The best Labor Day email examples to inspire your next great campaign

Labor Day is just around the corner. 

Even though people won’t be in the office, they’ll still be in their inbox: People check their email on holidays just as frequently as any other Monday. 

So what better way to increase your sales than with a Labor Day email.

To help you get those creative juices flowing we’ve compiled some of our favorite Labor Day email and subject line examples to give inspiration for creating your own campaigns this holiday.

Let’s dive in and make this Labor Day weekend one to remember!

Brit & Co.

Why it works:

This Labor Day email is balanced and organized. The animation is eye-catching, content centered and straight to the point. This email has all the right elements to get readers to click.

(Like the watermelon GIF above? We made one for you, too. And it’s free!) 


Why it works:

Labor Day and BBQ’s will never go out of style, and neither will this email. Bold headline, simple copy, the play on words, and fun illustration are just a few things I love about this email.


Why it works:

This Labor Day email has a powerful headline and a simple call-to-action (“shop sale”). The only thing to do is click.


Why it works:

Animated emails are always eye-catching and, in my experience, always perform better.

Ron Herman

Why it works:

This email first caught my eye because of its colorful, vibrant imagery. But I also like the simplicity of the content. It’s not overly-promotional, which can be a trend around the holidays as people rush to tell you about their sales. A nice break from the norm.


Why it works:

I like this email because it plays off the old ‘no white after Labor Day’ myth. It’s another example that proves you don’t have to be flashy or overly promotional. It’s just a simple, well-designed email.


Why it works:

The email brilliantly uses timing and urgency to their advantage by grabbing their readers attention with the headline “Need a last minute ride?”. They then follow that up with copy that drives the need to reserve your car now.


Why it works:

What I really like about this email is the bar they added above the creative calling out that the sale ends at midnight. This is another great example of an email designed to drive urgency.

Labor Day subject line examples:

Over the years we’ve compiled a few of our favorite Labor Day subject lines. Plus we’ve added a few that we came up with that are sure to spark curiosity, evoke excitement, and entice your audience to click open without hesitation. 

Canyon’s Labor Day Sale is Live

Get away this Labor Day

Don’t Labor on Labor Day – Save Big with Us! 🛍️

It’s your last chance for summer savings

Break the rules: Wear white after Labor Day! 

Grillin’ & Chillin’: Labor Day Weekend Must-Haves!

Even more Labor Day email ideas:

Use an eye-catching subject line that includes your discount or promo code.

Create a sense of urgency (“last call,” “flash sale,” “24 hours only,” etc.). (Plus, try these email copywriting techniques.)

Get creative with personalization and segmentation.

Keep your emails limited to one design or content theme.

Add a fun Labor Day GIF to your email. We have several Labor Day and other GIFs you can choose from to make your emails really stand out.

Do you have any other Labor Day email marketing ideas? We’d love to hear your amazing ideas, just add them to the comments below.

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