8 Keys for Marketing Your Ecom Store

Design and look:

You are missing an about page, this is crucial to have for your potential customers to get to know who you are as a company.  This is where you would share your story, etc. how you got the idea to start xyz company and the inspiration behind it.

A lot of your visitors may check for this page to learn more about your company before you choose to make a purchase. Inform them their purchases are safe and secure. etc. Express your gaurentees / polices that will protect them.

– About us

– Story

– Mission

– Benefits

On this page it is important to communicated with them the message you want to get across and an oppertunity build your credibility.

Product Descriptions: 

Be sure to include product descriptions as detailed and helpful as possible. Including a short appitising description of the product as beautiful as possible. Your visitors will want to know details about a product before they consider making a purchase.

Some will want to know the material it is made of, some will want to know if it is a specific color, they could happen to be colorblind or bad eyesight. etc. or may be allergic to a certain material, heel height, etc.

It is always a good idea to put the shipping details, size details, and a secure website badge in every product description.


Attention – Grab the prospect’s attention with an interest-raising headline.

Interest – Maintain the prospect’s interest with additional copy designed to support the            claims made in the headline.

Desire – Create desire for more information, for ownership, etc.

Action – Make a call to action, compel the pospect to follow through on the offer by          clicking on the link, signup for a mailing list, purchasing a product, etc.


Studied prove that prices ending in 0 , 5 or a 9 that customers will most likely make a purchase base on the psychology of the price.

For example if your sell an item its best to have the price ending as $X9.00 or $XX.99 

So that would be etc. $49.00 or $49.99 

If you are selling high-end items , pricing with no dollar fractions are best for $100 and up or $500 and up . etc. $175.00 , $397.00 , $725.00 



Facebook Marketing:

When you are creating an ad, you always want to have 2 forms of “calls to action” in your ad copy.

  1. “Share & Tag a Friend who you think would like this..”
  2. Simply ask them to do what you want them to do.. “Order Your Pair Today by Clicking Here >> xyz website”

The best practice when sending traffic to your website from facebook ..

  • Don’t send them to your main or home page. always send them to a landing page. This can be a page to collect your visitors names and emails and then redirect them to your ads product page.
  • Send them directly to the product page/category page of the product you were promoting . That will greatly increase conversions vs sending to a home/main page.

Always be testing ads from all different angles, targets, audiences , product focuses etc.

More successful ecom store owner who use facebook ads, are constantly testing several new ad sets, every day or week. in the first 48-72 hours they may cut out the bad preforming ads and began to scale the profitable ads. Any time you test an ad and it doesn’t do well. You’ve figured out what doesn’t work, and collected data so next time you can improve your strategies .

Video testimonial or demonstration ads convert extremely well. (2 minutes or less)


Don’t forget to include retargeting into your website.

About 90% visitors who visit your website will leave without making a purchase and they will be gone forever unless you capture their contact information such as in email, or a tracking cookie to run ads in their face to get them to return to your site to make the purchase or complete a purchase.

facebook ads offer retargeting in their platform now .

There are also other services, that do the same but not just limited to facebook network.


Perfect Audience.com

Shopping Cart Abandonment:

It is crucial that you have a Cart Abandonment plugin/app installed in your ecom store.

You can set this up to encourage the visitor to complete their purchase. This is money left on the table.

E-Mail Marketing:

When you start building a subscriber list, you will want to begin emailing at least 3-5 days a week. You are building a relationship with your subscribers.

Studies show about every $1 invested into email marketing you should be pulling about $44 back average. Also those studies show that for every 1 email subscriber you have you should be getting $1 each month from your subscribers .

Better example. If I have 3,000 active subscribers, I should be averaging about $3,000/month from these subscribers.

Testing Products:

You may also want to small test and test low priced products ranging from $19.99 – $39.99 for footwear. Your visitors may not be ready to drop $79 – $99 on a product that may not appeal to them. .

You may also want to do more product research to, because all you need to do is find 1 winner, and by winner, I mean a product that gain velocity with your ad campaign and begins selling like hotcake.

All throughout the day, most of your sells will be coming from that one product you are promoting, then you can find another, and another. If a product doesn’t WOW you or appeal to you, then why would you think your customers will ?

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