4 Best Amazon Review Checker Tools: Avoid Buyer’s Remorse!

Amazon is one of the biggest online markets worldwide, with millions of sales every day and millions of customer reviews.

As more and more people shop online, these reviews have become an essential part of the decision-making process.

However, not all the reviews are genuine and honest.

An Amazon Review Checker has become a crucial tool for shoppers to ensure they aren’t going to have buyer’s remorse.

I’ve gathered a list of popular Amazon review checker tools to help you spot real and fake Amazon reviews.

Quick Picks

Overall Best – Fakespot 
Best Browser Extension – ReviewMeta 
Integrates With Other Tools – Appbot

4 Best Amazon Review Checker Tools

1. Fakespot

Fakespot is an AI-powered review checker tool that:

Analyze Amazon reviews for authenticity.
Identifies unnatural reviews and suspicious patterns.
Delivers a more precise depiction of a product’s authentic rating.

I love the browser extension for automatically finding fake Amazon reviews as I shop online- I can get the info right away and move on to another product.

And the best part? Fakespot will work when I’m on sites other than Amazon, so I can easily find real and fake reviews wherever I shop.


Filter the Fluff: Fakespot lets you focus on the real-deal reviews, so you’re not swayed by the fakes.
Not Just Amazon: While Amazon’s its main jam, Fakespot also hangs out on other sites like Shopify, Walmart, and eBay.
Easy-Peasy Use: Just pop an Amazon link into Fakespot, and it’ll tell you what’s up with the reviews.
Handy Browser Button: If you’re a Chrome user, there’s a nifty button you can add. It’ll give you a heads-up about reviews while you’re shopping.
Got a Phone? They’ve got an app for that! Check reviews on the go.


It Isn’t Perfect: Some users report inaccuracies in results.
Don’t Forget Yourself: Combining personal judgment with Fakespot’s findings is important. Don’t forget to check things out for yourself.

2. ReviewMeta

Want to know if those Amazon reviews are trustworthy? ReviewMeta analyzes them for you, separating genuine feedback from potential fakes.

By using some seriously smart tech, it dives deep into Amazon reviews, separating the real gems from the duds.

Just pop in the Amazon product link on their site, and you’ll get a grade in a flash. Or use the browser extension to get a quick review check.

It gives a short report on reviews: “pass” means you’re good to go, “warning” suggests you tread carefully, and “fail” is a red flag.


User-Friendly Interface: ReviewMeta offers a clear view of a product’s adjusted rating, considering any reviews it identifies as fake.
Review Report Card: You can see if a product’s reviews are legit at a glance. They’re graded with a pass, warning, or fail.
Free Browser Extensions: Shopping on Amazon? ReviewMeta’s browser extensions make it super easy to check out reviews on-the-fly.
Mobile Magic: On the move? Their mobile app ensures you’re never without a trusty review checker.


Coverage Limitations: ReviewMeta might not have the lowdown on every product category, so some items might not get as accurate a review analysis.
Potential Tool Conflicts: If you’re using other Amazon fake review checkers, there might be hiccups with ReviewMeta.
Pair with Personal Analysis: While ReviewMeta is handy, it’s always best to mix its insights with your judgment for the most accurate product understanding.

3. AppBot

Appbot is a mobile app review monitoring tool designed specifically for developers to monitor and analyze reviews.

This Amazon Review Checker tool uses smart tech to check online reviews for weird wording, grammar mistakes, and even odd emoji use.

If you’re the type who likes staying in the loop, Appbot’s got you covered. It keeps an eye on new Amazon reviews all day, so you’re always updated.

And if you’re into Slack or Zendesk, good news! Appbot fits right in, letting you track reviews without switching apps.

One drawback is that AppBot has a monthly membership of $39, with the basic features, and the other accounts are geared more toward businesses.


Detailed Insights: AppBot offers an in-depth understanding of user feedback using sentiment analysis, natural language processing, and auto-translation services.
Informed Decisions: The insights provided allow for better decision-making regarding app improvements or updates.
Integration and Automation: AppBot seamlessly integrates with popular tools, automating tasks and making the review monitoring process more efficient.


Limited Use for Amazon Reviews: AppBot’s primary focus is on mobile app reviews, so its features might not be as effective for checking Amazon product reviews.
Not Tailored for Amazon: The tool may not be as adept at spotting fake product reviews as other checkers specifically designed for Amazon.
No Mobile App: It reviews stores and shopping apps but doesn’t have an app itself.
Membership Fee: $39 per month is a bit expensive if you’re not constantly buying products- it could be worth it if you’re a personal shopper, though.

4. Review Index

The Review Index is one of the best Amazon Review Checkers, focusing on scoring and analyzing reviews for electronic products.

Simply input an Amazon product URL into the Amazon Review Checker, and you’re presented with a clear summary of the reviews.

But there’s more: TheReviewIndex identifies potentially spammy reviews and offers a straightforward “pass” or “fail” spam test outcome, helping you determine the trustworthiness of the feedback.

For added convenience, TheReviewIndex has plugins for Chrome and Firefox, making the review-monitoring process even smoother.


User-Friendly Interface: The Review Index has a simple design, making it easy to pop in a product URL and get a review summary.
Spam Test Feature: The review checker tool gives you a spam test result, helping you quickly determine whether the reviews are legit.
Specialized Focus: Review Index zeroes on tech and electronic products, offering expert analysis in this category.


Narrow Scope: The review checker sticks to tech and electronic products on Amazon, so it might not be as helpful if you’re looking at other types of products.
Potential Costs: Want more detailed features or to compare brands? You might need a premium subscription for the review checker, which could be a deal-breaker for some.

Tips To Find Fake Reviews

As more and more people increasingly rely on e-commerce giants like Amazon to purchase products and services, there has also been a rise in the number of fake reviews.

Customers often look at these reviews to get an unbiased opinion before purchasing a product. However, identifying fake reviews can be tricky.

Here are some tips and tricks to use in addition to the best Amazon Review Checkers to spot fake reviews and stay safe while you shop online.

Common Red Flags

Identifying a fake review can be challenging, but there are some common red flags that you can look out for.

If you come across a review that seems too good to be true, it probably is.
If a product only has positive reviews with little or no negative reviews, it should raise your suspicion.
It’s a red flag if the reviewer hasn’t provided any critical feedback. Be wary of vague reviews offering little to no product information.
Additionally, if the reviewer isn’t a verified purchase, it could be a fake review from someone who has never used the product.
If you notice several short reviews posted around the same time, this could also indicate that the reviews aren’t genuine and came from bots.
Similarly, if you see reviews that are too vague or generic, such as “I love this product” or “It’s great!” without any details, chances are it’s a fake review.

Know Vine Program Users Vs. Fake Product Reviewers

Some people get paid to review products and give real feedback to buyers like us.

Amazon has a Vine Program where users receive free products in exchange for writing an honest review.

Amazon invites users to review new and pre-release products; their legitimate reviews are generally considered trustworthy.

Vine reviewers will have a label indicating they are part of the program, while many fake reviews may not.

These reviews are legitimate, but some fake customer reviews can slip through the cracks and resemble Vine reviews.

Understanding the difference between legitimate Vine program users and fake reviewers is important.

Find Reviews Elsewhere

There are more reviews online than what’s listed on Amazon and other shopping sites. There are loads of blogs out there that review the same products you find on Amazon.

These blogs often give a different take on the product, diving into the details. They don’t just post positive reviews but also have negative reviews to give each side of the coin.

Besides blogs, there are online forums where people post honest thoughts on products and their experiences.

I like checking Reddit because they have many forums for my interests, but I can also find reviews on products, services, and businesses.


How do Amazon sellers get fake reviews?

When online shopping on Amazon, we trust those reviews to help us make good choices.

However, some Amazon sellers have sneaky ways to get fake reviews. Here’s how they might do it:

Review Farms: Some sellers pay places called review farms where people write a bunch of positive reviews, even if they’ve never used the product.
Special Deals: Ever seen an offer for a discount or a freebie in exchange for a review? That’s another trick some sellers use.
Review Swaps: Some sellers might swap reviews with others. “I’ll give you a good review if you give me one!” deal.
Sneaky Software: There’s even software that can create fake reviews. Yep, it’s a thing.

How do I know if Amazon reviews are real or fake?

Navigating the world of Amazon reviews can be tricky. Ever wondered, “Are these reviews genuine or just made up?”

Here’s how to tell:

Language Check: If you see super positive or negative reviews without much reason, that’s a red flag. Fake reviews often use extreme language without giving much detail.
Too Similar?: If you notice many reviews that sound almost the same or are posted around the same time, be cautious. They may be false reviews.
Reviewer’s Profile: Dive deeper and click on the reviewer’s profile. If they’ve only ever reviewed one product or just stuff from one Amazon seller, that’s a bit fishy.

How can I spot fake reviews?

When browsing product reviews, knowing which ones you can trust and which might be a bit fishy is essential. It may be a fake review if:

Too Short, Too Vague: If a review is brief and lacks detail, that’s a warning sign. Genuine reviews usually have more to say about the product.
Copycat Writing: Notice a bunch of reviews that sound eerily similar? They might not be legit if the person writing them uses the same style or phrases.
Who’s the Reviewer? Click on the reviewer’s profile. If they’ve only ever left one review or all their reviews are for products from the same Amazon seller, be cautious. 
Verified or Not?: Always look for verified reviews. These are from folks who bought the product on Amazon. It’s an extra layer of review legitimacy.

Can I filter real reviews on Amazon?

You can filter real reviews on Amazon using Amazon Review Checkers like ReviewMeta or Fakespot.

These Amazon fake review checker tools analyze, identify, and filter fake reviews, allowing you to focus on genuine customer feedback.

Additionally, you can check the reviewer’s profile and look for the Verified Purchase badge to determine if a product review is likely authentic.

Does Amazon block bad reviews?

Amazon actively fights against fake reviews and takes measures to remove suspicious reviews from its platform.

Amazon sellers who attempt to manipulate ratings with fake reviews risk facing penalties, including account suspension or banning.

However, it’s still important for buyers to remain vigilant and use Amazon review checkers and their judgment to identify fake reviews and make informed purchasing decisions.

Final Thoughts

An Amazon Review Checker can be a valuable tool for making smarter purchases online.

You can avoid buyer’s remorse and keep your money in the bank by seeing if the product that seems so good is actually too good to be true.

Use these tips, tricks, and Amazon Review Checkers the next time you shop on Amazon, and you’ll be more confident in your purchases.

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