Pioneer and Leader in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

John G. Louis LMT who has been recognized as a pioneer and leader in sports medicine and rehabilitation and was inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame in 2022 joins Enterprise Radio. Louis is also the CEO and Founder of Acuforce International, Inc., & markets multiple patented soft-tissue therapy tools.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest John G. Louis discuss the following:

Give us a quick intro of your background, especially with the Major League Players, such as NAME OF PLAYER, and COACH.
How did you come up with the idea for the Hall of Fame self-massager tool?
Are you using it with major leaguers? What do they say about it?
What makes the HF better than others on the market already? Is it really that better?
What is coming up for you? What is your next project?

John is an inventor of numerous product concepts, educator and therapist for some of the world’s best professional athletes. He was inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame in 2022.

John founded Massage Therapy Center of Winnetka in 1989. The clinic is rated the best on the North Shore of Chicago. Located on Green Bay Road in Winnetka, Illinois, the clinic employs 5 certified and licensed massage therapists. In 1999, John created Acuforce International, Inc. a company that markets his patented soft-tissue therapy tools. A division of that company called Chocolate Milk Productions produced “Infant Massage Lessons for Dads”. An instructional DVD that teaches fathers how to bond with their babies while helping the infants to sleep better and develop more rapidly. The program has won 2 video excellence awards, 2004 Aurora Gold Award and the 2005 Telly Award.


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