CarBrain Review 2023: Paying Real Cash For Damaged Cars

Thinking about selling your car? CarBrain is known for buying just about any car, whether running or not, wrecked, faded, or just an older model.

Whether you have a junk car taking up space or want to sell your current ride for some extra cash, CarBrain could be just what you are looking for to sell your used car.

But hey, I know what you’re thinking – is CarBrain legit? I thought the same thing!

So I started researching and wanted to share what I learned in my CarBrain Review.


Instant Offer on Most Cars! Fast. Easy. Guaranteed!

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Key Takeaways

CarBrain offers a quick and convenient solution for selling damaged or non-running vehicles.
The online platform provides an instant offer, followed by pickup of your used car, usually within 24 to 48 hours.
Transparency and efficiency make CarBrain a reliable choice for selling your less-than-perfect used car.

CarBrain Review

What Is CarBrain?

CarBrain is a reputable company that’s been in the car market for more than 12 years.

They’re like your go-to guys when you have a less-than-perfect car that you want to sell without going to car dealerships.

Whether your car got banged up in a collision or your trusty truck’s engine called it quits, CarBrain will buy it from you and put some money in your pocket.

They make selling cars easy- they promise a fast, simple, and safe car-selling process—no more headaches or worries over your old beat-up car.

On Trustpilot, they have a 4.8 out of 5 stars, which is amazing word of mouth, in my opinion.

How Does It Work?

With their seamless and efficient process, selling cars has never been easier.

You fill out the information about your car, and CarBrain will create an instant online offer within minutes.

Once you receive and accept the offer, CarBrain handles all the logistics of picking up your vehicle with free towing, usually within 24 to 48 hours.

With their quick processing time and hassle-free experience, you can sell your car without unnecessary stress or worry.

Carbrain Fees

Selling your car to CarBrain won’t cost you a dime! Yep, that’s right – all their services come free of charge when you sell your car.

They handle everything from start to finish without hidden fees or surprises.

Want it picked up and towed away? No worries!CarBrain pays for it.

And the paperwork? Yep, they’ll take care of that, too, without charging you any fees.

CarBrain makes the whole process of selling your car online smooth and hassle-free without asking you to reach for your wallet.

Steps To Sell Your Car

1. Fill Out Car Details

First, head over to CarBrain to see what your car is worth!

You’ll be asked to enter your vehicle details in the online form. This includes the make, model, year, and mileage.

After you enter vehicle details, you’ll need to briefly describe the car’s condition, including any damaged or missing parts.

This information helps CarBrain evaluate your vehicle and offer you an accurate, fair market offer for your vehicle quickly.

Be accurate and thorough when entering information about your car.

This helps CarBrain give you a fair price for your vehicle and keeps your offer from being affected by inaccurate information.

2. Get An Instant Offer

Thanks to their instant online offer feature, you can get a fair price offer from the company within minutes.

After providing your car’s details, you’ll receive a guaranteed offer shortly from CarBrain.

3. Accept CarBrain’s Offer

The Carbrain cash offer is good for 7 days, so you have some time to discuss it with your partner or family or do more research into selling used cars.

When you accept the offer, have the title and keys ready so the car is ready to go!

Don’t worry if a lienholder holds the car title. CarBrain will have you get the title released for sale.

4. Goodbye Car- Hello Money!

The final step is getting the car shipped off and getting your money. CarBrain coordinates the pickup with you and takes care of the rest.

A local tow truck driver will pick up your vehicle at the agreed-upon time. You’ll need to give the driver the keys, a signed title, and also access to the car.

You’ll receive a check for the agreed amount after CarBrain receives your car in the condition you described.

Don’t forget to let the insurance company know you have sold the car!

What CarBrain Does After Sales

What happens to the cars CarBrain buys? Where do they go? Do they end up in a junkyard somewhere?

Here’s what CarBrain does with the cars they buy:

Recycle Parts

Once you sell your car to CarBrain, they take their environmental responsibility seriously!

They go the extra mile by recycling the parts that are no longer working or have reached the end of their life.

This process ensures that toxic stuff like batteries and fluids are properly disposed of, preventing environmental harm. With no recycling fees on your end!

Reuse/Sell Good Parts

CarBrain doesn’t stop at responsibly recycling cars; they’re all about giving a new life to good-quality parts.

When buying vehicles, they carefully identify and extract non-essential mechanical components that are still in great shape.

These parts undergo rigorous inspection, cleaning, and testing to meet top-notch industry standards.

Once they get the green light, CarBrain sells them directly to buyers or supplies them to auto businesses or recycling companies in their nationwide network.

Rebuild The Car

Sometimes, CarBrain takes a different route and gives your car a new lease on life.

Instead of taking it apart for parts, they assess mechanical problems and the car’s condition and figure out what repairs are needed.

If it’s doable, they’ll roll up their sleeves and invest in rebuilding the car, making it road-ready once more to sell.


Is CarBrain legit?

Yes, CarBrain is a legitimate company specializing in buying less-than-perfect cars and damaged vehicles and gives a guaranteed offer in minutes.

They have a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot with thousands of positive customer reviews, making it a reliable option for selling your car.

Does CarBrain pay via cash or check?

CarBrain pays for used cars via check, so be sure to keep an eye out for it in the mail.

Not many car dealerships or other car-buying businesses pay with cold hard cash, so checks are fairly standard for used cars.

How long does CarBrain take to pay?

CarBrain is known for its quick processing times. Once you accept the offer, they will arrange to pick up your car, usually within 24 to 48 hours.

You’ll usually receive the payment via check from the pickup workers, or CarBrain can mail it to you.

Is selling your car to CarBrain free?

Selling your car to CarBrain is indeed free. They offer a hassle-free process with no fees or hidden charges.

CarBrain also covers the cost of towing your vehicle when they come to pick it up at your location.

What does CarBrain do with the cars they buy?

CarBrain buys cars that aren’t in perfect condition.

They buy used or damaged cars and cars in less-than-perfect condition. Most cars are either repaired and resold or dismantled for parts and scrap material.

CarBrain’s primary goal is to find the most environmentally responsible way to dispose of these less-than-perfect vehicles or heavily damaged cars.

CarBrain Alternatives


If you want to sell a damaged car hassle-free, Peddle is also an option to consider.

They’ve got a wide network of repair industry partners nationwide who are ready to buy damaged vehicles, old, used, broken, scrap, or junk vehicles for parts, scrap, or resale.

With over 118,000 reviews on Trustpilot, they’ve earned an impressive 4.6 out of 5-star rating!

Plus, Peddle is super transparent. They regularly publish the latest vehicles they’ve purchased and the prices paid, and you can even see how many offers they’ve made in the last 30 days.

eBay Motors

eBay Motors is another great alternative for selling your car. Being a part of the well-known eBay marketplace, you can reach a wide range of potential buyers for your used car.

eBay Motors does have an interesting feature that CarBrain doesn’t offer – the auction feature.

If you’re unsure about the value of your vehicle or want to test the market, you can list your car for auction on eBay Motors.

While CarBrain’s services are free, eBay Motors charges car owners a listing fee ranging from $19 to $79 and an additional 2.8% on the sale portion when your car sells. 


Vroom is a reliable car-buying company that makes it easy to sell cars.

No more waiting around for buyers – just fill out their online application, and they’ll give you a free appraisal.

If you like their offer, schedule a pickup, and they’ll come to your driveway to take your old car for free. It’s fast and super easy!

But here’s the thing to keep in mind- unlike CarBrain, Vroom only buys cars in good condition, so they might not be interested if your car has major issues or is damaged.


Wheelzy is another great option like CarBrain to consider when selling your damaged car hassle-free.

All you have to do is fill out an online application, and you’re good to go!

Once you hit that submit button, a Wheelzy representative will reach out to you with a quote in just a few minutes. How convenient is that?

If you’re happy with their quote, you can accept it, and then it’s time to schedule the pickup date. They’ll take care of the towing for free, leaving you with cash or a check.

Final Thoughts

CarBrain is this awesome platform that gives instant online offers for your car, no matter how it looks or works.

It’s fast money in your pocket that you could use for a new car and more.

The cool thing about CarBrain is that they offer instant cash for your car, no matter how banged up it is – even if it’s wrecked or flooded.

They’re super quick, too – usually processing everything within 24 to 48 hours after you accept their offer.

Plus, they’ll come to pick it up from wherever you are, so you don’t have to worry about moving it.

So, if you’re in a hurry to sell your car online and get a fair offer, CarBrain is a convenient option to get that old clunker out of the garage!


Instant Offer on Most Cars! Fast. Easy. Guaranteed!

Get A Cash Offer Now

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