9 Tips to Improve Your E-Commerce Business

Regardless of how long you’ve been in the world of e-commerce, there is always room for improvement. If you’re looking for some tips that will make your business better, here are a few useful suggestions to take into account.

Improve the user-friendliness of your website

For starters, you need a quality website that is user-friendly. You want to make it easy to navigate and allow customers to quickly find what they need. Categorize all your products and use the search function, which can lead to higher conversion rates. Always keep optimization in mind and work on improving usability whenever possible.

Make sure there are no major mistakes

To make the website user-friendly, it’s also essential to proofread it. While it might seem trivial, ensuring there are no major spelling mistakes on the website can improve the way it is used. This way, when a visitor types something into the search bar, the website will show the correct results. Moreover, you also want to go through every page that should have an image and make sure that it’s actually there. If you rely on photos to sell products, don’t forget to add them.

Develop a mobile app

In this day and age, you need to adjust for mobile searches. Making your website mobile-friendly and responsive is a must, but it’s also a good idea to work on an app. Having a dedicated app means that users will be able to easily search through your catalog. If you want to attract more customers to the app, you can introduce some sort of loyalty program where they can collect points more easily or make certain products available only through the app.

List your phone number

While you will do your best to make the website as clear as possible, there are always people who might prefer talking to a real person or not understand a certain description you’ve added. For that reason, it’s recommended to list a phone number on your website as well. Whether it’s a shipping issue, a misunderstanding, or something else, this can be very beneficial. Make sure to also add the hours during which the call center is available.

Implement live chat

In addition to the phone number, you should also implement the live chat feature. That way, potential customers can ask questions that will help them make the decision about purchasing a certain product. They can also express concerns they might be having, which will help you improve the overall quality of your website. Moreover, it’s not difficult or expensive to implement this and it will give you more credibility.

Reduce your shipping costs

Offering free shipping is a great strategy that can get you many new customers as most would rather not pay for it. However, it doesn’t always make sense for your business. Something you can do is look for ways to reduce your company’s shipping costs. For instance, you can opt for lighter packing materials like packing peanuts and shredded paper. Then, you can try looking into custom boxes that will make your packages smaller. That way, you can still offer free shipping to customers while lowering your own costs.

Use email marketing

To increase your reach, you should also consider relying on email marketing. Many individuals check their email a few times a day, so this can be an easy way to grab their attention. Craft detailed and informative emails that will introduce your brand and keep you on their mind.

Have clearance sales

Sometimes, you will have products that are simply not selling as well as you expected. They can slow down your growth, so think about organizing clearance sales that will get rid of these products faster. Look for items that are perishable and seasonal, those that have a newer version, and those that have not been sold for at least a month. Lower their prices and see if that helps.

Try upselling and cross-selling

Another way to sell more products is to upsell or cross-sell. When upselling, you’re encouraging visitors to buy a product similar to the item they are looking at but which is more expensive. On the other hand, you can also try cross-selling, which entails recommending an item that is complementary to something they’ve already purchased or added to their wish list. Both strategies have the potential to bring in higher profits.

In conclusion, there are many strategies you can adopt in order to improve your e-commerce business. Above all else, make customer satisfaction your priority and consider sending out thank you cards to show them that you appreciate them buying from you.

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