Spur Personal Development With These 4 Strategies

In essence, personal development can be akin to helping you become the better version of yourself. No one stops improving. In fact, by having that desire alone to improve, you’re already one step into the journey. Once you start to feel like you’re going through difficulties achieving your goals or moving into the next step of your career, the best thing to do is to start working on personal development. 

The truth is, personal development and growth aren’t a one-time thing but rather a life-long journey. As you enter through a particular phase of your life, there will always be new facets of growth you will aim for. Personal growth is, therefore, something you must fully put yourself into. In the long run, you are expected to be more confident about yourself, more content, and even happier. 

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Here are some strategies, considered failproof, to help spur that level of personal development you may have long desired. 

Avoid Falling Into The Trap Of Toxic Attitudes 

Toxic attitudes are precisely as they’re called: toxic. They’re not there to help you; instead, they help cultivate toxic mental patterns, bringing out the worst in you. These can be difficult to spot, especially once you’ve gotten into the trap of thinking and falsely labeling toxic attitudes as part of what’s normal. 

Remember not to fall into any of the following: 

Not Believing In Your Own Success. This can quickly happen when you compare your success with that of others. While your level of success may not be on a high enough scale as that of others, even the most minor progress is still a success by itself, something worth celebrating. 
Being Too Pessimistic. Having this kind of mindset means you think something is always bound to go wrong. Remember, if you’re mentally projecting scenarios where things are always going wrong, then things are bound to go wrong. 
Blaming Others. When things go wrong, it’s easy to point the finger at others. However, it’s important to remember that you’re ultimately responsible for your own actions. Blaming others will not solve your problems and may even make them worse.  Accept the consequences, assume full responsibility, and aim to turn that situation around. 

Discover what those are, so you can make that slow but significant change to keep working on yourself by letting go of whatever traits pull you down.

Once you’ve identified and started to address these toxic attitudes, the next crucial step in your personal development journey is to gain a clear understanding of where you currently stand. 

Be Aware Of Your Current Position 

It’s hard to develop and improve one’s self if you aren’t fully aware and you haven’t entirely accepted the current position you’re in. Start by realizing you’re not in the physical and mental shape you should be in. 

You could start by consulting a physician to get a good grip on your physical health. That way, you can have a better idea as to what it is you have to work on as regards that. 

For your mental health, sessions with a therapist can help, too. Who knows, this might be that life-changing moment for you to become a life coach after realizing that you, too, can help spur others’ personal development based on your success story. There’s nothing more inspiring than real-life examples of personal change and development. 

Keep A Growth Mindset 

Having a growth mindset means you always thirst and yearn for growth. You see yourself as one with much to learn rather than a perfect painting. Otherwise referred to as the ‘fixed mindset,’ this attitude of shying away from challenges because you fear criticism or embarrassment is dangerous. It leads you to avoid new experiences and challenges, many of which would otherwise be needed for growth. 

Instead of a fixed mindset, keep a growth-mindset. Embrace challenges instead of running away from them. Practice persistence and don’t give up when things get tough. Encourage curiosity and stay open-minded. And value effort as it’s a key component of success. Despite the risk you’re bound to face, you’re fully aware that this brings learning. It’s easier to gain new skills and keep learning when you believe you can, so you’re committed to working at it each day. 

Read Every Day 

Reading doesn’t mean confining yourself only to books, particularly if you don’t find joy in opening up a physical book. All thanks to technology, there are many other ways to read, such as E-books, online journals, and listening to podcasts, to name a few. 

Instead of spending so many hours on social media, why not commit yourself to spending that time of reading instead? Books, articles, and journals are concentrated sources of information that you can use to beef up your knowledge, vocabulary, and even your mental aptitude. 

Next time you’re asked to talk to someone new, you don’t have to shy away from the thought of not being one who can hold up and carry through a conversation. 

The Bottomline 

While everyone’s personal growth varies, the suggestions above are tried and tested to help boost you to a good start. Achieving that level of personal development, you may have long imagined isn’t always an easy thing to do, but still one that’s doable, nonetheless. Adopting the habits above spurs your much-desired transition and personal development. Most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself. No one was changed in a blink of an eye. See yourself as a work in progress, where you can always do something to improve.

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