5 Benefits of Using Google My Business

5 Benefits of Using Google My Business

As a small business owner, you know that your company benefits from being searchable on Google. But how much do you know about using Google My Business (GMB) to your advantage?

Don’t fret if you’re only slightly familiar with GMB. You can learn more about this fantastic program’s benefits by reading the information below!

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1. Helps Your Business to be Seen on Google Maps

Setting up your GMB account allows your business to become visible on Google Maps through the local map pack feature. This feature enables high-ranking companies in the area to appear with icons that individuals can click on to find out more about them. Usually, the icons will appear over the businesses, making it easier to locate them with directions.

Once an individual clicks on the icon, they can see all important facts about the company, including the following:

Phone number
Hours of operation
Customer Reviews

Appearing in these local packs can help your company’s views grow exponentially, leading to more clients.

Filling out the required account information is a must to optimize your Google My Business features. Doing so will aid in your company’s representation while giving you more control over what’s displayed publicly.

2. Can Provide Helpful Data

Another benefit of GMB is the data you can collect about your customers. Information is extremely helpful in boosting sales because it helps you to understand what consumers want.

GMB gives you access to loads of valuable information with the click of a mouse. All you need to do is locate the Insights tab on your profile page.

Using the Insights tab, you can observe helpful information, such as:

How customers find your listing
Customer actions
Phone calls
Requests for directions
Photo views

Having this data on hand will help you remain informed about the habits of your clients, improving your marketing strategies.

3. Increases Customer Engagement

Setting up your profile allows individuals to engage with your business more conveniently. This convenience is especially great for younger generations who, according to statistics, value quick access to service and information via the internet.

Through your listing, customers can do all of the following from their smartphones:

Post reviews and pictures
Reserve a table
Book an appointment
Make a phone call
Visit Your website

4. Makes Your Brand Seem More Reputable

Customers tend to trust businesses that appear on Google Maps. They see them as reputable and are more willing to visit them.

The more reputable your company seems, the more likely you will have an increase in sales. According to a report by Go-Globe, about 86% of consumers look up the location of a business on Google Maps, and more than 50% of “near me” searches result in a physical store visit.

5. Free to Create and Use

One of the best things about creating and using a GMB profile is that it comes at no cost to you. Google My Business is free for all business owners to use online. Imagine accessing all of the above tools and metrics free of cost!

GMB provides one of the best opportunities to increase online visibility, receive data, and boost customer engagement without paying a dime. Consumers will flock to your store to do business with you because it will be easy to discover you.

In Conclusion

The pros of GMB far outweigh any potential cons. We urge you to do it immediately if you haven’t already set up your profile with Google. After all, as you read this article, most local businesses have already done so and are reaping the benefits.

Don’t let another moment pass by where you are losing potential clients to a competitor in your area. Set up your GMB profile today, and you will be on your way to a more successful business!

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