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Here Is Just A Little Bit About Me Without Trying To Bore You To Sleep!

The Internet Hustle Saga…

Greetings, my name is Juan Burton and I’ve been an Internet marketer and Internet Entrepreneur since late 2002.

I started a little an experiment in high school which changed my life and how perceived it.  The experiment consisted of selling toys and gadgets online on a one page web site.  I learned how to create the page from scratch and set it all up myself with great photos, descriptions and merchant shopping-cart buttons, etc. This was an E-commerce page and I was drop shipping within the United States before I even knew this business model was called drop shipping.

I didn’t really know how to drive quality traffic to the site, however I made a few sales within a week.  The idea was to sell things on that one page site for $20 or less.  I even invested into some web traffic providers which eventually turned out to be no-good bot traffic. ie. 1,000 visitors for $7 etc etc.  

Later, I discovered the traffic was coming naturally from search engines that picked up keywords from the site’s meta tag which I learned was extremely important.  This type of traffic is from what is is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  

Old pic from back in the good ol days

Back then I was interested in computers, game design, music business, film making, electrical and mechanical engineering. I love being creative, artistic and hands-on. With access to computers with internet access , marketing and business ideas, this opened my new interest in business, marketing and entrepreneurship.

I didn’t own a computer when I started back then. I use to go to the library or go to a family member’s house to use their computers to work on my businesses online. I got my first computer when I was a sophomore in college. My first few years as an internet entrepreneur / marketer, I’ve spent full-time hours in libraries researching, learning and working on my businesses.

When I first got into the idea of starting an Internet business I’ve never heard of the term “Internet marketing” until one day I was searching for way to making money online and landed on this guys webpage.

He was the very first Internet marketer I’ve come across, Ewen Chia in 2004, and have been keeping up with him ever since.  I still have that very email from him.

In those days, I didn’t know any other business owners, entrepreneurs, or internet marketers. However, I did network in some online forum and instant chatrooms and met a few.

I have launched dozens upon dozens of internet business and projects. However, not all of them were successful and that’s ok because that is perfectly normal.

Today, you’ve got it a lot EASY! You have hoards of information at your finger tips with access to the internet. Take advantage it, because making money online is even more easier than before!

The Internet Hustle Sage Continues…

Since then, I have discovered what I wanted to do for a living and it was to be an entrepreneur owning many successful thriving companies. I absolutely loved the idea, and I seen how powerful owning your own business was back then.

I’ve made money 5x, 10x, 50x, even 100x faster then anyone working a job and it went directly into my bank account. That is why I have never looked back and the rest is history!

Over the years, I have created dozens upon dozens of products and internet companies.  My very first venture was a small success.  However, not all of them were successful.

Today, I consider myself an overall creative person, business oriented and I am living my dreams. Still striving to continue creating an amazing life for myself, developing tons of new things, enjoying life and culture.

Working from The Coffee House in Vietnam. Enjoying peach tea and mocha cake.

I can honestly say, I am a very happy man and I love what I do. I work full-time as an Internet entrepreneur, running multiple online companies and living life to the fullest.

Reading a lot of books several years ago has help transform my mindset.  I have learned the importance of execution, innovating, wealth management, savings, cash-flow and leverage.

Being an unemployable person to me means, calling your own shots and making your own moves. Someone can’t pay you to exchange your hourly time for a limited amount of money.  You will know your worth and what is worth doing with your time.

After a few failures and learning, more testing, more failures, and more learning, I finally cracked the online code and started pulling in a large enough income never to work a job again.  I am always studying increasing my knowledge and expanding my mind with new ideas and strategies in business and marketing.

When I’m Working:

My main specialties that I’m currently focused on are direct response internet marketing, affiliate marketing, copywriting, product creation, software development, list building, joint ventures, and launching cool start-ups.


Those are by far the most valuable skills any Internet entrepreneur needs to master for themselves (except software development and launching start-ups).

My other work is producing film, acting, and philanthropy through funding small business owners and family businesses mostly in 3rd world countries. That is my passion and my mission in life, because it helps make the world go round, touches and changes lives.

I am excited to say that business has been both great and rewarding throughout the years. I am constantly expanding and venturing into other types of businesses.

When I’m Not Working

I still work. I travel out in the beautiful world sometimes. The experience of being surrounded within different cultures relaxes my mind, humbles and amazes me.

Arriving by boat to Cu Lao Cham Islands, Viet Nam

Acting & Filmmaking

I also enjoy going to the movies often as well as shooting films, sporting events, night life, living the life and doing it big, enjoying life!

As an actor, I’ve appeared in front of the camera in high-impact marketing . I’ve also appeared as scripted, fictional characters in some motion pictures as well as producing and directing several independent feature films.

A few movies I’ve appeared in and/or produced


I hope this website portfolio is somewhat useful to you. I enjoy helping and motivating people through the power of the internet. I’ve listed and shared tools and resources that may be helpful and beneficial to you and your ventures.

I hope that wasn’t too bad lol.

Remember, the sky’s the limit!

Cheers to cracking the [code] and pursuing your dreams!
Juan Burton

Juan Burton internet marketing portrait
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