’ve found and get paid for your thoughts.

14. Yard Work

If you don’t mind working outside and getting a little dirty to make yards look nice and tidy, why not turn that into a chance to make money in one hour or so?

Yard work is one of those things that’s always in demand, especially when the weather’s nice.

Offering to spruce up your neighbor’s garden or help a friend out with their unruly lawn can actually pay off.

Depending on the size of their yard or what they need done, you could earn anywhere from $20 to $50 an hour.

And it’s not just about mowing lawns; you can get paid for other things, such as trimming hedges, pulling weeds, and maybe even planting a few flowers.

15. Shovel Snow

Living in a place where winter means a blanket of snow can actually be a perfect opportunity to make money in one hour or even more.

Shoveling snow might not be everyone’s idea of fun, but it sure can be a profitable way to spend your time in the winter.

If you’re up for a bit of physical work and don’t mind the cold, you could earn $20 or more an hour, depending on the size of the area and the amount of snow you’re dealing with.

Not only does this gig fill your pockets, but it’s also a fantastic way to keep active during those chilly months.

16. Join Focus Group

Joining focus groups is one of those unique opportunities where you can actually make money in one hour by just speaking your mind. Pretty cool, right?

Whether you need some quick money or just want to add a little padding to your wallet, sharing your thoughts on various products and services can pay $50 to $200 for each session.

Sites like User Interviews make it super simple to find these focus groups.

You can sign up, browse through the listings, and apply to the ones that interest you.

Before you know it, you could be sitting in a virtual (or physical) room, discussing the latest gadget, food product, or maybe even a new app, all while your opinion helps shape the future of these offerings.

17. Sell Items Online

Do you have a closet full of gently used clothes you don’t wear anymore? Or maybe a guitar or some other musical instrument is collecting dust in the corner?

Your home could be a mini garage sale just waiting to happen – only people would be shopping online.

Selling your stuff online is a smart way to make money in one hour (or at least get it listed in that time!).

Sites like eBay, Poshmark, and Facebook Marketplace are digital storefronts where you can showcase your items to buyers worldwide.

And here’s the kicker – you could potentially make more than you might think. That thrift store find you snagged years ago but never wore? It could be someone’s sought-after gem.

18. Donate Plasma

Donating plasma isn’t just about making a quick buck; it’s also a great way to help others in need.

If you’re looking for a way to sell plasma and make money in one hour, rolling up your sleeve could be just the thing.

It’s pretty amazing when you think about it: not only could you pocket anywhere from $50 to $100 for each donation.

As a new donor, there’s a chance you could rake in up to $500 in your first month alone.

Places like CSL Plasma have streamlined the process to be both easy and safe, ensuring you’re well taken care of during the donation.

While the idea of getting paid to save lives is certainly appealing, remember that your health is the top priority.

Before you decide to donate plasma, talk with a healthcare professional to ensure that it is a good fit for you.

19. Swap Banks

Switching banks might not be something you’ve thought about to make money in one hour, but did you know it could actually put some extra money in your pocket?

Banks are always looking to attract new customers and they’re willing to pay a generous bank account bonus.

If you’re not super attached to your current bank, swapping to a new one could be a smart money move. With just a few minutes of effort, you could land yourself a few hundred dollars.

Before you jump in, it’s worth taking a minute to read the fine print for opening new bank accounts.

Some bank account bonuses require things like a minimum deposit, maintaining a certain balance, making direct deposits, or keeping the account open for a set period.


How much money can I make in only an hour?

With side hustles being super popular these days, it really depends on what gig you are going to do. Whether it’s a side hustle or a quick gig, the cash you can pull in can vary.

Side gigs could make you anywhere from $15 – $25+ in just an hour.

Is tutoring a quick way to make money?

Absolutely! Tutoring is a fantastic option for those looking to make money quickly, especially if you excel in a particular subject or play an instrument.

With online platforms like BookNook, you can connect with students who need help in your area of expertise.

Rates vary, but tutors can often charge anywhere from $20 to $50 per hour, depending on the subject and level of education.

Plus, it’s a flexible gig- you can choose your hours and work as much or as little as you want.

Can I make good money with ride-sharing or delivery apps?

Yes, working with ride-sharing apps like Uber and food delivery services such as DoorDash or Postmates can be an excellent way to earn quick cash.

If you have a reliable vehicle and some free time, these platforms offer the flexibility to work on your schedule.

The amount you can make per hour varies based on the time of day, your location, and demand, but drivers can make upwards of $20 per hour.

Do online surveys pay that well?

There are plenty of odd jobs out there that can help you rake in that money quickly and earn cash without a huge commitment.

Dog walking: Perfect for animal lovers who like being outdoors and caring for dogs.
Delivering food or groceries: You can earn money by bringing people their orders with just your car and some tunes.
Babysitting: Great if you’re good with kids and want something flexible.
Doing yard work: If you don’t mind a bit of physical labor, sprucing up gardens can be both rewarding and a decent workout.
Selling unwanted items online: Declutter and make cash? Yes, please! Sell stuff you have lying around for fast cash.

What side hustles pay a good hourly rate?

If you’re looking for side hustles that pay a decent hourly rate, you’re in luck. 

There are many gigs out there that pay well and might also align with your interests or skills.

Freelance design: Freelancers in this field can pull in about $48 per hour, working on everything from websites to branding materials.
Freelance writing: If you’ve got a way with words, freelance writing can net you around $29 per hour.
Becoming a notary public: This might require some certification, but at $24 per hour, it’s a solid option for a steady side income.
Freelance proofreading: Proofreading gigs pay about $28 per hour for those with an eagle eye for errors.

What can I do in an hour that’s best for fast cash?

The best thing to do in an hour for fast cash really depends on your skills and interests. Here are some options to earn money fast:

Sell items like unused gift cards
Grocery shopping for people
Dog Walking
Taking part in an online survey
Donating plasma (if eligible)

Can I make money without a job?

Believe it or not, you can actually make money without having a traditional job, and you can start right this hour!

The internet has opened up a myriad of opportunities for anyone with a bit of spare time and a willingness to try something new.

One of the easiest ways to start earning money without a job is to take online surveys and play mobile games. These are fun ways to pass the time and earn money simultaneously.

While you’re not likely to make a living off of it, the earnings can help cover a coffee run or add to your savings.

For those with a good command of the language, freelancing as a proofreader or writer can be a goldmine.

The digital world is content-hungry, and if you can spot a typo from a mile away or craft a compelling narrative, you’re in business.

But you can create other money-making ideas from your own skills and experience in other ways!

Whether it’s starting a blog, launching an online course, or offering virtual assistant services, the possibilities are as vast as your imagination.

Can I make $100 in one day?

Absolutely! Making $100 in a single day is achievable with the right strategies.

You could combine a few side hustles like taking paid surveys, delivering food, or doing freelance work.

For instance, a few hours of proofreading, writing, or graphic design can easily net you $100.

Alternatively, selling items you no longer need, participating in focus groups, or offering a service like dog walking can also help you reach that goal.

The key is to find something that fits your skills and schedule and get started!

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to make more money in one hour, from quick online surveys to selling stuff you no longer need and even delivering food.

While none of these methods will make you a millionaire overnight, they can certainly give your wallet a boost of money ASAP.

The gig economy has opened many doors for anyone to make money in their free time and make money fast with odd jobs here and there.

The idea here is simple: Every little bit of extra money made in one hour is worth it. The extra cash can pile up into something bigger over time.

So, why sit back when you could start now? Start your journey to earning money quickly today.


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