How Venture Capitalist Rahul Bhansali Says HIs Industry Can Stop Chasing Unicorns and Start Engineering Wins

Rahul Bhansali, the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Formation Ventures Engineering — a venture capital firm with their own proprietary incubator designed to help companies grow and become more successful joins Enterprise Radio.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guests Rahul Bhansali discuss the following:

Can you please explain what you do and how Formation Ventures Engineering is different from other venture capital organizations?
How did you get into this area and what is your background?
Since you have “walked a mile” in your client’s shoes, how was your experience different from that experience which you are giving those you invest in?
What are the characteristics of a company, product or team that you look for to potentially invest in?
Obviously you’ve worked on both sides of the VC table.  Can you tell me what you learned from your VC experiences and how they have impacted Formation Ventures Engineering?

Rahul Bhansali founded / co-founded three companies in organic food home delivery, physical commodity trade consulting and industrial safety technology. Most recently, he co-founded StrongArm Tech (~$60m invested). There, he delivered a machine learning / IoT technology that is shown to reduce injuries by as much as 52% for enterprise clients. He sold to companies including some of the largest courier, retail, and ecommerce companies in the world. He has seen firsthand the pitfalls and inefficiencies of the Venture Capital model, instilling in him a passion to operate an improved early stage investment model.

As Managing Director of Indlak Group, Rahul built a financial and operational consulting business to miners and manufacturers around the world, helping improve cash positions and improve distribution networks. Additionally, he built the first organic food home-delivery company in India, Ehsaas Organic. After bringing it well into profitability, he integrated it into his family companies. He spent the first years of his career as a Risk Analyst with RBC Capital Markets on one of the largest hedge fund portfolios in the world at the time ($12 Billion).

Rahul has an MBA from Babson, is trained in Socratic method-based dialogue facilitation, and practices deep insight meditation.


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