The Future of Enterprise VR with Remio Co-founder & CEO

Jos van der Westhuizen, Co-Founder & CEO of Remio, a virtual reality platform for remote team building and collaboration for global enterprise customers based in Silicon Valley joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guests Jos van der Westhuizen discuss the following:

Can you tell us about Remio’s VR platform, the types of enterprise companies you work with and key features of the platform?
Why are you starting to see more companies exploring VR programs with their employees and what are the typical use cases?
What kinds of benefits or value do companies say they experience from these employee VR events?
Are there challenges in driving employee engagement and adoption of VR, and how do you think companies and the enterprise VR industry can overcome them?
How do you see enterprise VR growing or evolving over the next 2-3 years?

Jos van der Westhuizen is the Co-Founder and CEO of Remio, an enterprise VR company enabling companies to drive employee engagement and schools to immerse students in social emotional learning. A serial entrepreneur, Jos previously co-founded Kristalic in 2018 and served as CEO for the machine learning enterprise company. Born in South Africa, Jos holds a PhD in machine learning from Cambridge University and brings tremendous experience in developing ML systems for companies, including Alchera Technologies, Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems, Cambridge Legal Risk Analytics (CLARA) and Saato Automation Ltd.


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