From Startup to Success: How Get Cardbox’s Trello Power-Up Has Changed Project Management

Card box has become one of the most popular power-ups for Trello, with over 100,000 installations. This is not surprising, as managing email and project management tasks can be a daunting and time-consuming task, especially when it involves multiple team members. Thankfully, Card box provides a solution to these issues by integrating Gmail with Trello, enabling users to manage emails and project tasks seamlessly in one location.

Card box is a powerful Trello add-on that facilitates the integration of Trello and Gmail. With Card box, users can connect their Gmail to Trello boards, enabling them to effortlessly add emails to Trello cards, respond to emails directly from Trello, and establish collaborative inboxes for team communication. By consolidating all communication and project tasks in a single location, the integration aims to enhance your workflow and efficiency. Card box simplifies the process of linking Trello for Gmail, as well as transferring email to Trello.

Features of the Cardbox Trello Gmail Integration

Multiple Inboxes Per Board

With Card box, you can link multiple Gmail accounts to your Trello boards and create both personal and team inboxes, whether private or shared. This feature enables you to switch between inboxes effortlessly without the need to log in and out of different accounts, thus saving you time and increasing productivity.

Real-Time Email Updates

By using Card box, you can save valuable time that would have been wasted switching between your email and Trello. Thanks to real-time email updates, any new replies or updates on your Trello board will be immediately visible to you. This integration ensures that you stay up-to-date on project-related emails without needing to toggle between different applications.

Email-to-Card Conversion

By using the “email to Trello card” feature, you can effortlessly create Trello cards for emails that meet certain search criteria. This feature simplifies the management and tracking of email-related tasks, while also saving time and minimizing the chances of overlooking important emails.

Reply to Emails from Trello

By enabling you to reply to emails from your Trello board, Card box eliminates the need for app-switching. This feature enables you to stay focused on your project and prevent email distractions.

Email Attachment Support

You can easily access all files attached to your emails directly from your Trello board, making all the relevant information readily available. This feature removes the need to toggle between different applications and guarantees that everything you need is in one central location.

Collaboration and Privacy

Collaborate on email drafts in real-time with team members, while keeping emails private by default until shared. This feature ensures that everyone is on the same page and that sensitive information is kept secure.

Using Card box to Add Trello to Gmail

Using Card box to integrate Trello with Gmail is a straightforward process that requires no steep learning curve. You can get started by adding the Gmail by Card box power-up within the Trello app and connecting your Gmail accounts with Card box. Once integrated, you can attach emails to Trello cards, assign them to team members, and reply to them without switching between apps. Additionally, you can use the Gmail by Card box button to manage all your emails and even create new Trello cards if needed. If you prefer to create Trello cards directly from your Gmail interface, you can install the Gmail Add-on as an optional step.

Pricing and Availability

Card box offers a free plan for personal use, allowing individuals to use the power-up on three boards with up to two inboxes. For teams, Card box is priced at $5 per member per month. Teams can also take advantage of a 30-day free trial to explore the features and benefits of the integration.

Card box is a highly useful tool that facilitates the integration of Trello and Gmail for a more efficient project management process. With Card box, users can streamline their email and project tasks by using a single platform, whether they are working independently or as part of a team. Card box provides various solutions such as adding Trello to Gmail, adding email to Trello, or integrating kanban with Gmail. By simplifying the workflow and enhancing productivity, Card box can significantly aid users in achieving their objectives.

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