Global Expansion Roadblocks: Managing An International Team

The internet and technological innovations like eCommerce platforms, cloud computing, video conferencing software, and other business resources allow brands to expand into international markets and increase their earnings potential. While the opportunities are endless, global expansions lead to heavier workloads and more responsibilities requiring the assistance of a diverse workforce. Unfortunately, cultivating a team and managing the legalities, logistics, and day-to-day operations is challenging. 

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Accommodating Diverse Teams

Diversity in the workplace is a substantial advantage. It’s the uniqueness of each individual that, when harnessed and combined with others, can open the doors of opportunity. A diverse team provides access to different perspectives, creativities, and innovations, which can ultimately improve productivity, increase sales, and separate your brand from competitors. Be that as it may, managing a group from different locations, cultures, lifestyles, and backgrounds isn’t easy. 

Establishing and managing a global team requires businesses to consider and understand everything from international laws to team member needs. They must protect employee rights, provide a healthy work environment, and develop policies and procedures to streamline processes and encourage collaboration. 

Global Team Management Solutions

As you can imagine, the more countries you set up operations in, the more complicated it becomes to develop an effective global team management strategy. Fortunately, there are practical solutions to make the process more efficient. 

Cloud-Based Applications

Whether creating, filing, and sharing documents or delegating tasks and managing the progress, cloud-based applications are essential for remote teams and international organizations. They prevent purchasing and downloading software and enable authorized users to access the platforms from any internet-capable device. Cloud-based applications also update in real-time, improving productivity and reducing errors. They encourage collaboration and allow team members to perform their jobs more efficiently. 

Global Employment Outsourcing

How do you find the best talent in an unfamiliar region or industry? Do you know the appropriate salaries and required benefits an international team member must receive? Are you familiar with drafting employment contracts? If you’re unsure of the answers to these questions, you might consider outsourcing your needs to a global employment organization. It’s a team of experts that specializes in international hiring. They can assist companies in finding the most qualified candidates while remaining compliant with international laws. 

International Payroll Services

Your staff expects payment for their services. However, understanding the differences in time zones, currencies, pay schedules, tax withholdings, and labor regulations is easier said than done. While managing multiple systems may feel like a solution, it’s a costly process that slows productivity and increases the risks of errors. 

You can avoid the headache and high penalties by working with an agency that offers international payroll services. They provide a secure and user-friendly platform for clients to streamline their payroll processes. You can issue payments, track time cards, distribute and manage benefits, generate financial reports, and handle team member HR requests from one source, saving you time and money. 

Diversity Training Courses

Diversity can be your brand’s biggest asset but also present some of your biggest challenges. Managing a global team requires an extensive understanding of the various countries and cultures they represent. You must learn how to embrace their differences and cultivate an environment that encourages inclusiveness. 

One of the most effective ways to build and manage a diverse workplace is to enlist in diversity training courses. There are many options to accommodate different interests and learning styles. Such training should be a requirement for the entire organization and be revisited regularly to ensure everyone feels appreciated and valued. You can further your efforts to diversify the workplace by celebrating special holidays and milestones that are meaningful to your team. 

The landscape of the modern workforce has undoubtedly changed. It went from managing local staff in a brick-and-mortar location to overseeing remote teams and now traveling across international borders. While a global expansion could be the ticket to success, it requires the backing of a qualified team of professionals to sustain operations. As you begin planning your international hiring and management processes, consider implementing technological resources like those above to help simplify your experience. 

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