Who Benefits from Parcel Tracking

Back in the old days the postage system was done by train only, and locally by individuals who walked / rode around on bicycles, and there were only manual ways to track your parcel from point to point and by telephone call. With modern technology advancing year by year, we now have new ways of doing postage, as well as online parcel trackers. 

You may be wondering, if they did without parcel trackers in the past then why do we need them now? Parcel trackers have been invented to help create peace of mind for both the sender and recipient of the parcel.They make our lives easier. In this article, we are going to look at the benefits of tracking your parcels, as well as who can benefit from using parcel trackers. Let’s get right to it. 

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What is a Parcel Tracker?

A parcel tracker is a website plugin, app, or website that is connected to either one or a variety of carriers to track parcels using their unique tracking number. They provide information regarding the history and status of the parcel, allowing you to see a live update on where your parcel is located and how far it is from delivery. 

Sites such as PKGE.net are affiliated with over 750 carriers around the world, and you can track any parcel from once place, anywhere, anytime. You will simply enter the tracking number into the search bar, and receive information about the history and status of your parcel. 

What are the Benefits of Tracking your Parcels?

There are many benefits to tracking your parcels. Imagine you purchased something online from an e-commerce website, and they are sending the package through Yanwen Express. You could use the Yanwen postal tracking service on PKGE.net to track your parcel and keep updated with the status of it. 

Here are some benefits of tracking your parcel:

Great customer service. Companies who provide a parcel tracker, have taken on a whole new level of customer service. 
Peace of Mind. Knowing where your parcel is gives you peace of mind, especially if the item is of value. 
Safety. For safety purposes it is good to keep track of where your parcel is, and if you notice any strange activity, you can stop it in its tracks. These situations are rare, but they do happen. 
Better planning. Knowing when your parcel is arriving will help you with better planning on when to be home or if you need someone to accept delivery on your behalf. 

Who Benefits from Parcel Tracking?

As we have noted, parcel tracking has many benefits, but for who? Let’s take a look at who can benefit from using parcel tracking services:

Individual customers. Individual customers can easily keep track of parcels and know when to be home to accept delivery. Having access to a parcel tracking service, your customer will be kept happy and keep returning to send their parcels with you. 
Carriers. Most courier / shipping companies would benefit the most from this service, being able to keep track of parcels in and out of their warehouse. Using parcel trackers will help the carrier staff to be more efficient at their jobs. 
Operators. Operators within the carrier companies benefit greatly from using parcel trackers. While they are on the call with the customer, they are now able to provide faster feedback to their customers. This will definitely add to customer service stats, and bring you better reviews. 
Business customers. Business customers benefit hugely from parcel tracking services, being able to keep track of stock ordered and update waiting customers or departments. 

Using a parcel tracking service such as PKGE.net will not only save you time, but will also save you money. Knowing when to expect delivery will also put your mind at ease. PKGE.net offers parcel tracking for carriers all around the world, they currently have over 750 carriers listed on their website. If you are waiting for some parcels to arrive and you have their tracking numbers handy, head on over to PKGE.net and give tracking your parcel a try.

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