Milking Success: Navigating Growth in the Dairy Industry

Geri Berdak, Chief Executive Officer at The Dairy Alliance, a leading nonprofit funded by dairy farm families of the Southeast, who brings an innovative approach to the growing milk demand and revitalizing the dairy industry joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Geri Berdak discuss the following:

Can you tell me a bit about The Dairy Alliance?
The dairy milk industry faces competition from non-dairy alternatives and other beverages. How is The Dairy Alliance differentiating themselves in the market and maintaining its competitive edge?
What are the key nutritional differences between dairy milk and non-dairy milk alternatives?
How are you building trust with consumers?
In response to increasing consumer demand for eco-friendly practices, can you discuss any innovative approaches your company has adopted to enhance the sustainability of dairy milk production?
How did you become committed to the dairy industry and entrepreneurship?

Geri has dedicated her career to helping Fortune 500 food and beverage companies, agriculture companies, and nonprofits successfully grow their businesses. She’s provided hands-on guidance in leading change, developing best-in-class teams, creating new ways of working, and executing strategic business and marketing programs that have delivered significant results.

In 2020, Geri took the helm of The Dairy Alliance, serving as the Chief Executive Officer. A strategic thinker, Geri taps into her three decades of leadership experience and her ability to solve complex problems in a fast-changing environment to drive milk sales and improve dairy’s image in the Southeast while positioning The Dairy Alliance as a leader in the industry.

Before joining The Dairy Alliance, Geri most recently served as President and CEO of CloverQuest, where she helped nutrition businesses and brands navigate the wellness environment and build and activate strategic plans that give them a competitive advantage.

Geri also served in a leadership capacity at a variety of companies, including Vice President, Global Marketing at Isagenix; Vice President, Strategic Marketing – Beverage and Nutrition at Kerry; Senior Vice President, Nutrition Strategy and Business Development at Dairy Management Inc.; Senior Director, Nutrition Strategy and Science Outreach at PepsiCo; and Global Director, Strategic Communications at Solae.

Geri holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition Sciences from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Nutrition from Missouri State University, as well as a Master of Business Administration degree from the New York Institute of Technology.


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