JUUL Pod System Review

The Juul pod system was developed by the American company PAX Labs to make it easier to quit regular cigarettes. The device is characterized by a pleasant design, a durable aluminum body, and a convenient mouthpiece that comes out by clicking.

Among the advantages, Juul users highlight easy maintenance, compactness, availability of several puffs, reliability, good flavor transfer, and long battery life.

What a Juul Pods System Consists of?

Juul is a closed system that cannot be refilled. The system consists of a battery and a cartridge filled with a special liquid for electronic cigarettes. The capsule is inserted into the battery pack, and the e-cigarette is ready to use.

The Juul pods starter kit consists of the following elements:

The device itself.

Four removable cartridges with different flavors.

USB cable for charging.

Instruction sheet.

Warranty card.

The device is easy to use. It is enough to charge the system, insert the cartridge, and you can start the vaping process. There are no activation buttons. The e-cigarette starts simultaneously with a puff.

What are Cartridges, and How to Change Them?

Cartridges are consumables inside, which is the smoking liquid (salty nicotine) that forms the vapor. They are made of heat-resistant plastic. After the juice runs out, you need to install a new capsule. It is forbidden to refill the consumables. If a person performs such manipulations, he loses the warranty from the manufacturer.

One cartridge is equal to one pack of regular cigarettes, lasting about 1-1.5 days (about 200 puffs at full battery charge). Using such a refill corresponds to the financial cost of buying regular cigarettes in the average price range.

How to Charge it, and How Long Does it Last?

A unique USB device is used to charge the battery, which must be connected to the network. The process takes about 50 minutes, so you will have to wait a little while. Battery capacity lasts for 1-1.5 days.

To monitor the level of charging, a particular indicator is located on the body of the e-cigarette. If you touch the device twice, the light will light up, and its color indicates the readiness of the system for use: green – you can start smoking. Yellow – you need to wait for a little while. Red – the battery is low.

Juul Service

E-cigarette maintenance is limited to replacing the cartridges and charging the battery. Periodically you will have to wipe the contacts – the charging connector and the connection point between the cartridge and the battery pack. This can be done with a dry cloth or a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.

Advantages of JUUL Pods

Easy to use

JUUL is the most accessible device to use. Smokers especially should appreciate: installing the cartridge in the battery pack, and the device is ready to go.

A puff trigger it. You can smoke whenever you want. There are no buttons or complicated menu navigation. When the liquid in the cartridge runs out, you have to remove the old cartridge and install a new one.


The JUUL is an unassuming device that differs from most similar pod systems of the same size with its innovative technology and performance. The device has automatic temperature control, a feature usually found in bulky box mods with complex settings, and allows you to vaporize without “bumming.

JUUL cartridges use salt nicotine-based liquids, which allows you to smooth out the harsh taste of nicotine in the liquid. Despite the characteristic slight throat hit from the salt nicotine, using JUUL, this feeling does not occur.

The device maximizes the feeling of smoking tobacco cigarettes, which many similar vape devices can not repeat.

Cigarette Puff

There are several types of puffs in vaping, and everyone chooses according to his preferences. JUUL uses a tight cigarette puff (MTL), as close as possible to a regular cigarette, which makes the transition to vaping smokers more comfortable and familiar.


The device is light and compact. The weight is only 14 grams with the cartridge installed. When assembled, the dimensions are 94.8 x 15.1 x 7 mm, which is a little longer than a tobacco cigarette. The small size and light weight will be more familiar to smokers.

The small amount of vapor also draws little attention from the outside, allowing the JUUL to be used in clubs, bars, the office (if permitted), and other places where large clouds of vapor are undesirable.

Flavor Transfer

Fruit flavors and cool mint are the most popular among the standard flavors, from the limited edition, cool cucumber, and classic tobacco.

It’s hard to describe the flavors of the liquids used. However, they are all entirely accurate, as they should be. Unlike other fluids used in pod systems, JUUL flavors are not too sweet, allowing them to be steamed on a regular basis.


The manufacturer periodically works on bugs and releases devices with corrected flaws. For example, earlier versions of the machine had liquid leaks and poor build, but these flaws have already been eliminated.

The mouthpiece now has additional seals that prevent liquid from getting into the mouth, and the bottom of the cartridge prevents leakage into the battery pack.

Battery life

The battery capacity is only 200 mAh, suggesting frequent charging is necessary. Too regular use of the device may require one or two daily recharges.

The compact size of the JUUL does not allow for a larger battery. However, even larger devices with a larger battery capacity can have shorter run times.

This is achieved through the use of innovative technology and the chip used in the JUUL. Fortunately, Power Banks and other portable chargers allow you to charge on the go without being tethered to an outlet.

Customer Service and Warranty

JUUL has a one-year warranty, and customer service has a solid reputation. In addition, many vape forums and social networks have positive feedback about tech support from users.

Despite this, many users do not have to go there, as everything has worked properly for several years.

Disadvantages JUUL Pods

Only one Fortress

One of the main drawbacks of JUUL is the high nicotine content, and the manufacturer provides no other variations. However, for smokers transitioning to vaping, this is not a disadvantage.

But those who want to reduce nicotine consumption will have to reduce the time of use of the device or find a more suitable option among other devices.

The company may start producing cartridges with other strengths in the future.

A Limited Number of Flavors and Colors

There are not many color solutions for the device or flavors. Instead, people who value individuality use a variety of third-party stickers or transform the device through their own strength.

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