Jemz Smile Chewable Teeth Whitening Treatment

Dr. Michael Arnold and Vincent Schuman, the Founders and Developers of Jemz Smile, the world’s first chewable teeth whitening treatment joins eCommerce Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guests Dr. Michael Arnold and Vincent Schuman discuss the following:

Gentlemen, this sounds like an amazing product, can you please explain to our listeners about Jemz Smile.
Why is Jemz 2 gums and not just peroxide gum?
I know people that have whitened their teeth in the past and stopped because they became very sensitive, and their gums were irritated. How is Jemz Smile different from the other whitening brands? Please explain to our listeners why there is no sensitivity with Jemz Smile.
 What else would you like our listeners to know about Jemz Smile?

Jemz Smile is a revolutionary whitening solution that created a new category in oral care. This effective oxidative and plaque absorbent formulation is 100% natural and is sweetened with xylitol. It whitens your teeth, removes plaque, and fights bacteria that causes bad breath and gum disease. It is even an effective way to clean teeth if toothpaste and a brush are not available. With such a unique combination of benefits and such convenient use, when it comes to oral health Jemz is in a category of its own. Whats the best part? All you need to do is chew gum. To watch a quick video click here

Website: (Promo Code DDJEMZ)
Instagram: @JemzSmileUSA

NOTE: When you are ordering, during the checkout process please be sure to enter Promo Code DDJEMZ and you will receive 20% off your order plus free priority shipping.

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