Specializing in preparing US tax returns for expats

Olivier Wagner the Founder of 1040 Abroad who specializes in preparing US tax returns for expats and assists in renouncing US citizenship joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guests Olivier Wagner discuss the following:

Can you tell me how you got started doing ex-patriot tax returns?
What is your Business philosophy?
What are your views on remote work
What do you specialize in exactly per your expertise and credentials?
How does a person renounce their U.S. citizenship?
How can the Recovery Rebate Credit help someone in renouncing their U.S. citizenship?

Born in France, Olivier Wagner grew up near Strasbourg but always had a dream of living in different countries around the world and becoming a true cosmopolitan. One who contemplates being a world citizen through passion, inspiration and experience.

Education & Professional career

After completing a Master’s Degree in Finance, as well another degree in Business Administration, he moved to the United States to study the U.S. tax system in Louisiana. Since, he has built his professional career. He is a CPA and Enrolled Agent, as well as the Founder and Managing Director of 1040 Abroad. He became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2009 and gained years of experience at a large accounting firm for U.S. taxation in Montreal. As well as working for Corporate Finance in New York.

At this time, he started a technical blog about the intricacies of U.S. tax code that was highly appreciated by professionals in the field. However, getting the message across to regular citizens who are seeking advice on what to do with their tax returns in unconventional settings was a different story. Thus, his message was left unheard.

Full-time nomadism

Having decided to transition to a life of full-time nomadism around the world, Olivier experienced life as an American and French expatriate in dozens of countries worldwide. Hence, Olivier has deep understanding of the challenges of living life outside your home country.

The time came for this knowledge and passion to be passed on to other U.S. citizens who had settled overseas. Since starting this journey, Olivier Wagner has been quoted in Forbes Magazine and also prepared tax returns for partners of large accounting firms and the Senate Financial Committee. He is also the author of the recently published Amazon Bestselling book, U.S. Taxes for Worldly Americans.

Website: https://1040abroad.com

Social Media Links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/1040abroad
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/1040abroad
Twitter: https://twitter.com/1040abroad

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