Top 5 Errors with Creating Marketing Campaigns and How to Avoid Them

Did you know that business-to-business product companies usually spend an average of 9.4% of revenue on marketing?

And the percentage goes up to 10% for business-to-business service companies, 14.2% for business-to-consumer product companies, and 8.7% for business-to-consumer services companies. 

But no matter what percentage of revenue your business invests into marketing efforts, you need to avoid common errors to get the results you want.

Here are five often-committed errors with creating marketing campaigns — and how your business can steer clear of these mistakes.

1) Trying To Be All Things to All People

One of the worst things you can do is try to please everyone. Instead of casting a wide net and trying to reach all people, you need to figure out what constitutes your target demographic and target that segment.

No matter how great your products or services are, they won’t be suitable for everyone. So, you’ll be wasting your marketing dollars and diluting your message if you try to become all things to all people.

Once you know your ideal customers, you can target them, focus on their pain points, and explain how your offering can help.

2) Failing To Set Objectives

Before setting a budget for marketing or considering marketing campaign elements, you need to establish clear objectives or end goals for the project. How else can you assess how well your marketing project went?

The chances are that you won’t make the best use of your marketing budget if you don’t have clear objectives in place and a game plan to achieve them.

3) Neglecting to Track KPIs

When marketing businesses online, you need to identify and track key performance indicators. 

Failure to develop and track KPIs before launching your marketing campaigns can make it hard to determine if your efforts have borne fruit. In fact, it can be next to impossible to assess performance without proper KPIs.

If you’re pursuing social media marketing, one KPI could involve keeping tabs on engagement.

Consumer engagement is vital. One way you can facilitate this is inbound marketing tactics. That refers to using methods like blogging and search engine optimization to win over consumer trust and encourage them to engage.

4) Having an Ineffective Website

One of the biggest marketing errors is to depend on a poorly designed website. An ineffective website won’t help generate more leads and more sales.

All the digital marketing tools in the world won’t do you much good if you direct people to a website that detracts from your marketing message.

You need a professional website that entices visitors, encourages them to explore, and impresses them to buy what you’re selling.

The website must also be mobile-friendly. Many people access the internet via their smartphones and tablets. So, your website needs to work well on smaller screens.

As well, your website should load fast, and people need to be able to find what they want without difficulty.

5) Failing To Give Marketing Campaigns Time To Work

Another mistake you need to avoid is giving up too soon. You need to give your marketing campaigns time to work before ending them. During the planning stage, figure out how long the campaigns should run. And go from there.

But you don’t want to end campaigns over frustration or impatience too soon.

Avoid These Errors With Creating Marketing Campaigns

When launching marketing campaigns, you’ll want to avoid mistakes that jeopardize your efforts.

Don’t let these five errors with creating marketing campaigns trip you up.

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