5 Hacks To Simplify Your Company’s Hiring Process

There are many people looking for work, not because unemployment is high but because wages are rising. If you are in the market for more people, your onboarding process needs to be clean and your hiring process needs to be simple. Barriers will only limit your applicant population and reduce your options.

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Find Your Trainers

Should you need to bring on temp services in Birmingham AL, carefully study how your current employees work with the temporary workers. The goal of any business is to be always growing, but you need quality trainers to make sure that new employees and temporary workers have a good reason to stay or to join your team.

Keep an eye on the employees that become the go-to people for folks looking for instructions. The teachers and trainers on your current staff may not be certified, but if they know the job and can communicate effectively, you may have found your next level of managers. Not only can they help train new hires, but they may serve as an effective tool in the interview process.

Clean Up Your Job Descriptions

Take a close look at your job descriptions. If you were going to split out all the tasks on your job descriptions and hire a freelancer to do each, how many would you need to hire? Admittedly, some tasks may only take an hour a day, but you may be setting yourself up for failure by creating job descriptions that are far too complicated.

If you need to hire support staff for one manager part of the day and one executive most of the day, list a few tasks for both on the job description and have both partake in the final interview process. Don’t screen out qualified applicants by listing too many details. After all, the right person will have a decent understanding of the support requirements; the final interviews give a chance to fill in the details.

Consolidate the Application Process

Keep the questions in your online application process simple. List the points that need to be considered on the applicant’s resume but not as questions. If you

Get back the information you need, you know that the applicant has an eye for detail
Get back what you need but you need to hunt for it, you may be dealing with a quiet quitter
Get a resume that has nothing to do with your needs, you don’t need to worry about reviewing that applicant

Asking an applicant to submit a resume and then write it out in a different order in your online application will not put your company in a good light. Keep things simple.

Reach Out to Professional Organizations and Local Schools

If you don’t have an internship program, it may be time to start one. If your business features the work of certified or degreed professionals, an internship program can boost your visibility at local schools. You can make your company the go-to or ideal organization to work for before students even finish their degree, their exams, or their board certifications.

Make room for interns to get a lot of on-the-job training. As you set aside projects for them and set up a structure that will allow them to connect with many professionals on the floor, make sure you also invite them to share information. If you run an accounting department, your team may have the necessary tax information for next year. However, your interns may have the latest and greatest spreadsheet training. Encourage your new employees to publicly present their strengths.

Ask Your Current Employees for Help

Your current employees may know someone who wants a job change. You can set this up in several ways. For example, you can

Reward employees who bring in applicants
Reward them again if a hire is made
Invite them to greet the applicant before the first interview

If you find that few employees want to recommend your business to their friends, it may be time to take a look at your turnover rate and your exit interview results.

Hiring new employees is a large investment. Making your money back from these employees can take a great deal of time. As you work to grow your labor force, take a look at the resources that are going into your existing pool of employees and expand it as possible.

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