14 Best Digital Products To Sell Online In 2023

Whether you’re a creative type or a tech-savvy entrepreneur, you can sell plenty of digital products and make a profit.

If you’re looking for a way to make money online, selling digital products is a great option.

Not only can you make money from your own creative projects, but you also don’t have to worry about the costs of physical items like shipping and storage.

The possibilities are endless, from creating and selling courses to designing apps or software programs!

In this blog post, I will tell you about some of the most profitable digital products to sell and how to get started.

Quick Picks

We have a lot of options for digital products to sell, but let’s go over our top picks that we think you should consider first and foremost:

Best Selling Platform – Shopify
Biggest Money Potential – Investments
Best Consistent Passive Income – Online Courses
Easiest Passive Income- Printables

Digital Products To Sell

What are some of the best digital products to sell? Let’s take a look at some of the most popular digital items that you can launch in your online business:

1. Stocks & Other Investments

One of the most popular digital products to sell is stocks and other investments. It may not seem like a go-to for you, but it’s something you buy and sell digitally, just like most products.

Stocks allow you to invest in individual companies or entire markets, while other investments, such as bonds and mutual funds, provide more diversified portfolios with less risk than stocks.

You have the potential to lose money, same as any business, but the income potential can be very high depending on what you invest in.

Buying and selling stocks and other investments can be done online with an app like Robinhood, which makes it an ideal choice for beginner investors who want to get started quickly with minimal effort.

If you’re interested in learning more about Robinhood, our Robinhood Review provides an in-depth look at the pros and cons and how it compares to other investing platforms.

2. Online Courses

Online courses are a great way to make money with digital content. An online course teaches people exclusive content about topics related to your skills while you earn money for teaching.

With online courses, you can teach people many different things, like cooking or coding, and you can monetize your skills again and again by teaching others passively.

You don’t have to worry about where the person is or if they can come at a certain time. Instead, they just need to download the course, and they can learn whenever they want.

Here are some of the best topics for online courses to create and sell online:

Blogging: Learn how to start a blog, write content that engages readers, grow an audience, monetize your blog, and more are popular online courses.
Freelancing: Discover how to find freelance work, set your rates, market yourself as a freelancer, manage clients, and more are all good online courses to sell.
Social Media Marketing: Understand how to use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn for marketing purposes.
Email Marketing: Master email marketing strategies such as list-building tactics, crafting compelling subject lines, and copywriting tips.

You may think that it’s impossible to create and sell a course from scratch on your own, but we learned how, and so can you!

The Six-Figure Course Creator is a great place to start if you want to learn more about creating an online course and scaling your business.

3. Printables

Printables are one of the best digital products to sell this year. They are easy products to sell online, making them a great option for entrepreneurs looking to start their own businesses.

Printable templates can be sold over and over again, providing a steady stream of income. Selling physical products have a lot more costs, where this is low-cost and high profit.

Printables are also incredibly versatile, allowing for a wide range of content that can be tailored to any audience or niche. 

From coloring pages and craft projects to educational worksheets and 3D models, digital product ideas are endless.

With the help of the free E-Printables workshop by Gold City Ventures, you can learn how to create digital products to make and sell online.

It helped us launch many items in our Shopify store, so check out the free workshop today!

4. Online Memberships

Online memberships are quickly becoming one of the best digital products to sell.

With the rise of subscription-based services, more and more people are looking for ways to access content and services without paying a one-time fee.

Your membership site could be about things like exclusive monthly newsletters, webinars, online communities, printables, or even Q&A sessions with experts in the field.

Online membership sites up your revenue by bringing in steady payments every month- memberships can be as little as $5 for Patreon members, but 100 every month means $500!

If you have a lot of valuable content that people would be willing to pay for on an ongoing basis, then an online membership is the perfect digital product for you.

5. Educational Materials

Educational materials are great products to sell online and provide a great way for students to learn, whether in school or at home.

Educational digital products are perfect for selling because they can be printed over and over and used as supplemental materials in many subjects and for many ages.

Educational materials come in many forms, from textbooks, workbooks, and printables to interactive games and apps.

They can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each student, allowing them to learn at their own pace and in their own way.

These materials can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, making them ideal for remote learning scenarios. So you’d have a vast audience to sell to!

6. Musical Content

Selling music, videos, or audio for background music and sound effects as a digital product is an excellent way to make money as a musician.

With the rise of streaming services and digital downloads, it’s easier than ever to get your music out there and make some money.

Digital downloads allow customers to purchase individual songs or albums directly from your website or through other platforms like iTunes and Amazon Music.

You can upload your songs or music videos to streaming platforms and earn money per view or per download.

Another great way to make money from selling music online is to create and sell sheet music. Digital sheet music can be downloaded and printed by the customer for $4- $10 per score.

These products are great for teaching others about how you create your sound or helping them replicate it in their own work.

7. Freelancing Services

Freelance services as a digital product? Really?

Yes! Really! Becoming a freelancer is a popular job, and it can include selling digital products online with FlexJobs and Steady.

With the rise of the gig economy jobs, freelancers can offer successful online services in the following online businesses:

Freelance writing
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For freelancers, selling their services online allows them to work on projects they are passionate about while also earning a living.

It also gives them the flexibility to work remotely, allowing them to set their own hours and work from anywhere in the world.

8. eBooks

Creating an eBook to sell online is a great digital product to make money and share your knowledge with the world with easy digital downloads.

eBook sales can be a great source of income, allowing you to reach a wide audience and generate revenue without putting in too much effort.

To get started, you’ll need to create an engaging ebook to draw readers in and keep them coming back for more.

When creating your eBook, it’s important to consider the topics you want to cover, the format of the book, and how you plan on marketing it.

9. Digital Art

If you’re an artist or designer looking to make money from your work, try selling digital art products online.

Digital art can be sold as prints, posters, or even as part of a larger artwork, such as a mural or installation piece. They can also be used to make and sell physical products.

It can be created using computer software, scanned images, or drawn with a tablet and mouse.

It’s an incredibly versatile form of art that can be used to create anything from abstract designs to realistic paintings.

It’s also easy to distribute digitally; just upload your artwork onto online marketplaces like Etsy or use Shopify on your own site and start selling right away!

10. Photos

Whether you’re selling feet photos, selling to stock photo sites, or selling photos on your own website, there are plenty of opportunities to make money with your camera.

Selling feet pics can be lucrative, as many people seek unique images of their feet for personal use or commercial projects. We found people make thousands using Fun With Feet!

Stock photos are in high demand for articles, landing pages, blog posts, and ads! Why not start your own online business and try selling your stock photography on sites like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock?

Photographers can reach a larger audience and earn more money than they would by selling their work through their own websites.

Additionally, setting up an online store on your own website is also a great way to sell photos online.

11. Graphic Design

Graphic design products are popular products to sell online. Some graphic design stuff people sell online includes logos, websites, brochures, ads, and more.

Graphic designers can also create designs for weddings or special occasions like birthdays or Christmas. The possibilities with graphic design are endless!

Plus, learning graphic design basics is relatively easy if you want to start as a new designer.

If you have a creative eye, you can create digital design pieces that customers will love.

This type of product is great because it requires very little upfront cost; you only need a computer and software program like Canva Pro to make easy digital downloads.

12. Apps

Apps have become increasingly popular over the last few years due to the explosion of mobile technology and smartphones being used worldwide.

Creating mobile apps allows you to reach out to customers who can’t access your website on their phones or tablets.

You can create apps in various categories, such as gaming, health & fitness, lifestyle, education, and more!

Once you have created your app, it’s important to make sure it works properly on all devices before releasing it for sale online.

13. Craft Patterns

Craft patterns can be very profitable products to sell online due to their low cost of production.

These digital products include knitting and crocheting patterns, quilting designs, jewelry-making tutorials, woodworking plans, cake-decorating techniques, and more.

The possibilities are endless with craft patterns since they require minimal effort and materials to create.

You can create your own craft patterns and upload them to an e-commerce store or onto sites like Creative Market or Ravelry, where you can post them as digital files for sale.

14. Software

The software industry has been booming for years now, and it shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

The software can be used for anything from helping users organize their finances to providing entertainment.

If you have programming skills or knowledge about computer programs, developing your own software could be an excellent way to make money online.

You don’t need expensive equipment; basic coding skills and creativity will get you well on your way!

15. DIY Projects

Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects are another great option for entrepreneurs looking to cash in on the digital product trend.

The projects can range from crafting kits and video tutorials to plans and patterns for home decor items such as furniture and lighting fixtures.

With DIY items, you have the potential to reach a large audience since people love creating things with their own two hands!

How To Sell Digital Products

Selling digital products is a great way to grow your business, as digital products are easy to create and deliver.

Whether you’re selling digital courses, ebooks, or downloadable audio files, some key tips can help ensure your digital product sales take off.

1. Pick Your Product(s)

The first step is deciding what kind of digital products you want to sell. Think about what you’re passionate about and what skills or knowledge can make a great product.

Remember that your product should be something people need or want- something they can’t get anywhere else.

Digital products don’t have to be physical items that can be shipped; they can be anything from ebooks and music files to video tutorials and software programs.

You can also bundle multiple digital products into one package if you like.

It’s also important to make sure your product is unique and stands out from the competition. Once you’ve figured out what product or service you want to sell, it’s time to start creating!

2. Create An Online Store/Website

Once you have picked out your product(s), the next step is setting up a website or online store where customers can purchase them.

There are many different options available when setting up an online store or website, from custom-built websites with e-commerce capabilities like Shopify to simple templates like Squarespace that have templates and do the setup for you.

Whichever route you decide upon, make sure your website contains all the necessary information about your product(s), including pricing, delivery options, customer service policies, etc.

The better organized your site is, the easier it will be for customers to find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

3. Market Your Stuff

You can reach a wide audience and increase your sales with the right marketing strategy. And we have plenty of tips for how to market digital products effectively!

Social media is an excellent tool, allowing you to reach many people quickly and easily. You can create social media ads or post content showcasing your product.

Email campaigns are another effective way to reach potential customers and inform them about new offers or promotions related to your digital products. 

Don’t forget about SEO! Optimizing your website for search engines can help ensure potential customers find your website when searching for products like yours.

SEO will help drive more traffic to your website and increase sales of your digital products over time. Don’t skip it!

Selling Digital Products On Shopify

Shopify is a great platform for entrepreneurs and small business owners to start an online store.

Shopify makes it easy to create and launch your store, manage orders and payments, and even customize the look of your store.

Here are some tips to help make sure your digital product sales go smoothly: 

Create an Engaging Product Description 

When you’re selling digital products, your product description is even more important than it would be for a physical product. 

So, you need to make sure that your product description is engaging, informative, and persuasive enough to get them interested in buying.

Be sure to include any information a customer might need—like system requirements or compatibility information—and a compelling call-to-action.  

Make Sure Your Payment Processing System Is Secure 

Your payment processing system must be secure and reliable when you sell digital products online.

Not only will this help protect you and your customers from fraud, but it will also ensure that transactions are processed quickly and efficiently.

Look for payment gateways that offer encryption services, fraud prevention tools, and other security features like two-factor authentication or biometric verification.  

Provide Good Customer Service 

Don’t forget about customer service when selling digital products on Shopify!

Make sure that you provide clear instructions for how customers can contact you if they have questions or concerns about their purchase.

Customers may have questions about the product before purchasing it or run into problems after purchasing it.

You should respond quickly to inquiries and provide helpful solutions where possible. 

Market Your Products Effectively 

Once your shop has been created, and the digital products have been added, it’s time to start marketing them!

Fortunately for Shopify users, plenty of built-in marketing tools are available right out of the box.

Users can easily promote their stores across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter or sell digital products through direct email campaigns.

Pros & Cons

Selling digital goods can be a great way to make money online, but it’s important to understand the pros and cons before you sell digital products online.


Low overhead costs: You don’t need to worry about stocking physical products or paying for shipping physical products- digital products are delivered electronically.
Easy to scale: When you sell digital products, you can reach a global audience with minimal effort with platforms like Shopify.
High-profit margins: Since no physical goods are involved, you can keep more of your profits. An hour of work can make money passively for years!
Automation potential: Many digital products can be automated, allowing you to maximize your time and resources.


Lack of physical presence: Some digital products have a different appeal than physical goods, so getting people interested in buying them may be harder.
Difficult to market: It can be challenging to promote digital products. You’ll need to develop creative ways to get people interested in what you’re selling.
Piracy risks: There is always the risk that someone will illegally copy or distribute your product without paying for it. This could lead to lost sales and damage your reputation.
Technical issues: If you’re selling software or technical products, something could go wrong with the download process or the product itself, leading to customer dissatisfaction and refund requests.


What are digital products?

Digital products are goods or services delivered to customers electronically via the internet. They can be downloaded or streamed instantly without replenishing the product.

Examples of digital products include eBooks, how-to guides, resume templates, audio files, software applications, video content, music and audio files, web-based applications, graphics, digital art, cloud design app templates, fonts, photography, and video tutorials.

Are digital products easier than physical goods?

Digital products are often easier to create, distribute, and sell than physical goods.

With digital products, you don’t have to worry about manufacturing costs, shipping and handling fees, or inventory management.

You can create the product once and then make it available online.

Plus, digital products can be updated quickly and easily without re-manufacturing a new product version.

Will I make more money with freelancing or digital downloads?

When it comes to making money, freelancing and digital downloads both have their advantages. Freelancing is often seen as a way to make more money than a traditional job.

You can choose which projects you take, set your own rates and work with clients willing to pay those rates, which can lead to higher earnings than you would get from a full-time job.

Digital downloads offer the potential for passive income. Once you create your digital product, such as an ebook or video course, you can sell it multiple times without additional work.

With a digital product business, you can continue earning money even when you’re not creating digital products.

What digital products create passive income?

The great thing about selling digital products is that digital products sell anytime.

You can go on vacation and still make money. You can take the day off when you are sick and still make passive income!

Here are some of the best digital product examples to sell online to create a passive income:

1. eBooks – eBooks are an excellent way to share knowledge and expertise while also earning money from sales.

2. Online Courses – Online courses allow you to teach others in a more interactive and engaging way than eBooks, and they can be sold for a much higher price point than ebooks.

3. Printables – Printables are digital versions of physical items such as planners, calendars, checklists, etc., which can be sold for a low cost but still generate passive income over time.

4. Excel Spreadsheets – Excel spreadsheets are great for creating templates or calculators that businesses or individuals can use to save time and money.

5. Social Media Graphics – Social media graphics are perfect for creating visuals that draw attention to your website or blog post while providing additional value to your audience.

Final Thoughts

Selling digital products online is a great way to make money from home without too many overhead costs.

Whether it’s eBooks, photos, videos, or music- there are plenty of options for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to turn their passions into profit!

If you’re ready to start your journey as a digital product entrepreneur, consider these fifteen digital products before looking into other options available today.

Create your products and put them in a Shopify store to earn a profit this year!

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