Building Your Email List

Learn how to start using email marketing to quickly grow your business.

There are at least 4 elements you’ll need when building an email list for your business or product.

  • A free giveaway product or promise
  • A product or service to sell and make money
  • Series of pre-written emails
  • Services of an email auto-responder company

1. A Free Giveaway Product or Promise

This product can be a report on a specific issue of Internet marketing, a video tutorial, or it can be software that solves specific problems. If a visitor is interested in learning specific things and getting it for free, he or she generally jumps for it, giving away their name and email address. And that’s the exact thing we are trying to capture; their names and email addresses.

You can also make a promise to the visitor in exchange for their name and email address. Usually , you can do this on the landing page without a free giveaway product. But you have to make a strong promise that you can stand behind and backup 100%. Remember to not make promises you can’t keep, because your reputation is on the line.

2. Have a product to sell and make money

After we get the name and email, we place this product in front of the visitors to buy. Some of them buy immediately, and some decide not to buy at this point. 

3. Series of pre-written emails

We have to prepare some strong, motivating emails that discuss the benefits of our paid product. We are going to send these emails to the people who did not buy our paid product the first time we placed it before them. They may change their mind after learning the benefits through the emails we sent.

4. Services of an auto-responder email company

An auto-responder is a compulsory tool for every list builder. An auto-responder is a software database for email and an email list management system. We keep our list of subscribers in this account. It collects and manages the sign-ups for us. We can set a pre-written email sequence to send out to our subscribers with the auto responder. Despite the pre-written email sequence, we can send a special email called “broadcast email” with our offer any time we want.

We have to pay monthly fees to use an auto-responder service. This is the only monthly investment we have to carry in this business model. Charges are different for different companies and vary from $10 to $20 per month initially.

There are many auto-responder companies on the market. 

Aweber and GetResponse are the two best, in my opinion.

These two companies have been around since around 2001 and have get email sending reputation. If you don’t already have an email auto-responder service then I would highly recommend you take a look both and choose one to use for your business. An email auto-responder service is one of the most important and most powerful communication tool on the Internet. Especially for your online business.

Infographic - How To Use Email Autoresponders
Infographic - Planting The Seeds To Grow Your Email Subscriber List

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